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Canon ImageClass MF247DW – A Hassle-Free Printer

Canon ImageClass MF247DW review: A detailed review of Canon imageClass MF247DW wireless, multifunction, duplex laser printer

Canon’s ImageClass MF47DW printer is a strong contender in today’s market of printers. It gives you a power packed performance by producing 28 ppm and direct Wi-Fi connectivity. All of these features make your printing experience smooth as a breeze.

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There are many other advantages of using this product, such as its LCD touch display and multi-purpose functionality.  These features make it a perfect fit for offices, that do not require large volumes of printed copy on a regular basis.

In this Canon ImageClass MF247DW review, we have provided all the necessary information you will need regarding this product.  This way, you will have a greater understanding of this printer and what it is capable of doing for you.

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Our Canon ImageClass MF247DW Review

Company profile:

 Canon is a popular brand on the market providing high-quality cameras, steppers, camcorders, computer printers, and medical equipment to satisfied customers.  They are recognized for providing high-quality products that are full of technological advancements.  Canon is mainly based in Japan.

You can visit their website at to view their range of products and become acquainted with their company.

Now let’s take a look at all the features of the Canon ImageClass printer.

Canon imageCLASS MF247dw Wireless, Multifunction, Duplex Laser Printer

Price: $159.99


  • Printing on the go: Thanks to AirPrint and wireless connectivity, you can connect this device to your phone and print quickly.  You do not have to do anything manually as you can do everything through your mobile.
  • Duplex printing for fast pace: Duplex printing allows the user to save a significant amount of time as the printer prints on both sides of the page at the same time.  Businesses do not use this feature often but still, this printer is perfect for those times you do require it.
  • Fast LCD touch panel: The touch panel of this device makes it easy to operate and use this device.  The interface is easy to use and responsive.  Therefore, you will save a sufficient amount of time through its touch panel.  It makes the user experience more interesting and fun as well.  The colors of the display are vibrant and bright.
  • One machine for everything: Apart from printing, you will be able to scan and copy your documents through this singe device. This helps the office by saving space used by multiple devices and by saving time and effort moving between multiple devices to finish your process.
  • Rapid printing speed: This printer gives you your first print in under six seconds.  Thus, it saves a significant amount of time.  The overall speed for printing pages is 28 pages per minute.  That is why, it is very high on our recommendation list.
  • Hassle free wireless connectivity: You can connect your iPhone or iPad and print any documents directly from that device through h its AirPrint technology.  Mobile printing is great on this device through Canon PRINT Business and Mopria Print Service.  You can use Google Cloud Print with this device as well.
  •  High storage capacity: You can store up to 250 sheets of paper in its cassette along with its 1-sheet multipurpose tray. Another great factor is the significant storage capacity of its automatic document feeder which is 35.   
  • Value for money: It is a cost-effective solution for all kinds of enterprises.  It has Energy Star certification as proof that it saves a great amount of energy and is another great eco-friendly product.
  • Smart design: MF247DW has a small, yet feature-rich design.  The LCD display removes the need of having and excessive amount of buttons, and so this device looks sleek and modern.
  • Friendly and reliable support: The customer support of Canon is amazing.  You can expect prompt replies from their executives and great support from their customer service staff.  They make sure their customers do not experience continuing problems with their devices.

Our Review

 The LCD screen will be the first thing that catches your eye.  The colors on the screen are sharp and its operation is very smooth.  Canon removed a lot of buttons with the introduction of a touch panel on this device.

We adore the 600dpi printing resolution of this product.  It helps you in printing clear text and pictures on the sheets.  Such resolution is also a tad surprising when you realize that it has a fast printing speed.

You cannot overlook its lighting fast printing speed of 28 pages per minute.  Moreover, Canon claims that you can get your first print within six seconds.  We found that claim to be accurate.

The large storage capacity of this printer allows for reduced refills.  This feature is great for small offices, as they do not require high volumes of printing.  You may need to refill it only once every 3-4 weeks.

We experienced a little difficulty with its setup process.  Be advised you need to follow all the specified instructions in order to avoid any hassles during installation.

Pros and cons

Pros And Cons


  • You can print documents from anywhere wirelessly.
  • No need to re-fill the paper tray for dual printing as it has ADF and duplex.
  • It is compatible with many printing applications and services.
  • This device gives you 28 pages per minute, which is a fantastic speed.


  • It does not have color-printing feature.
  • 2- The setup process is a bit tricky to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a USB port?
Yes, it has a high-speed USB 2.0 port.

Which Canon cartridge will work best with it?
You should get Canon Cartridge 137 for optimal printing experience.

Bottom Line

When you have so many options to choose from, making a specific choice becomes difficult. However, this device has so many qualities that overlooking it would be a big mistake.

On the go printing along with duplex printing, ease the user experience.  You will be able to avoid any hassles because it connects wirelessly and prints at a great pace of 28 ppm.

Overall, it is a excellent product but if you want to know more after reading this Canon ImageClass MF247DW review, you can click below.

If after reading this Canon ImageClass MF247DW review you are still not sure if this is the laser printer you want, then you might want to check out our list of laser printers for the small office or home office. Or you can read our individual laser printer reviews and informative buying guide below.

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Written by Duke Taber

Written by Duke Taber

Duke Taber is the owner of 3 successful websites and is now taking his skill as a webmaster and using it to help non-profit organizations and leaders around the world.