Blackvue DR750 Review And Best Price Comparison

Editor's Choice Blackvue DR750 Review And Best Price Comparison
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  • Dual Cameras
  • Cloud Service
  • Low Light Image Sensor
  • Sleek Design

What Is The Best Price For The Blackvue DR750 Online?

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Blackvue DR750 Review

8.5 Total Score
Full Feature Dash Cam

It seems that BlackVue has made the perfect dash cam by providing all the necessary features at an excellent price.

Ease Of Use
  • Dual Cameras
  • Cloud Service
  • Low Light Image Sensor
  • Sleek Design
  • Only 16GB SD Card
  • Small Size Might Not Be Durable
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Let us introduce you to the Blackvue DR 750:

Dashboard cameras have become very popular and almost every professional driver uses one. Many companies make dash cams with all of them providing different features.  It seems that BlackVue has made the perfect dash cam by providing all the necessary features at an excellent price.

Today, we will be reviewing the BlackVue DR750, which is power packed with features like GPS and Wi-Fi.  The price may seem a little high for a dash cam, but the features are all there.  In the BlackVue DR750 review, we will help you understand its features and assist you in your decision of whether to purchase it or not.

With BlackVue’s after sales service and global delivery, the BlackVue New DR750 is a magnificent product.  So, without any delay, let us start:

Our Blackvue DR750 Review

This device has a number of features, which are not present in other devices.  STARVIS sensors, built-in microphone, universal file format, and cloud service are some of those features present in this device.

The best of them is its STARVIS sensors.  They let you clearly see all the minute details.  These sensors help you in seeing details in low light as well.

Apart from that, this device records footage in universal file format.  You can watch the footage on your PC or directly on your mobile through the BlackVue app.

This product comes with a 16 GB memory card for immediate recording.  Its maximum expandable memory is 128 GB, which is another great thing.

The sleek small design of this product might reduce its durability.  You may have to replace the product after a number of falls.

Bottom Line On The Blackvue DR750

With the number of dash cams rising, you might find it confusing and difficult to make your choice.  Still, BlackVue dashcam checks all the boxes for being a great product.  It comes with 16 GB SD card and cloud service.

You can record high-resolution video through this device as it has 1080p full HD dual cameras. High-resolution recordings will help you see all number plates and small details.

You can get this product through the link below.  We trust this BlackVue DR750 review was helpful to you.

Blackvue DR750 Features

  • Location tracking: This device will constantly track your location through its built-in  The GPS technology of this product is highly accurate.  It imprints the location on the footage as well, providing you another birds eye witness when needed.
  • Looks great: The looks of this product are awe-inspiring.  You will adore the cylindrical design which looks great on any dashboard.  It only enhances the interior of your car.
  • Up to 128GB of storage: It has a maximum expandable memory of 128 GB.  Therefore, alleviating your concerns for lack of memory storage on this device.  It records in universal file formats, so you can replay its footage on any device.
  • 1080p Full HD video recording: The cameras of this device are breathtakingly clear.  You get 60 frames per second through the 1080p front camera and 30 frames per second on the rear camera.  HD recording will have better contrast and brightness.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: DR750 has built-in Wi-Fi, which enables you to connect this device to your smartphone.  It has a parking mode as well, so you can watch the footage of the interior of your car on your mobile screen.
  • Dual camera setup: This dash cam provides you two cameras, one for the front and one for the interior.  You get the DR750S0HD-2CH camera, making it great to capture true to life  The high resolution of the footage is worth praising.
  • Sony STARVIS image sensors: It features Sony STARVIS image sensors, which enhance its recording performance.  They are for recording in low light.  It succeeds in recording clear videos in low light because of that.
  • Comes with the BlackVue app: BlackVue DR750 also comes with the BlackVue app. With the app, you can watch all the footage directly on the screen of your  Wi-Fi makes it easier to connect the phone to the device.
  • Cloud service available: You can transfer all the saved footage to the BlackVue over to Cloud service.  Cloud lets you easily operate while removing worries about data and memory.
  • LED indicators: It has several LED indicators.  It also has a voice guide and internal emergency battery, which makes it more desirable.  G-sensor, parking mode, and resolved heat issue (when installed in high temperature areas) are some other features of this product.

Pros And Cons Of The Blackvue DR750


  • Dual cameras: You can record both the front and the interior through this dash cam. This is a nice feature for cab drivers, particularly as it removes the need of getting another camera for the interior.
  • Cloud service: By connecting it to the cloud, you can enjoy limitless  Between the Cloud and your SD memory card you will never be short of memory space.
  • The STARVIS image sensors: STARVIS image sensors let it record high-quality footage in low light.  They also enhance its normal light performance, giving it better contrast and brightness.
  • Sleek looking: The looks of this device are amazing.  It will not take away from the looks of your car’s dashboard.


  • Comes with only a 16GB SD card: You will have to buy a larger SD card separately.
  • Doubtful durability: The small size and design of this device might hamper its durability.  It might not survive being dropped a number of times.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Blackvue DR750

Can I install it myself?

You can install the BlackVue DR750 by yourself, however; the bundled Power Magic Pro must be hard-wired into the car.

Can I use the cloud service free?

Yes, you get free cloud service with the BlackVue DR 750, which will give you the following features:

  • 10 minutes live view daily
  • 5GB of online cloud storage
  • 1 camera registry
  • 100 downloads of the video

BlackVue Company Profile

BlackVue is one of the leading brands in the field of dash cams.  You might recognize their name because of their dashboard camera technology.  BlackVue was established in 2007.  Since then, they have worked tirelessly to provide their users the best technology available.

Their BlackVue Over the Cloud gives you quick access to remote Live View and playback as well as video sharing.  Their customers span the globe.  You can visit their official website,, to find out more about them.

Blackvue DR750 Price History



Current Price $379.99May 16, 2018
Highest Price$379.99April 25, 2018
Lowest Price$379.99April 25, 2018
Since April 25, 2018

Last price changes

$379.99April 25, 2018

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