With So Many Choices, What Are The Right Wireless Earphones For You?

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I know, I know. You are still carrying around that antique set of wired headphones. You love the classics, but that old set is giving up the ghost. It is time to head into the 21st century with a pair of wireless earphones, but you don’t know which type is the best for you.

The World Of Wireless Headphones

Let’s face it. The world has gone wireless. The majority of today’s devices are designed to be mobile and wireless. Cellphones, laptops, iPods, and routers are now all wireless. The same goes for headphones. They have gone wireless as well.

However, there are many different styles of wireless headphones to choose from. There is not one style that fits every use. So take a moment if you will and let’s go over your options as you are looking for the best wireless headphones for you.


The first consideration you have to think about is the comfort. Which style of headphone will be the most comfortable for you to use. Different styles rest on your head and ears differently. You want the ones that will be the most comfortable for you to use over an extended period. You don’t want your ears to become raw and fatigued.

Over The Ear Style

The over the ear style looks similar to your antique set of earphones. They still fit over the entire ear and have a headband that crosses your head. They usually are more extensive than the on the ear and in the ear earbuds and have more padding between the earphone and the ear.

If you are looking for comfort alone, these are the most comfortable to wear.

On The Ear Style

On the ear, earphones are similar to the over the ear earphones in that they have some padding between the ear and the headset but they do not cover the entire ear. They only cover the entrance to the ear. This can cause some fatigue since there is not a reliable spot where they are resting. Some have padding on the headband as well.

Some on the ear earphones will fold up into the headband making them more portable to carry with you.

In The Ear Style

In the ear earphones, also known as wireless earbuds are inserted in the ear. They are much smaller than the other two styles and do not have a headband. Sometimes they come with a clip that fits around the earlobe.

This style of the earphone is ultraportable. You can take them with you anywhere. However, some people complain that the volume level and sound quality is not as good as the other two styles. You also need to make sure you get a wireless earbud set that will fit correctly in your ear.


The second most important factor in choosing the right wireless headphone for you is what type of activities are you going to be doing while using them. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

The Best Wireless Headphones For Working Out

If you are really into working out and will be using your earphones primarily while exercising, then you want to go with a pair of wireless earbuds. The last thing you want is a sweaty headband or ear padding while you are sweating to the oldies.

These type of wireless earphones will stay comfortably in your ear as you are climbing the stair climber or running on the treadmill.

Take your tunes to the track and enjoy yourself, even more, listening while running.

The Best Wireless Headphones For Travel

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, bus, or subway, there are always a lot of outside noises competing for your attention. A set of over the ear or on the ear wireless headphones will do a better job of blocking out the noise.

Some of them even come with noise canceling effects to help keep outside noise at a minimum.

The Best Wireless Headphones For The Office

In your office, you might have to make a judgment call on which is best for you. Do you need to be available for people talking to you or are you allowed to close off the outside world? If you need to shut off the outside world, then either over the ear or on the ear wireless headphones is best. However, if your coworkers need to get your attention without shouting, then I recommend either the on the wireless ear headphones or a set of earbuds.

What Is The Best Wireless Headphone For Sound Quality?

If you want the best sound quality for listening to music or movies off of your computer or Bluetooth enabled TV then by far the over the ear style of wireless headphones are the best for you. You have the best response from the speakers to the highs and lows.

Everybody’s ears are different, and we all have different levels of hearing acuity or loss. So try a few out and do a little testing and you will surely find the best wireless headphone for you.

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