Camp Chef Smoker Review And Best Price Comparison

Best seller Camp Chef Smoker Review And Best Price Comparison
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Camp Chef Smoker Review

8.5 Total Score
A Meat Smoking Masterpiece

This compact product is a budget-friendly addition to your home that you will definitely appreciate.

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Camp Chef 18 Inch Smoker – A Classic Masterpiece For Perfect Smoked Food

Camp Chef smoker review: An in-depth review of the Camp Chef 18 Inch Smoker.

The next time you wish to invite people over for some delicious food, consider making something with the Camp Chef 18 Inch Smoker. This compact product is a budget-friendly addition to your home that you will definitely appreciate.

Don’t be fooled by its size, it is quite sturdy and was designed to go the extra mile to produce quality results every time.  It is the perfect combination of quality, convenience, and affordability.

We have done some research on this product, so we could write our own Camp Chef smoker review.  Our plan is to see if it truly lives up to its hype or if it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

Our Camp Chef Smoker Review

For lovers of lightweight and compact cooking devices, this smoker is a dream come true.  At a mere 65lbs in weight, it’s lighter than many other models and much easier to move around. Considering it was designed by a company that specializes in making cooking products for outdoor ventures that include camping, it makes sense that they would design a smoker that is easy for you to carry around and pack away.

Given its size, it only comes with two smoking racks, but they can always be adjusted to accommodate bigger portions or multiple foods at the same time.  It also includes a separate rack which was designed especially for smoking jerky.

We like the addition of staple features like the wood chip tray and water pan.  We also appreciate the inclusion of its new and enhanced features.  These include a burner drum that is designed to control your heat ensuring that the food is cooked at optimum heat.

In addition to the standard manual that helps you set up the smoker and explains its features in detail, the manufacturers included recipes, ideas, and tips for enhanced cooking.  This is perfect for beginners who might need a bit of inspiration.

This compact smoker is easy to clean and perfect for your next camping trip.  If you are not completely sold, look at our list of pros and cons and decide for yourself if the product is worth investing in.

Bottom Line on The Camp Chef Smoker

When all is said and done, the Camp Chef 18 Inch Smoker is the perfect product for cooking meat on your camping trips.  It’s smaller than most smokers which makes it perfect for moving around and storing away.

It is well-equipped with the same classic features that are included in good quality smokers.  It also includes a few extras to enhance your overall cooking experience.

We trust that our Camp Chef smoker review has given you confidence in the product.

Camp Chef Smoker Features

  • 2 adjustable racks plus extra rack
  • Despite its small size, this smoker can accommodate decent sized food pieces and comes with 2 adjustable racks that accommodate smoking multiple meals at once.  It also includes an extra rack for smoking jerky.
  • Water pan
  • To keep your meat juicy and tender, this product comes with a water pan that is designed to help produce steam.  Now you have no excuses for serving dry meat.
  • Wood chip tray
  • To help you load wood chips into your smoker, the manufacturers included a handy wood chip tray.  The frame is made of durable long-lasting steel.
  • Base tray
  • The base tray is designed to catch any debris that falls from your smoker.  It is simple to remove, clean and eliminates any debris dropping to your floor.
  • Damper valves
  • These valves are designed to give you added control when you are cooking.  The smoker includes two dampers on its sides and on its surface for enhanced cooking.
  • Door thermometer
  • To help you keep tabs on the temperature at which your meat is cooking, this product comes with a thermometer on its door that ranges from 50F to 400F.  Now you can review your smoker temperature ensuring your meat does not get burnt.
  • Convenient Ignition
  • Starting up your smoker can be a hassle at times.  With the Camp Chef, it’s much easier because the smoker includes an ignition that works without the hassle of matchsticks.
  • Recipes, ideas etc.
  • Newbies will find that cooking with this smoker requires a certain level of expertise.  To assist you, it comes with recipes and tips that are designed to give you inspiration and make your cooking more fun and your results more enjoyable.
  • Manual
  • Getting started might be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with the product.  Not to worry as it comes with a helpful manual designed to walk you through the entire process and guide you through featured details.
  • Lightweight
  • The Camp Chef smoker is very convenient because it is light in weight.  At 65lbs, moving it around is easy and it’s perfect for family camping trips.

Pros And Cons Of The Camp Chef Smoker


  • Includes a separate rack for smoking jerky.
  • It’s affordable.
  • The lightweight frame that’s easier to move around.
  • Comes with cool recipes and tips for better cooking.


  • It doesn’t offer much space for cooking huge meals.
  • Certain parts of the smoker come detached. Some customers complained that it took too much time and effort to assemble.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Camp Chef Smoker

• Is the smoker large enough to fit a decent sized turkey?
Yes, you can always readjust the smoking racks to accommodate bigger birds.

• I would like to smoke my meat completely without having to finish in an oven. Is the Camp Chef equipped to handle that?
Yes, from pork ribs to full turkeys, it can cook the meat until it is perfectly done.

Camp Chef Company Profile

Created in 1990, Camp Chef understands that quality food unites people.  For over 2 decades, they focused on delivering top-notch outdoor cooking products that are affordable and easy to use even for the average Joe.

Today, the company is headquartered in Cache Valley, Utah and continues to produce quality products that are loved by many people across America.  For more details about the company and all, they have to offer, visit their website at

Camp Chef Smoker Price History

Price History for Camp Chef 18" Propane Smoker Vault with Matchless Ingnition


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