The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones - Editors Choice Awards 2018

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Image of a noise cancelling headphone on sheet musicWhen you are on the hunt for the best noise cancelling headphones it is important that you do your research. They can be expensive. Many are upwards of $300.00 or more. But they really are worth the price. The difference between that free set of earbuds you got with your smartphone or iPod and a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones is like night and day. It is indescribable.

That is why we at Taber’s Best Reviews set out on a journey to discover the best noise cancelling headphones for you. We know your time is valuable and you would rather listen to your tunes or favorite podcast instead of spending hours on the internet.

We spent hours researching and testing each product so our list of the best noise cancelling headphones is the best that can be found on the internet. Our research included wireless noise cancelling headphones, wired noise cancelling headphones, and some lesser priced models as well for those that cannot justify an expensive pair.

We tested them using some of the heaviest metal found, the sweetest symphonies, and with podcasts featuring all different types of speaking styles. We also looked at the sizes and weights, battery life when applicable, and the comfort of wearing them for long periods of time. 

In this article you will find a quick comparison chart of the best noise cancelling headphones, and then below you will find a mini review of each headphone. We have broken them up into these categories. Best overall noise cancelling headphones, top wireless noise cancelling headphones, best wired noise cancelling headphones, and best noise cancelling headphones under $200.00 

Our Top Noise Cancelling Headphone Picks For You In 2018

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How We Chose These Noise Cancelling Headphones For You

Why You Should Trust Us

We spent over 40 hours researching and writing this list of the best noise cancelling headphones so you wouldn’t have to spend your time doing the research. We consulted with the top experts in the industry and coupled that with our own personal experience to bring you this list.  We do not accept free products or incentives when we review products in order to keep our opinions unbiased and helpful to our readers. 

In making this list of the best noise cancelling headphones we kept 3 things in mind: Features, price, and customer satisfaction.


Image of a man wearing noise cancelling headphones in the officeOne of the most important things about purchasing a new set of headphones is the features that the headphones comes with. How hot does it get? Is it wired or wireless? Is it a combo set? Does it have voice, touch, or button controls? Is it comfortable to wear over long periods of time? How effective is the noise cancellation feature?

All of these things are important in choosing your new set of noise cancelling headphones, or deciding which one will be a good gift for a friend or loved one. So that is what we looked for. We only picked headphones that had one or more of these options. 


We kept the price range around $400.00 or less, so that anyone can afford a top noise cancelling set of headphones. When buying your first set of noise cancelling headphones you might not want to buy the most expensive one. You might want to start off small and then upgrade later if you feel that you need to. That is why we have also included some sets that range under $200.00 for you.

Most people buy a set of noise cancelling headphones to block out the noise and distractions of the world around them and make their quality of life better. We made sure that we only listed the headphones that will accomplish that goal.

Customer Satisfaction

Every set of headphones that we have listed are rated by customers at 80% positive or higher depending on the rating system used on different websites. 

We also read all the individual customer reviews to see how well the manufacturer responded to customer issues and how well people recommended these headphones. We only took into account customers with a verified purchase. They are real buyers reviewing the product.

Which Are The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Image of two women wearing noise cancelling headphones at the beachPicking the best noise cancelling headphone really depends upon your needs.

  • What type of noise are you trying to block out? 
  • Do you want wired, wireless or both?
  • Do you need to be able to receive calls and talk as well?
  • How big do you want your headphones to be?
  • How long will you be wearing your headphones on average? Do you need long battry life?

These are the type of questions you need to think about when buying a set of headphones. Not all of the headphones will fit your need.

Here is our list of the best noise cancelling headphones that we think you should consider.

Best Overall Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are 3 different type of noise cancelling headphones. They are wireless headphones, wired headphones and those that offer both options. We separated them by wired or wireless. The ones that offer both are listed under the wireless category

Here are three wireless noise cancelling headphones that we feel are the best of the best overall.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphone is where innovation meets technology. Bose is a name that needs no introduction. The company has always been the best when it comes to audio gadgets and the QuietComfort 35 (Series II) is no exception.


As the name suggests, this Bose masterpiece is completely wireless. Gone are the days of the hassles of wired connectivity!

Supreme Comfort

The headphones are made of materials like soft Alcantara and synthetic protein leather that, together, give a perfect fit on the ears.

Variable Noise Cancellation

These headphones take noise cancellation to a whole new level by letting you adjust its level, as per your need.

