Danby Microwave Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Danby Microwave

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The 50's Style Microwave

Inspired by 1950's minimalism, Danby’s Nouveau Wave microwave oven is designed to enhance your kitchen and your cooking experience. This countertop microwave offers a generous 1.1 cubic feet of interior cooking space with a maximum power output of 1000 watts.

Customer Service
  • 1.2 cubic foot
  • 1200 watts
  • Energy saver
  • 10 power levels
  • Noise
  • US and Canada Only
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Quite a few households do not contain a kitchen large or spacious enough to hold all the different kinds of appliances that make your cooking experience better.  This is where the Danby 1.2 cubic foot Nouveau Wave Microwave Oven surpasses its competition.

With a stylish look and minimalistic size, this microwave oven provides you with all the essential functions and leaves out the rest.  No need to worry if you have never used an appliance like this, it is incredibly easy for anybody to use.

It is not our intent to pressure you into purchasing this product, but we have taken the liberty of putting together some information you may want to take into consideration.

Doing the research on this Danby Microwave Oven and reading the customer reviews, gave us nothing less than positive feedback.  The company that manufactures these appliances puts a great deal of effort into their products for customer satisfaction.

The smooth, modern look of the product gives every kitchen an accomplished appearance. And finding the right place for this microwave oven is easy because it is a modest size.  But what it does not deliver in size, it provides with a spacious interior.

If you are one of those skeptics that have never used an appliance like this, we strongly recommend giving this model a try.  The price is more than affordable, considering what the product offers, and the package comes with an instruction manual to provide guidance through the first steps.

Even for the households that do not have a habit of making ‘’quick meals’’ with the help of microwave ovens, this product would be perfect for you.  It provides the essential functions which can be extremely helpful when preparing a meal for your family.

Overall, this product is beneficial for any housewife, especially those that struggle with their daily schedule, by helping her with defrosting and preheating.  We also recommend it to those busy students, who find it challenging to set aside the time to cook and eat a proper meal.  It’s small, it’s easy to use, and it’s far from expensive.

We compiled some of the pros and cons of the Danby 1.2 cubic foot Nouveau Wave Microwave Oven, which we invite you to examine:

Bottom Line

Looking at all these facts and statements makes the matter very clear; owning the Danby microwave oven is a plus for any household.  Instead of waiting for your chicken to defrost, when you use this microwave’s “quick defrost” feature will save quite a bit of time in the kitchen.

Don’t limit this machine to be your assistant when making a meal for the family.  Why not heat up a cup of tea instead of waiting for the water to boil?  Not to mention it has a wonderful popcorn feature.

This product is made for use by anyone.  With the LCD, it is easy to understand and follow the instruction manual.  It’s not hard to install either.  The purchase also includes a 12-month warranty, that covers separate parts and labor of the product.

The downside may be the insufficient shipping range.  But there are not many other negative things worth mentioning.


  • Push-door button; a feature that makes opening the product quick and easy with one simple push.
  • 1200 Watts of cooking power. In case you are in a hurry to heat water for a cup of tea, the 1200W microwave oven accomplishes that job quicker than similar products.
  • Two cubic foot capacity It is a spacious oven that makes your everyday cooking experience easier with its extra volume interior.  This can help you save time by defrosting your lunch by utilizing a single input instead of dividing it into two or more.
  • Ten power levels By setting the power level, you can control how hot you want your beverage or your favorite meal to be.
  • One touch cooking for popcorn With one simple touch, the popcorn button toggles the time and pops your corn kernels, preparing a big bowl of popcorn for consumption.
  •  Three specialty programs Program your needs with three available programs:
    • Auto Defrost
    • Quick Defrost
    • Auto Reheat
  • Easy to read LCD The display not only includes a clock showing the correct time, but you can double-check the timer which you can manually adjust, before pushing the ‘’start’’ button.
  • Dark grey XpressClean interior The color of the interior is a shade of grey which hides any staining that may occur.  But the most attractive aspect of the color is that it is effortless and quick to clean.
  • Energy saving option By pressing the Eco button, you can save energy.  The consumption of energy drops to less than 1W when the microwave is not in use.
  • 12-month warranty  The warranty covers the product’s parts and labor for one whole year.

Pros And Cons


  • Two cubic foot capacity.
  • 1200W microwave power.
  • Energy saving option.
  • Ten adjustable power levels.


  • Some customers said the product is a little noisy.
  • The shipping of the product is available in the US and Canada, but it is extremely limited worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

The microwave door in the picture looks black, how do I see what is going on inside?
The door only looks like it cannot be seen through, when in fact it is transparent, and you can see the food or beverage inside.

Does the unit have an interior light?
Yes. When you open the microwave’s door, the light automatically turns on.

About Danby

Danby Products Ltd., is a Canadian company established in Montreal, Quebec in 1947.  They began by selling hot plates, and slow cookers then expanded their products to include microwave ovens.

The company has a few additional locations in the US and one in China.  Currently, Danby remains a family business, and they offer a palette of unique appliances that are appreciated by people continent-wide.  You can visit their official site at https://www.danby.com/.

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