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The Dewalt String Trimmer

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Weed Eater Work Made Easier

Inside this weed trimmer is a multitude of features like patented gear design, adjustable features, and power settings, and the bump feed system lay waiting to make your line trimming a breeze.

Customer Service
  • Long Battery Life
  • Interchangeable Battery
  • Alternative Power Settings
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Battery Sold Separately If First Dewalt Purchase
  • Small Safety Guard
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Customers are gushing with praise because of the easy use and high-quality finish of the DeWalt DCST920B. It is the latest in their notable top-of-line products and the answer to our cries at sub-standard machinery.

Inside this weed eater, a multitude of features like patented gear design, adjustable features, and power settings, and the bump feed system lay waiting to make your line trimming a breeze. There’s no challenge too great.

We are impressed with this product and have compiled this review by filtering through numerous professional articles and customer reviews. From this information, we have gathered a comprehensive collection of features, pros and cons and other information to properly introduce you to this product in our Dewalt String Trimmer review.

Sifting through hundreds of positive reviews on this product, finding a negative comment was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We endeavored to have some balance. When something is seemingly too good to be true, that’s usually the case.

But not with the DeWalt DCST920B, its robust build, adjustable handle, and full features relate to a smooth, quiet experience, one where vibrations are reduced to a pleasant hum. The simple, variable power settings provide a more controlled exercise, which can add to faster, simple work, and saved battery-life and damage.

Speaking of the battery, the fact it’s interchangeable with other DeWalt tools can be a lifesaver. You won’t have to worry about grabbing your trimmer after forgetting to charge your battery – grab one from your other tools, and get to work without waiting.

Yes, to some it may be pricey, but you don’t expect to buy a luxury car for the price of push-bike. DeWalt is an established company, their reputation built in the upper echelon of hardware by providing power and durability.

All around, it works for you. For your added convenience, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the pros and cons of the trimmer.

Bottom Line

DeWalt has produced a high-quality, highly-durable product, with a price to match.

There are so many impressive features with this machine. We think most impressive is the refined bump feeding system that can limit itself. It makes the job so much faster and more efficient, trimming takes half the time!

We find this to be an exceptional product. The price reflects its expert design, and the lack of edging capabilities is because it focuses on what it was made to do: trimming.

The interchangeable batteries are characteristic of DeWalt tools and are a plus for DeWalt fans. We think this trimmer is another DeWalt hit because it is DeWalt quality and reliability. We are confident in our recommendation of the DeWalt DCST920B.


  • Exchangeable, Lightweight Battery
  • DeWalt’s 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium-ion XR Battery is fully charged in 45-60 minutes. With such power, it’s remarkably light, weighing equivalent to a 4.0Ah battery, and even lighter than the 3.0Ah. To top it off, the 20V MAX XR batteries are compatible with other DeWalt tools.
  • Alternative Power Settings
  • Different jobs require different treatment. When trimming wisps blades on the lawn, the Low Setting running at 4600rpms is perfect. If tackling difficult, dense overgrowth and towering weeds, opt for the High Setting at 6000rpms.
  • Variable Speed Control Trigger
  • Of course, some tasks need more exact treatment. If these power settings are too much, then use the Trigger on the handle, which can be caressed or slammed down to achieve the desired revolutions for the trimming job at hand.
  • Patented gear drive design
  • DeWalt’s tools aren’t famous for just their quality design. They’re tough. Their intricate gear design promotes more torque.  This feature keeps the trimmer cutting and increasing its speed to tackle denser growth.
  • Battery Life
  • The battery life will depend on your power setting and workload. On Low, ran continuously, it lasts 40 minutes, but on High power, its time is reduced to only 20 minutes.
  • Durability and Balance
  • Trimming can sometimes be work enough, without also having to deal with flimsy, overbearing machinery. Thankfully, DeWalt has constructed a lightweight trimmer at only 8.5lbs (3.9 kgs), well-balanced enough to prevent being pulled forward by the motor.
  • Adjustability and Comfort
  • For convenience according to your height, this trimmer features an adjustable handle.  Tall or small this works for all. The handle is thick padded, for comfort after more extended use.
  • Brushless Motor
  • In keeping with the sustainability of their products, the brushless motor will not only provide a longer run-time due to higher efficiency, but it will also have an increased life-span – a staggering three times longer than its brush-clad counterparts!
  • Bump Feed System
  • Manually replacing the line of a trimmer can be tiresome, but automatic systems can restrict the gardener in how much they have work with. The solution falls to the Bump Feed System – a ‘bump-button’ at the trimmer’s base that requires only the softest of taps on the grass, and more line is fed through. Worried about feeding too much and damaging the guard? A metal edge will cut off the excess for you.
  • Dual 0.80” Line
  • Durable, plastic line will naturally wear away with use, but this machine can hold 10 feet! That’s a whole lot of trimming before it needs replacing.

Pros And Cons


  • Reliable and long-lasting battery life
  • Battery interchangeable with tools on similar line
  • Alternative power settings to meet the required workload
  • 3-year limited warranty and 1-year service warranty


  • Battery not included.  DeWalt batteries are interchangeable. If you own DeWalt power products, you already have a battery.  If this is your first DeWalt product, you will have to purchase the battery separately.
  • The guard is quite small. Whereas those more experienced may enjoy the extra visibility and access the guard provides, others may think this compromises safety when in operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the machine seize or malfunction?

On the Low power setting, when tackling harder workloads, the trimmer may become overwhelmed, but it recovers quickly.

Does it have edging capabilities?

No, this tool is a trimming device.  For edging, you are better equipped using an edging tool.

DeWalt Company Profile

In 1922, a superintendent of Seabrook Farms named Raymond E. DeWalt developed the first woodworking machine that was both revolutionarily and highly adaptable. By 1924, he had formed the DeWalt Products Company in Leola, Pennsylvania, soon to become the DeWalt Inc. the world knows today.

Though it has been nearly 100 years since that first creation, today’s DeWalt products honor those of its ancestors. For more details on the products they have to offer, you can visit the company website at

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