Can a Dash Cam Reduce Insurance Premiums?

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While many people invest in dash cams as a great way to make sure that their family members are driving safely and to be able to keep an eye on teen drivers, these cameras offer another benefit: they show exactly what happened in the case of an accident. This is a great way to make sure that you can show both the police and the insurance company the cause of a crash, and it may allow you to avoid charges.

Many people buy dash cams to help protect them or their family members in the event of an accident, and they wonder if by doing so they will be able to lower their insurance premiums.

Benefits of Dash Cams

Using a dash cam on a regular basis has plenty of benefits, including being able to record what happens if you are in an accident so that you can show the police and your insurance company. Most dash cams have technology that will enable them to keep any recordings around the time of an accident so that they are not accidentally erased. This means that you will be able to prove to both the police and your insurance company that you were not at fault if you’re in an accident.

Dash cams are also ideal for families who have multiple people driving the car or who have a new teenage driver. They provide the adults with a way to monitor driving and ensure that everybody is safe on the road. While dash cams vary in their abilities and how you view the footage, there are some available that will link directly to a smartphone or tablet to make it very easy for parents or guardians to see how a child is driving. Additionally, because it is human nature to perform as well as possible when being watched, dash cams may inspire improved driving in users.

What to Know Before You Buy

With so many different types of dash cams available, it is essential to consult a buyer’s guide before shopping so that you can be sure that you get the right one for your needs. While most people opt for a dash cam that records just out of the front of the windshield, for full coverage, you will want to opt for one that covers a wide area. Additionally, dash cams can vary widely in the quality of the recording, so it is essential to make sure that yours not only can record with night vision but also does a great job at showing fine details. Without information such as the license plate for another driver, your footage will be almost useless when dealing with the police or your insurance company.

Talking to Your Insurance Company

Unfortunately, in the United States, insurance companies will not lower your premiums when you have a dash cam installed and in use in your car. This is unlike the UK, where insurance companies are happy to provide drivers with lower premiums once they have installed this piece of equipment in their vehicle. However, not being able to enjoy a lower premium on your insurance does not mean that it is not worth the cost of installing a dash cam in your car. While you will still have to pay that amount for your insurance each month, having a quality dash cam is a great way to protect yourself against specific driving hazards, and the scans will help to prove your innocence in case of an accident.


Even though you will not save money on your insurance with the dash cam, it will give you incredible peace of mind when you are on the road as you can have confidence that any problems will be recorded. Having a dash cam also ensures that you never have to worry about playing the blame game with another driver when you have been in an accident because your footage will prove who was at fault. Parents love dash cams because they inspire teenage drivers to be much safer on the road. While your insurance premiums will not decrease as a result of installing and using a dash cam, is very likely that everybody in your family will practice safer driving skills when they know that they’re being watched. This alone makes the purchase and use of the dash cam worthwhile for many families.

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