What Is The Best Weed Whacker for a Woman?

Image of a weed wackerAnyone who has weeds in their yard that they need to tackle can use a weed wacker to quickly and easily cut down weeds, clear out areas around flowers in the garden, and trim up grass that was missed by the lawn mower. While there are a lot of weed whackers available on the market, many of them are incredibly heavy and difficult to control. If you want something a little lighter and easier to handle then you will need to find the best weed wacker for a woman. This is the Weed Eater 25cc 16 in. Curved Shaft String Trimmer.

Working in the yard is not only a lot of fun, but will also improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home. The right tools for the job will make yard work a lot easier, which is why so many people want to buy a weed wacker for home use. Unfortunately, an unbalanced weed wacker or one that is difficult to start makes it really hard for a woman to use it without help from someone else. Opting for this Weed Eater ensures that you can tackle all of the weeds in your yard and garden by yourself.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying this Weed Whacker?

  • Consider the weight of the weed wacker when you are looking for one that will be easy to use. The weight should be listed when you are going to buy a new weed wacker. You also want to pay attention to how well balanced the item is, so that you don’t have to worry about the head or the back being more difficult to control.
  • It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of electric versus gas string trimmers when you are looking for a great weed wacker. In general, electric weed wackers are going to be quieter, easier to start, and easier to take care of and maintain over the life of the unit. On the other hand, while gas powered models are louder, they are much more powerful and can handle thicker brush and larger weeds without any problems.
  • The shape of the shaft plays a huge role in the use of your new trimmer and is something to consider, as well. Curved shafts make it very easy to trim weeds that are growing in tight areas and will give you more control so you don’t cut down your flowers. On the other hand, straight shafts are great for going under obstacles like your benches, shrubs, and even your deck.
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Weed Eater 25cc 16 in. Curved Shaft String Trimmer, W2CBK

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Why We Chose this Weed Eater Over Others

We love this Weed Eater because it is so lightweight, making it very easy for even a woman who isn’t particularly strong to handle. Because you want to be able to do yard work on your own without a lot of help, when you use this weed wacker you’ll be able to easily accomplish your goals. Rather than trying to carry and store a huge weed wacker, this one from Weed Eater features a knock-down coupler that makes it really easy to not only assemble it when you buy it, but also to shorten the length of the shaft so that it fits into smaller storage spaces.

This particular Weed Eater also has the power of a gas weed wacker that you have come to know and love. You’ll be able to cut through heavy and tall weeds without any problems. This is the perfect combination of the portability and light weight of electric weed trimmers with the power and function of gas powered ones. Additionally, the curved shaft makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and the smaller head can easily fit around bushes, plants, and flowers in the garden so you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting something that you didn’t mean to cut.

What We Like and Dislike About this Weed Trimmer


Because of its lighter weight, this weed wacker is incredibly easy to move around the yard. Unlike other weed whackers that are much heavier and tend to be a little off balance, this one is easy to handle and well balanced so that the user won’t get thrown off balance when using it.

Being able to quickly feed more trimmer line by simply pushing the head of the weed wacker into the ground means you don’t have to stop and worry about the piece of equipment when the line is running short.

Because it’s easy to start, you don’t have to deal with a pull cord or an ignition that won’t work.

The curved handle makes it easy to maneuver around plants in the yard without damaging them.


It is incredibly difficult to get the head off of this weed wacker without some sort of tool to pry it off. This means that if you do not have someone to help you, or the right tool for the job, you won’t be able to remove the head without incredible difficulty.

The line spool is a little difficult to put into the weed wacker, which is frustrating when you need to install a full spool.

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Weed Whacker

If you are in the market for the best weed wacker for women and value a lighter weight, as well as the ability to easily start the equipment, then you will be thrilled with the Weed Eater 25cc 16 in. Curved Shaft String Trimmer. It starts quickly and easily and is also incredibly durable so you don’t need to worry about it breaking down while you are working in the yard. The dual string gives you a lot more cutting power and since you can easily advance the string by tapping the head on the ground, there’s no reason to stop and make adjustments in the middle of your yard work.

Not only are these weed whackers easy to use, but Weed Eater is known as producing quality pieces of yard equipment that will last for years. As long as you take care of your new weed wacker, fill it with quality fuel, and replace the string when needed, you will be able to enjoy a lot of use from your new tool. Small weeds, as well as thicker ones, won’t stand a chance against you as you can easily tackle anything from grass along the edge of your flower bed to briers encroaching along the side of your yard.

Last update was on: July 22, 2018 5:03 am

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