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The Bissell Air Ram 1984

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Cordless Cleaning Perfection

When it comes to vacuuming, the Bissell Air Ram 1984, with its state of the art technology, is a step ahead.  Designed to reach and clean even the toughest spots, this vacuum has changed the way many people clean their homes and provided a convenient solution to dust and pet hair problems.

Customer Service
  • Powerful Sweep And Brush Roll
  • Collapsible Handle
  • 30 Minute Battery
  • LED Headlights
  • Light Construction
  • Battery Replacement Life
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When it comes to cordless vacuuming, the Bissell Air Ram 1984, with its state of the art technology, is a step ahead.  Designed to reach and clean even the toughest spots, this vacuum has changed the way many people cleaned their homes and provided a convenient solution to dust and pet hair problems.

Given its numerous positive reviews on several retail sites, it’s understandable that many people are satisfied with this vacuum cleaner and its ability to get the job done.  Lightweight and agile, the Bissell Air Ram with its upgrades and modifications has come a long way from the old, heavy, messy vacuum cleaners of days gone by.

As with any other product we promote, we have taken the time to do some thorough research on this vacuum and have compiled an in-depth Air Ram assessment to help you get a better picture of what it has to offer.  We have also listed some pros and cons as well as answered some frequently asked questions enabling you to make an informed decision about this vacuum.

It is lightweight, has a flexible, agile handle that allows you to move it around those difficult to reach areas and corners.

Its 30-minute battery is sufficient for all modern cleaners eliminating the need to connect the vacuum to the wall.  It’s convenient and efficient cordless vacuuming designed to make life much simpler for you.

The cleaner’s brush roll is versatile and automatically adjusts to different types of floors without ever having to change the brush or switch to different settings.  Additionally, it is sturdy enough to clean pet hair, fleas and other messes created by pets.

Our favorite feature is the bin that comes with a handy slider to clear debris and dirt eliminating unnecessary mess.  This is a huge step forward from the messy bags of previous vacuum cleaners that were both unclean and unhygienic.

All in all, we believe this cleaner combines versatility with efficiency and is handy enough to be used in all corners of the house regardless of how complicated they are.

Bottom Line

Overall, we are impressed by this vacuum cleaner, and we recommend it to our readers.  It is easy to use and stores in a compact space with its lightweight, easy fold handle.

While the battery may not have the most extended lifespan, it does provide users the chance to vacuum without attaching the cord to the wall for up to 30 minutes per cleaning session. The bin is also very simple to empty and comes with a slider that ensures that all dirt is removed without any hassle or mess.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for users looking for simple yet efficient cleaning, and it’s affordable enough for the budget conscious.


  • Clearer cleaning. State of the art LED lighting equipment makes it easier to spot dirt.  This vacuum cleaner was designed for cleaning of all types of surfaces like rugs, floors, and carpets without ever missing a spot.  During vacuuming, the lights on this unit highlight all of the dirt and confirm with clarity your cleaned area.
  • Efficient cordless vacuuming. A modern twist, this vacuum is equipped with an Ion battery that lasts up to 30 minutes. Cordless vacuuming is now comfortable and convenient.  To top it off, the battery is easy to remove and recharge for the next use.
  • Easy to store. The collapsible handle makes this vacuum convenient to store once you’re finished.
  • Simple maneuvering. The light frame of the vacuum is agile and very easy to maneuver even around furniture and into the tightest corners.  Included is a flexible handle that allows the body of the vacuum to move into tough to reach areas.
  • Easy to use the bin. Emptying other vacuum cleaners meant replacing messy bags to avoid clogging.  Bissell created their product with a container that houses an easy to empty slider.  This slider pushes the dirt and debris out of the bin ensuring mess-free clean expulsion.
  • Powerful suctioning. The powerful suction of this product is designed to lift dirt from the toughest areas in your home such as rugs and carpets.  In addition to removing the soil, it also deep cleans those areas by penetrating into the depths of their fabric.
  • No scratch vacuuming. Complete with suction sweep features and a brush roll that is designed to cover multiple surfaces, this vacuum is perfect for cleaning edges and hard floors without ever worrying about scratching them.
  • Pet-friendly. The manufacturers of this product had busy homes in mind when they created the suctioning features which are perfect for cleaning pet hair with ease.  It also retrieves fleas, ticks, and other messes pets leave behind.
  • Handy foot pedal. The giant foot pedal gives added control for vacuuming and ease to the on and off process which is a perfect convenience eliminating the need to plug the cleaner into the wall.
  • Versatile cleaning. With a handy motorized brush roll, the Air Ram cleans different types of surfaces without ever having to change the brush or to switch to different settings to suit your needs.


  • Comes with powerful sweep features and a brush roll that is designed to clean floors without scratching or causing any damage to them.
  • Has a collapsible handle that can be easily folded making storage easier.
  • Has a battery that lasts up to 30 minutes for cordless cleaning.
  • Bright LED lights to make it easy to view your work area.


  • Lighter construction makes the vacuum a bit flimsy and sometimes easy to break.
  • The battery has a short lifespan and will need to be replaced after a few months which can be costly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when I need to charge the battery?

The battery comes with lights that indicate the level of power left in your battery.

Is this vacuum good for cleaning carpets?

Yes, the brush roll is perfect for deep cleaning both ordinary floors and carpets.

Bissell Incorporated

Started in 1883 by Melville and Anna Bissell, this company has grown into one of the best manufacturers of home cleaning devices in North America.  The company headquarters are in the Greater Grand Rapids area; Walker, Michigan.

The Bissell’s tirelessly worked to provide quality products that were effective for cleaning not just ordinary dust but pet hair and other stubborn materials as well.  To find out more about the company and all their products, visit their website at

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