Are Electric Scooters Safe For Children? – Parents Want To Know This!

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Many times after reading my article on kid’s electric scooters, people write to me and ask, “Are electric scooters safe for my child?”

My initial reaction to those letters is to ask a question back. Is your child old enough to ride a bike? If the answer is yes, then an electric scooter designed to be used by a child is safe for your child. As safe as they can be. Just like a bicycle, it is safe as it can be.

Now that does not mean that an electric scooter that is made for an adult should be given to an 8-year-old child. Common sense prevails in this situation. However, an electric scooter for kids is no more dangerous than a bicycle. The travel at the same speeds. In fact, a 10-speed bike will travel a lot faster.

However, I think it would be helpful for you to go over some of the things that will make your child’s experience with an electric scooter a safe and fun experience.

Are Electric Scooters Safe? – Safety Depends Upon You

To ensure the safest experience with your electric scooter, you must ride smart and play smart. When you are going out to ride your electric scooter, you should prepare and act the same way you would if you were going to ride a bike, skate with inline skates, or ride a skateboard.

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Here are some safety tips to help you avoid those skinned knees and bruised backsides or even worse mishaps.

Ride An Age Appropriate Scooter

Make sure you are riding an electric scooter that is made for your age range. Children under eight should always ride or be supervised by a parent while riding.

If your child decides they want to be the next Evil Knievel and wants to jump over the local ditch in front of your house, it is not the scooters fault; it is yours. Supervise your children.

Children that are older and heavier should not ride scooters made for younger children. The scooter could break and cause the rider to crash. Keep to scooters designed for the age range specified.

Wear Protective Gear

Make sure that before you ride that you wear protective gear. Put on your helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Always wear an ANSI, SNELL, CPSC, or ATSM approved helmet.

Wear appropriate shoes. Athletic shoes with rubber soles are the best. Keep your shoelaces tied, so they do not drag near the wheels. Never ride your electric scooter barefoot or in sandals.

Do A Safety Check On Your Scooter

Before you head out to ride, take a moment to go over your scooter and make sure everything is in order. Use your owners manual to create a safety checklist. Make sure you include things like…

  • Seat Fastener If Applicable
  • Tire Pressure
  • Battery Mount And Charge
  • Handlebar Fastener
  • Motor Mount
  • Chain Or Belt Tension

Those are a few of the items you should check to make sure they are tight and operating correctly.

Learn Your Scooters Abilities

Here is a helpful video that gives you the basics of riding an electric scooter.

Everybody loves to show off and give rides. That is part of the fun. However, make sure you start slow. If you have never ridden a scooter before, take time to get used to riding by yourself before you try to give somebody a ride or do a new neat trick.

Make sure you are entirely comfortable using the brakes, making proper turns, and starting off smoothly. Keep a grip on the handlebars always.

Learn How To Ride On Various Terrain

It is easy to ride a scooter on concrete or pavement but riding one on rough or bumpy surfaces like rock or dirt can be more challenging. Learn how to ride your scooter on rough terrain and know what to expect when you switch between smooth and bumpy paths.

Avoid obstacles that will stop your front tire from moving. Just like with a bicycle or inline skates, when this happens, you will go toppling forward. Save yourself that bump on the noggin.

Always Use Caution When Riding Your Electric Scooter

No matter how long you have been riding your scooter, always remember to use caution. Nothing hurts more than to crash because you were not paying attention. Not only do you fall, but your ego gets bruised as well.

Remember to pay attention to your surroundings. If you are riding it in the street of your neighborhood, watch for pedestrians, cyclists, and most important, cars.

You may see people doing crazy cool stunts on TV. Remember they practiced those stunts for a long time. Make sure you stay safe, and you will enjoy your scooter for a long time to come.

I hope this has answered your question about the safety of electric scooters. Are electric scooters safe? You bet, but like most things, they are as safe as we safely use them.

Safety Tips For Kids Riding Electric Scooters

As with all outdoor riding equipment, safety is always a concern. Whether you are riding a bicycle, skateboard, hoverboard, or electric scooter, a parent’s primary concern is that they do it safely.

Here are a few tips that will help your kids have a safe ride with their new electric scooter.

examples of kids playing on an electric scooterAlways Wear A Helmet

It may be considered a no-brainer, but it is better to remind everyone to wear a helmet than to see someone with a severe brain injury from an accident. Make sure you wear protective headgear when you are riding your electric scooter.

Wear Knee and Elbow Pads

When I was growing up, I suffered my fair share of scrapes and bruises, and always it was on my knees or elbows. Today there is a wide variety of protective gear available for kids. If you don’t like to get scrapes and bruises when you accidentally fall off your scooter, then you may want to consider wearing elbow and knee pads while riding.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wear the proper shoes. Open toed shoes or sandals are not a good idea. Alternatively, going barefoot for that matter. Your feet can slip, and get jammed in the wheels or scrap on the ground. Your little toe will go crying all the way home if you do not keep it covered and it gets a big asphalt scrape or worse.

Ride Scooters The Right Size For Your Age

Riding the right size scooter is essential. If you are too small for the scooter, you will have a hard time controlling it. If you are too big for the scooter, then you run the risk of breaking it or burning out the motor. Ride the right size scooter for your height and weight.

Learn To Brake And Maneuver

Before you go out and become the next NASCAR champion of the scooter world, make sure you have had sufficient practice braking and maneuvering. You never know when you will need to stop suddenly to avoid hitting someone or avoid having someone hit you. Running into people, cars, or stray animals can spoil a great day of fun.

Stay With Other Kids

There is safety in numbers. Motorists and pedestrians are more likely to see a group of kids riding scooters than one single scooter rider. It is also safer to stay with people you know or your friends while riding. Make sure that you avoid strangers.

Watch The Road Or Sidewalk

Sometimes when we are having fun, we get distracted and are not looking where we are going. Make sure to keep your eyes ahead of you and know what is coming up. Look 50′ or more in front of you every 4 seconds or so to make sure you avoid obstacles or people that may be in your way. This is especially true if you are riding your scooter on the sidewalk or the road.

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