Breville Quick Touch Microwave Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Breville Quick Touch Microwave

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Your Own Personal Microwave Valet

This smart microwave oven was crafted for people who are always on the go and need an intelligent microwave to understand their needs.  

Customer Service
  • IQ reheat and cooking
  • Features "a bit more’ function."
  • Quick one touch start feature
  • 10 power cooking levels
  • Flimsy start button
  • Just 1 year warranty period
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There are hundreds of types of microwaves on the market, but if you were to choose the best one, how would you make the selection? Well, what you need is a microwave oven that understands all of your needs, and one that you can control easily without any complications.

Therefore, you need to take a look at the Breville Quick Touch Microwave Oven.  This smart microwave oven was crafted for people who are always on the go and need an intelligent microwave to understand their needs.  No more sifting through lengthy, detailed instructions to understand this simple machine.

The one-touch buttons make it easy for you to cook.  One example; when you need a little more cooking time, there is a button dedicated to doing just that.  What else could you want from your smart microwave oven?

Breville products and their quality have been known for ages.  The Breville Quick Touch microwave oven has undoubtedly lived up to all its hype, delivering a beautiful design and finish as well as providing tons of advanced features for every customer to enjoy.

Since we promised an honest review, there is one point, considered a flaw in the Breville microwaves.  The start button on this microwave is said to be inferior in quality.  Customers stated the writing on the button faded after regular use and noted that the start button is slightly shaky and seems out of place.

Otherwise, this microwave looks like something straight out of a futuristic movie.  The silver finish on the microwave makes it look sci-fi and would be a brilliant addition in absolutely any kitchen.  They have designed this microwave to compliment any style of kitchen.

The smart IQ reheat and cook features on this microwave are impressive.  Another unique point of the microwave is the ‘a bit more’ feature which we have not found on any other microwave.  This could indeed be the single selling point of the Breville Quick Touch Microwave Oven.

The display features and the interface of this microwave are friendly and straightforward, making everyone fall in love with it.  The lighted display feature is another big hit with customers. However, like every product, this one also has its pluses and minuses.

Bottom Line

We understand any apprehension you might have after reading about the primary start button being flimsy.  However, with the warranty offered by Breville, it won’t be tough for you to get the company to repair this button.  This microwave gets an A+ for superior looks as stated in the customer reviews.

There are several great microwave ovens on the market, but the ‘a little bit’ more feature is something that customers are thoroughly fascinated with, and you will be too!  There are several other smart cooking and reheating options which make the Breville microwave oven so smart!

Your phone won’t be the smartest gadget in your home anymore; it will be your new Breville microwave!  With a sleek, compact design and its amazing features, this microwave is the perfect combination of beauty and brains.


  • A unique power adjustment feature
    Breville has developed a unique power adjustment feature in their Microwave ovens. This feature allows users to change the power as well as the time on their microwaves, even in mid-cycle. Never settle for undercooked or under heated food again, with Breville microwaves.
  • Ten power levels for supreme cooking
    The Breville microwave offers ten different cooking power levels on their microwave ovens, allowing you to adjust from 10% to 100% with just the twist of a dial!
  • Quickstart one-touch cooking feature
    The quick start cooking feature is excellent for when you need to prepare your food faster, at maximum power. The quick start feature works with the click of a button; starting a 30-second cooking timer at 100% power.
  • The ‘a bit more’ button
    Ever wished for just a bit more cooking time to reach that level of perfection on your dishes? With the Breville microwave, you can. This button cooks your food slightly longer, giving your meal the perfect amount of heat.
  • Durable and sleek
    The interiors of the microwave are made of polished stainless steel, while the exteriors come with a beautiful, elegant looking silver finish. This adds a stylish modern look to your kitchen.
  • 1-year replacement warranty
    The Breville Quick Touch microwave oven comes with a one-year warranty, which provides all your repairs and replacements. You won’t need to search for a service center if your machine becomes damaged; Breville will take care of everything for you.
  • Sensor IQ Reheat and Cook
    An impressive feature of the Breville Microwave oven is the Sensor IQ Reheat option. This is the feature that makes your Breville microwave stand out from the crowd, being stylish and intelligent at the same time. The Sensor IQ Reheat feature allows the microwave to reheat your items the perfect amount of time it needs to reach that level of lip-smacking perfection.
  • Small looks, big space
    The capacity of the Breville Microwave oven is 1.2 Cu. Ft, which gives you ample space to cook and heat all your favorite food items.
  • Great power
    The Breville microwave delivers 1100 watts of power to facilitate all your cooking! Such high power in such a small machine!
  • Compact and easy to move
    Your new Breville Quick Touch microwave oven is small in size, sitting comfortably on absolutely any kitchen countertop. It is lightweight, 35 pounds, which makes it easy for you to move when you need to.

Pros And Cons


  • IQ reheat and cooking
  • Features “a bit more’ function.”
  • Quick one-touch start feature
  • Ten power cooking levels


  • Flimsy start button
  • Just one year warranty period

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this microwave very noisy?
Some microwave ovens are noisier than others. The Breville Quick Touch microwave oven is slightly loud compared to its competitors; however, its unique features outweigh this minute flaw.

Is there an energy saving feature on the microwave?
When the microwave is not in use or is in standby mode, the display light will go off; however, the time will still be displayed. To conserve more battery, you can turn off the display for the clock as well.

Breville Profile

Breville, a Melbourne company, is best known as the company that invented the first sandwich toaster.  Since then, Breville has found its way into the homes and kitchens of loyal customers all over the world.  Breville’s sandwich toaster became so famous that ‘Breville’ became the generic name for sandwich toasters!

The name Breville originated when the names of the co-owners, Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville, were combined.  Soon after, the brand became famous for many small home appliances.  As Breville gained popularity in Australia, they soon opened in Europe, and the USA, becoming a global name.  To discover more about this iconic brand, visit the company website

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