Cobra CDR 840 Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Cobra CDR 840

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8.3 Total Score
Inexpensive And Powerful

You will enjoy HD visuals, so intense they will show you all the number plates present on the road.

Ease Of Use
  • Small In Size
  • GPS
  • Motion Sensor
  • High Quality Recording
  • Small SD Card
  • Lacks Durability
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The road is a wild place, where anything can happen…Anything.

This is why it’s a good idea to record your ride with a dash cam. Now, you’ve got evidence. You can capture unbelievably funny footage. Moreover, all kinds of other great stuff too, including those unexpected accidents.

Many people are already using Cobra CDR 840 because of its various qualities, which easily outshine its competition.  You will enjoy HD visuals, so intense they will show you all the number plates present on the road.

Another major thing this product boasts of is its wide viewing angle.  This makes it versatile as well as functional.  You get the view of the whole road through its wide dash cam.

This Cobra CDR 840 assessment will give you more information of this kind about this excellent device.  The following points clearly illustrate them:

We adored the fact that it has an internal GPS and high definition recording.  Our recording experience was smooth.  The video quality is excellent and that is what we loved the most about this device.

You will like the 1080p High-resolution footage of this dash cam as well.  It lets you see the small details of the road and its surroundings easily.  You will experience very few problems with the recorded footage.

Spotting the small details are not problematic and its 118-degree wide-angle covers the entire road.  You can see the recording directly on its LCD screen, which is 1.5 inches.  You will be able to view that footage on your TV or camera.

Cobra provides you free software with this product, which you can use to view location along with G-sensor information.

Still, everything has its drawbacks. Cobra CDR 840 is not an exception.  Included is an SD card but you will have to get a better one.

Bottom Line

The Cobra CDR 840 has a great combination of video quality, viewing angle and easy installation. You will love the unique camera design as well.

The drawbacks are very limited in number. It successfully delivers high-quality footage to the user without any difficulty.


  • Full HD 1080p recording: You can record videos in crisp 1080 Full HD format.  This makes sure that every detail of the footage is recorded in case of an accident or theft, the footage will prove to be useful.
  • 118 degrees viewing angle: It has 118 degrees viewing angle, which might not be the best, but it is more than sufficient for capturing almost everything in front of the camera.
  • Compact: The compact design of the Cobra CDR 840 makes it an easy to carry dashcam, which will not take a lot of space in your car.  Compared to the competition the Cobra CDR 840 is much smaller.
  • Awesome and modern looking: The Cobra CDR 840 comes in a mystic grey color, which enhances its looks.  Moreover, with the sleek design, no other dashcam looks better than this one in this price range.
  • G-sensor: You get a powerful G-sensor in the Cobra CDR 840, which is essential for verifying the situations of an accident.  G-sensor will start recording as soon as it senses a sudden brake of the vehicle. (accident).
  • Motion sensor: With Cobra CDR 840’s motion sensor, you can park your car without any worries, as it will start recording as soon as it detects any motion.
  • Mini-HDMI output: Yes, you do get a mini-HDMI port in the CDR 840.  With the mini-HDMI output, you can watch your Full HD footage on your TV.
  • Easy to install: Installation is not much of a problem with Cobra CDR 840.  All you need to do is insert the provided SD card, and that is it.  Now your Cobra CDR 840 is ready to use.
  • Location tracking: You get GPS in this dashcam, which means that it will track your location in real time.  It is helpful at the time of an accident or theft.
  • Easy-to-learn user interface: The Cobra CDR 840 has a very easy learning curve, so it will not be a difficult thing to get used to using it.  With mini-HDMI connectivity, you can watch the footage without any rendering as well.

Pros And Cons


  • Small in size: Unlike most of the other dash cameras, the Cobra CDR 840 is very small and blends in perfectly with the surroundings.
  • GPS: With live location tracking, your car will always be secure.  The recording will have the footprints of the location which is a magnificent feature.
  • Smart motion sensor: The smart motion sensor in the CDR 840 helps it detect motion in or outside of the car with ease. It is an excellent feature for those who park their car often.
  • High-quality recording: This dash cam can record videos up to Full HD 1080P that is more than adequate for a dash cam of this size.


  • Comes with only an 8GB micro SD card: Even though you can get a better SD card online, the company should have provided a 16 GB SD card with the CDR 840.
  • Not very rugged: The small and light CDR 840 is not the most rugged dashcam we have seen, and we think the build quality could have been improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you need to delete old videos to make room for new ones?

No, as the continuous loop recording will overwrite the older footage, however, you can save the old footage if you want to.

Does it track the location?

Yes, the Cobra CDR 840 is capable of live location tracking with its advanced GPS system.  The position can be checked in the footage easily.

Cobra- A little about the manufacturer:

The Cobra Electronics Corporation is one of the most popular navigation and mobile communication product manufacturer in the world.  It mainly operates in the United States, Europe, and Canada.  However, their products are present worldwide, and Cobra has satisfied customers on every continent.

The Cobra Electronics Corporation is famous for its innovative products, which are made for enthusiastic drivers, professional drivers, recreational boaters, etc.  They also make radar detectors and professional navigation systems.

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