Brother HL-3170CDW Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Brother HL-3170CDW

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7.9 Total Score
Small Business Printing Supercharged

You will love its fast pace efficiency in providing prints through its rapid printing technology.

Customer Service
  • Wireless Printing
  • 2 Sided Printing
  • Well Designed
  • Mac And PC Compatible
  • Small Font Clarity
  • Paper Jams
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Brother successfully delivers an excellent quality product through its HL-3170CDW. You will love its fast pace efficiency in providing prints through its rapid printing technology. Wireless functioning is another superb feature of this device.

However, this product does not give very high-quality text prints.  The market has many options, proving better prints than this one.  Regardless, it makes up for print quality through its speed.  We cannot neglect to mention its duplexer which further eases the printing process.

This review will shed light on many of its features, as you will discover the various aspects of this device.  You will become familiar with its excellent features, its drawbacks and our opinion of this product.

The first impression of a device should be good, and the Brother HL-3170CDW does that with its dual tone design.  Its design makes this device look classy and modern at the same time.  We did not have any difficulty when we set up this machine.

A significant advantage of this printer was its speed of operation and printing.  You will print many copies in a matter of minutes.  Picture processing will delay the printer speed some, but you will find it efficient and sufficient.

We checked its various reviews, and the most common problem among them was with its durability.  Customers recommended not using this product heavily for long periods of time.

Still, its adequate storage capacity and fast-paced printing of small volumes make it perfect for offices with small space or teams of one to five people.

Another disappointment was regarding its text printing.  The quality of the small font printing of this device needs improvement.  Its graphics printing is, however, above average.

Bottom Line

The competition level is extremely high for this price range, and that is why Brother made it a power-packed printer.  The Brother HL-3170CDW is fast and does not fail in providing you excellent quality prints at a rapid pace.

The only thing disappointing about this product is it’s below average text print quality.  Still, it makes up for that through its graphic printing and the rapid pace of printing.

Wireless connectivity and its duplexer enhance its working speed.


1)    Versatile to use:

The paper input capacity is versatile enough for you to store 250 sheets of paper in either letter or legal size.  This added to the manual feed gives you plenty of paper to finish many jobs before having to reload your tray.  We love the paper storage capacity.

2)    Small office friendly:

Its size is appropriate for small offices who do not require a humongous printer or who do not have ample space for its printer.  It is especially adequate for home offices or businesses that have a small printing volume.  The weight of this device is 39 pounds, which makes it maneuverable for every small office.

3)    Duplex printing available:

Duplex printing allows for faster operation and working.  This feature is present in this device. Its duplexer works well, providing your material be printed on both sides.  This increases the printers weight, but the device is still light-weight enough to carry.

4)    Mobile printing:

Through its wireless connectivity, you can activate this printer with your mobile phone or tablet.  It makes printing from your phone or tablet convenient and easy.   A handy device for the salesman needing a hard copy of his orders.

5)    Fast printing capability:

The printers speed is one of the best advantages of this device.  This machine produces 23 printed pages per minute which are significant.  The printing speed will be slower for processing pictures with higher DP, or items with lots of details.

6)    Does not heat up:

Heating issues were non-existent with this device.  You will love to use this device in your office, as it remains cool during operation, a feature that extends the life of the unit.

7)    Cool dual tone design:

The appearance of this device is modern and sleek.  It has a unique dual tone appearance, making it perfect fit in conjunction with any combination of other devices or tools.

8)    Ethernet port:

HL-3170CDW comes with an Ethernet port allowing you to connect more devices to it.  It also helps with remote printing, as your printer is always connected to the internet through this port.

9)    Wi-Fi available:

It has Wi-Fi connectivity which eases in the operation and control of this device.  You can print documents directly from your mobile phone because of this advanced feature.

10)    Par quality:

You will love the picture printing quality of this device.  The colors translate very well on the pages.  However, you will not enjoy the same class as the texts.  Its par quality makes it great for PowerPoint handouts.

Pros And Cons


  • You can connect your phone or tablet and start printing wirelessly.
  • Prints on both sides of the pages to save time, paper and effort.
  • Looks good with any computer setup.
  • Works exceptionally well with both Windows and Mac.


  • Text prints are below par quality, especially for small fonts.
  • Roller could cause problems after long-term continuous use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the cartridge last?

The life of cartridge should be around 2000-3000 pages of text.

How many black and white pages it can print in a minute?

It can print a maximum of 23 pages per minute.

Brother Company Profile:

Brother is a multinational company which has a wide range of products in the category of printers, fax machines, and copy machines.  They are mainly based in Japan, but they operate globally.

Their printers and machines have won many excellence awards.  If you want to know more about them or see their product range, you can visit their official website,, for any product details you may be wanting.

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