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In today’s society where everyone wants to go to court and insurance companies are looking for any excuse to raise your car insurance rates, getting a dash cam like the APEMAN dash cam is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

You will enjoy three-dimensional visuals through the 1440p and 1080p dual lens of this dash cam.  APEMAN has done a marvelous job in making this dash cam best in class.  It offers clear footage of every incident.

It also gives you separated footage of any vehicle collisions that take place, because it has a 6G sensor, which triggers as soon as it senses a sudden jerk.  This sudden jerk could be a little bump or a big vehicle crash.

This APEMAN dash cam review will cover many things including the ones above.  You will discover more about this product through the following points:

Apeman dash cam review

Our APEMAN Dash Cam Review

About The Manufacturer:

APEMAN is a technology-oriented company, which provides its customers only unique and inspiring products.  They have action cameras, dash cameras, video players and many similar product categories for their customers.

APEMAN is based in China.  They operate globally and have various customers in different countries.  You can find out more about them through their official website,

Now let’s take a look at the APEMAN dash cam.

APEMAN Dash Cam FHD Dual Dash Camera

Price: $119.99


  • No hindrance on the dash: The size of this device is very compact, which lets you drive easily as the dash cam will not block your view.  You can stick it on your windshield to get the best visuals without blocking your view.
  • Captures smallest details: It has two high definition cameras that provide you pristine quality visuals.  The 1440p 30 FPS front camera will give you a clear view of the road ahead.  On the other hand, the 1080p rear cam will capture high-resolution video of the back.  The rear camera has 12M photo image as well.
  • High resolution capturing: As stated earlier, this product boasts of having two cameras, both of which capture high definition footage.  You will capture the best visuals on this camera.  Such high resolution also helps in seeing all the license plates present around your vehicle.
  • Great customer support: APEMAN has fast effective customer support.  You can contact them through the contact information given with the product.  They respond quickly and solve any issue you may be experiencing with the product.
  • Adequate warranty: This device comes with a 12-month warranty.  This is an adequate amount of time for a dash cam.  You will be able to get quick responses from the customer support as well.
  • Gravity Sensor: Dashcam FHD has a 6G  This means it quickly senses any sudden impacts on the vehicle.  The presence of G sensor ensures that the camera records all and any vehicle collisions taking place.  You will not miss any occurrence.
  • Detection of motion: It has motion sensors, so you get full security with the parking mode.  It will detect any kind of movement taking place in front of your vehicle.  This is a great advantage in terms of the security of the vehicle.
  • Loop recording feature: The dash cam will save memory with its loop-recording feature.  You can change the loop timings.  The device will keep deleting past recordings, apart from those of special incidents, and overwrite them with new ones.
  • Back-up battery: You will be able to use this device with the battery of your car.  It starts as soon as you start your car.  However, it also has a backup battery capacitor of 420 mAh /3.7 V, so you do not need to worry about the battery running out of power.
  • Ensures full safety: APEMAN dash cam alerts the driver of driver fatigue through its alarm system for the same.  It also has an auto shut-off and light-on notice for the driver, so you get to enjoy your drive risk free.

Our Review

Our opinion on this product comes after thorough reviewing and checking of its various features.  It provides you with dual cameras, motion detection, G-sensors and many other features.

Many dash cams have G-sensors, but this dash cam provides you 6G-sensor, a clear innovation in this field.  It separates the footage of special incidents from usual ones.

You will also enjoy its user-friendly features, such as the driver fatigue alarm and light on notice.  They will make your driving experience more pleasant.

Apart from driver-oriented features, its cameras provide crystal clear night vision through its WDR feature.  You can view recorded footage in extremely dark conditions as well.

The only minus point, which we felt, present in this product is the absence of any SD card.  You will have to purchase one separately.

Pros and cons

Pros And Cons


  • Affordable: The number of features is very high in comparison to the price of this device.  You can purchase this product for $119, which is economical for a dash cam.
  • Great visual: It records high definition visuals through its two high-resolution cameras. They all are of exceptional quality and they succeed in capturing lifelike  You get WQHD 1440p at 30 FPS through the front camera.
  • Saves space: Through its loop-recording feature, it will save you space on your SD card. You get to see the latest footage only. However, it keeps special footage separate from this loop recording.
  • Easy installation: The size of this device is small which enables the user to install it without hassle.


  • No SD card with the product: You will have to purchase an SD card separately from the product.
  • Some customers report defective pieces: Some customers have reported receiving defective units but the company’s customer support has corrected their problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a dedicated app?

No, it does not have any dedicated app.

Would I need to charge this device?

You will not need to charge this device as it connects to the battery of your car.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable powerful dash cam then APEMAN dash cam is the perfect match for you.  You can get this product at a reasonable price.

We like the WDR feature of this product, which records clearer and more beautiful visuals.  Two high definition cameras are another major feature.

Ready to purchase this APEMAN dash cam after reading this review?  Simply click the following link to discover more about the same.

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