Dual Microphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 is a game changer in all aspect. It comes with a dual microphone system that provides you clear voice calls and allows you to voice access your phone’s default virtual assistant.

It is easy to see why the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 are as popular as they are, and some places are selling out as soon as they come into stock. They have the look that is liked and a quality of sound that makes listening to music a pleasure. They are long lasting and if you treat them well they will serve you well.

Comfortable Ear-Cups

These are larger than the ones that are fitted to other models. The memory phone cushions are incredibly comfortable, and you will be glad of this when you are having a marathon music session.

Varied Music Sourcs

You don’t have to worry that you have the right equipment to go alongside these headphones. They work well with all computers, tablets or phones that are Bluetooth enabled.

Quality Materials

The headband is formed from stainless steel and the ear cushions are covered in leather. This means that not only do they look good but are likely to last you for a long time.

Noise Gard Technology

When you listen to music through this there is no way that you will be distracted. Any ambient sound will be shut out and all you will hear are the tracks you have chosen that day.

In this era of chaos, it becomes very difficult for an individual to find a world of his own. But there is nothing to worry because Sony comes to the rescue, again. With its wide range of audio products, Sony brings us the classy noise cancellation headphone, the MDR 1000x.

Wireless Technology

The headphone comes with a wireless capability. With Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, MDR 1000x is just the right equipment for a commuter.

Sound Calibration

The headphones have a built-in Personal NC Optimizer feature which calibrates sound in an advanced way to tailor to the needs of the user according to all kinds of environments.

Ambient Sound Mode

You can choose to block the outside world, but in addition to that, also choose to hear the important noises that matter

4 Microphones

MDR 1000x has 4 built-in microphones, giving stiff competition to other noise cancelling headphones, in the area of voice call clarity.

Other Top Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

There were a lot of good choices in the wireless noise cancelling headphone category. We did not want to fail to give credit where credit was due. So here are 3 more wireless noise cancelling headphones that we feel would be a good choice for the money as well. We just didn’t find them quite the best of the best.

The PXC 550 provides a beautiful sound experience to the user. This headphone is pretty lightweight, weighing around 80 ounces only. Its comfortable design allows the user to wear the headphones for long hours without any pain in the ears and provides comfort for a long time listening.

It has a very simple design with puffy ear pads and a head pad, made of faux leather, retaining the typical Sennheiser design.


The headphones have a wireless feature. It can be connected via Bluetooth and NFC with devices which have support for these.

Noise Cancelling

The product is technologically equipped to provide a good degree of noise cancellation so that ambient noises are blocked out.

Variable Sound Modes

The PXC 550 has a number of sound modes to cater to the tastes of the user in different surroundings, as per his/her requirement

Great Microphone Clarity

A feature which most wireless headphones are lacking, the PXC 550 provides unimaginable clarity when used for voice calls.

First off, we were attracted to the Samsun Level On noise cancelling headphones because of their awesome red, white, and blue, color choices. 

They come with ample padding in the headband and earcups which make them easy to wear for long periods of time. 

Top that off with the quality of the Samsung brand and you have a winner!

Bluetooth Or Wired

You get the choice of how you are connected. It can be via the 3.55mm cable or you can use Bluetooth to achieve connectivity. Both are great.

Smart Touch Control

Rather than using buttons that can get damaged, smart touch allows you to use all the functions easily. This is such a huge improvement on this pair of headphones

Folding Design

When not in use they can easily be folded away and stored until the next time they are needed. This is ideal when traveling as they can slip easily into the case.

Voice Commands

Not only can you control the headphones with the touch controls, but they have a voice command feature that is programmed to only your voice!

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 is affordable yet feature-rich. These headphones may seem like any other ordinary headphone, but as soon as you put them on, you feel the difference.

The company believes that people come first and technology must be intuitive. Their belief is visible in the products they design and develop.

Stunning Audio

The BackBeat Pro 2 dispenses high-resolution sound through powerful speakers. The device has a perfect balance of bass, mid-tones, and highs.

Supports Rich Voice

The device has an inbuilt microphone that supports rich voice and video calling.

Wireless And Wired

One of the best features of this noise cancellation headphone is that it can be used, with or without a wire.

Long Range Signal

The headphones use 330 ft. /100m range Class 1 Bluetooth for stronger connectivity. Stop worrying about carrying your phone inside your house.

