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Maxtra Electric Scooter Reviews: Ride Longer With The E100 And E120

Do you remember the days when you would zip around ...
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Razor E200 Review: A Scooter That Satisfies Your Child’s Need For Speed

As children start to enter their teenage years, they develop ...
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Razor Power Core E90 Review: Double The Fun With This Electric Scooter

Kids love to be mobile. When they receive an electric ...
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Razor Power Rider 360 Review: The Dream Of Every Daredevil

Every child wants to be a daredevil once in their ...
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Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review: Oh To Be A Kid Again!

It can be really confusing to buy a gift for ...
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Razor E300 Review: 1 Quick Way To Expand Your Child’s Horizons

Teenagers are tough to buy a gift for. They are ...
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Yamaha FGX730SC Review: It Will Find A Special Place In Your Heart

There’s a special place in my heart for Yamaha guitars ...
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