The Best Wired Noise Cancelling Headphones

Maybe some of you don’t care about being connected to your CD player, iPod, computer or other device. Or maybe you still feel that wireless transmission loses some of the audio quality that you are listening to. Either way or both, we felt that it was important to list some wired noise cancelling headphones that might do the trick for you. Here are a couple of options that you will love.

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones have a lot of new features along with a number of improvements. Some may be small, but they add to the enjoyment of using the headphones. Once you have these you will not want to look for others.

If you listen to a lot of music, you will be impressed by the comfort. It is easy to forget that you are wearing them.

Noise Reduction

With this, you will hear everything perfectly clear and not be distracted by other noises. If they are able to stop the sound of the plane you are sitting on, then they can cancel out anything.


You don’t want to wear earphones that are not the right size for you. With the choice of small, medium and large, you can select the ones that are just right.

Active EQ

With automatic equalizer technology, the sound will be as rich as you want regardless of the type of artist being played.

Carrying Case

The case is slim and the headphones fold to fit into them. There are instructions as to how to best fold them to avoid damaging wires.

Buy Now On Amazon For

Audio-Technica is fully trusted by professionals, customers and us. Whether you need these headphones while in the office, conference hall, stage, studio, airport or street, they are quite versatile and handy.

Boasting a flawless, meticulous design, the Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones are a set you are going to love.

QuietPoint Technology

This is a hot selling point for these headphones. Their circuitry can reduce environmental noise by ninety percent, a benchmark that is hardly reached by most similar headphones.

High Performance

These headphones have a big-aperture 40mm driver that offers extensive treble and dominant, but reasonable bass. This driver has neodymium magnet systems that increase their performance levels.

Comfortable Earcups

These earcups are thickly cushioned and shaped in a way that makes them fit perfectly over different ears.

No Batteries Needed

These are high quality, expedient headphones that can function well when the noise canceling feature is turned off and when put in a passive mode and there are no batteries.

The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200

Image of a man wearing noise cancelling headphones in the cityWhen we set out to research these headphones for you we were a little surprised that noise cancelling technology was still so expensive. I think we were programmed by the idea that since you could get Walmart specials for under $50.00 that prices would have dropped for noise cancelling headphones. However we really should have known better. You do get what you pay for.

That being said, without compromising our commitment to providing you the best quality choices in headphones we did find some that are more affordable. Here are a couple of great sets of headphones that you might want to consider if you are on a tight budget.

If you love wireless headphones in black, choose JBL Everest 300 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones. Boasting the signature JBL Pro Audio Sound and Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless connectivity, these headphones are just dynamic. Their sculpted ear cushions allow for a matchless fit and endless comfort in your ears.

Coming with a rechargeable battery too, the JBL Everest 300 headphones are super advanced. They can offer you up to twenty hours of consistently top performance.

Best Ergonomics

What this means is that the equipment is made to snugly fit over every ear regardless of its shape and contours. They offer comfort no matter how long you wear them.

ShareMe 2.0

It is just JBL that has this feature. It designed in a way that allows your pal’s Bluetooth headphones to connect to your pair. Hence, you can send games and music to them wirelessly and easily.

Integrated Microphone

This is not your ordinary microphone but the type that offers echo cancellation technology. As a result, all calls sound natural and you can also enjoy listening to music exclusively.

Rechargeable Battery

Your rechargeable battery can be charged with the micro USB charging cable each time its charge is depleted.

The Sony XB950N1 performs better than its predecessors, and this is mostly due to the Active Noise Cancellation and Extra Bass(TM) features. 

In our opinion, Sony XB950N1 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones are a great pick and provide value for money at this price range.

Noise Cancellation

Sony’s headphones have the leading digital noise canceling option that will let you mute the world around you.

Wireless Connectivity

You can listen to music over Bluetooth technology with NFC™ One-touch pairing.

Extra Bass

Extra Bass boosts all your low frequencies, amplifying every song with endless waves of strong beats.

Soft Ear Pads

Sony thought about the safety of your ears when producing this headphone. The pads are soft and thick to keep your ears comfortable and safe from damaging sounds

Enjoying Your New Noise Cancelling Headphones

Image of a woman wearing noise cancelling headphones looking out her window at a peaceful sceneWhether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you are going to love your new set of noise cancelling headphones. There is nothing like being immersed in the sounds of music, or for that matter if you are just trying to block out the world, the sounds of silence!

Once you buy your set of noise cancelling headphones you will never return to those Walmart specials I talked about earlier. You will have arrived in audio heaven. 

For more information about noise cancelling headphones and their technology we recommend reading these articles for further study.

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