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The Dyson V6 Animal

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Powerful Hassle-Free Cordless Vacuum

The creators of the Dyson v6 Animal cordless vacuum are set to transform the vacuum cleaner industry.

Customer Service
  • Agile Lightweight Frame
  • Stronger Brushroll
  • Doubles As Hand Vac
  • Direct Cleaner Feature
  • Powerful Motor Drains Battery
  • It Is So Light It Feels Cheap
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In recent years, vacuum cleaning manufacturers have worked hard to modify their products in a bid to make their customers’ lives much more straightforward.  The creators of the Dyson v6 Animal cordless vacuum are no different and with this latest cleaner, they are set to transform the cordless vacuum cleaner industry.

With very few negative reviews, it is evident that many users are enormous fans of this product. With a battery capable of lasting up to 20 minutes after each charge, users can vacuum their house free from the hassle of an irritating cord.

While we love this product, we understand that many customers require an in-depth Dyson v6 Animal study before they leap to purchase one.  Additionally, we will also look at the pros and cons of owning a Dyson vacuum and answer a few questions you might have about the product.

We believe this Dyson vacuum is worth every penny because we think it lives up to expectations.  We appreciate the handy manual that is provided to help users set up and better understand the product.

With a detachable wand, you can quickly turn it into a hand vacuum to reach troublesome areas and for vacuuming walls and higher-level places.  The light frame of the vacuum also makes it perfect for moving around the house; something older models cannot accomplish because of their awkward size.

The brush roll is up to 150% stronger than other brushes and can clean tough debris and dirt while the direct cleaner feature helps to suck the dirt from deep inside surfaces. This is a bonus for cleaning mattresses that tend to gather bed bugs and other dirt deep within their frames.

A combination of power and agility, this vacuum gets the job done with minimum effort on your part, and it ensures that every corner and edge in your house is thoroughly cleaned.  The manufacturers designed it with its center of gravity closer to its grip making it simpler for you to move in different directions, cleaning from floor to ceiling.

We love this vacuum and highly recommend it to our readers.  However, we know some readers might still be skeptical, so we have compiled some pros and cons about the product to help you weigh your options.  We have also added some FAQs to answer just a few questions you might have about the vacuum.

Bottom Line

In general, we are very impressed with this product, and we believe that buying one for yourself would be a good investment.  It is easy to set up the V6 Animal but for users who need some extra help, included is a handy manual to give them an extra boost.

Although it might feel a bit flimsy for some, we love the compact and agile frame that is perfect for moving the vacuum around the house.  Designed with a powerful motor, it deep cleans dirt from all types of surfaces.


  • High powered brush roll. Up to 150% more efficacious than other brushes, the Dyson v6 Animal’s brush roll is powerful enough to clean all kinds of debris and dirt including human and pet hair.
  • Compact vacuuming. This vacuum is lightweight and can be moved around your house with ease.  Not only is this perfect for reaching underneath furniture but it makes it much easier to store the vacuum when you are done.
  • Agile cleaning. The vacuum is flexible enough to reach tight corners and edges and comes with an adjustable handle, making it easy for you to maneuver the vacuum around your home.
  • Zero hassle while vacuuming. With the Dyson v6 Animal vacuum, you never have to worry about dragging around a cord or plugging it into the wall.  Since time is money, this manufacturer designed their product to clean quickly and effortlessly without elaborate set-up.
  • No fade suction. Equipped with a battery that can operate up to 20 minutes when fully charged, the vacuum allows you to clean your entire house without fear of fading suction.  To top it off, the battery only uses power when you are cleaning so; it won’t fade when you are not using the vacuum.
  • Deeper cleaning. The direct cleaner feature powers bristle deep inside surfaces such as carpets to suck out extra dirt that you can’t see on the surface.  This is perfect for cleaning mattresses and other areas that are prone to insects like bed bugs and dust mites.
  • Detachable Wand. To reach places above the ground as well as any other complex areas such as the inside of your sofa, the Dyson v6 Animal includes a wand that detaches easily to create a hand vacuum.  Now you can save money on that other vacuum.
  • A handy tool for better cleaning. Equipped with a powerful motor that powers the bristles, this vacuum’s suction is perfect for cleaning everything from pet hair to dirt caught in tight areas, car seats and furniture.
  • Simplified cleaning all over your home. From the ceiling to the floor, the Dyson V6 Animal was designed with its center of gravity closer to its grip making it easier to move the vacuum up, down and all over in many different positions.
  • Handy manual. For the most part, this vacuum is easy to understand but for users not entirely sure, it comes with a helpful manual containing complete instructions for setting up as well as detailed descriptions of all the vacuum’s features and accessories.


  • Comes with a handy manual to help users get started and better understand the product.
  • The agile and lightweight frame helps you maneuver around the house with ease.
  • Has a brush roll that is 150% stronger than other brushes and is well able to pick up embedded debris and dirt.
  • Doubles as a hand vacuum thanks to the detachable wand.


  • Battery drains to fast because you are vacuuming at higher power.
  • The light frame can feel a bit cheap especially if not used with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy extra tools to use with the vacuum?
No, it comes with a wide range of extra tools that include a keyboard brush and an apparatus for cleaning crevices. 

Does it have a cord should you need to vacuum for longer?
No, this particular model is cordless.

About Dyson

Created by James Dyson in 1987, Dyson Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of household devices like vacuum cleaners and heaters in the United Kingdom.  With over 7000 workers in different stores across the globe, the brand has expanded and made its mark in Asia and other regions all over the world.

Dyson was created when James Dyson grew tired of his current vacuums and how inefficient they were.  For more information on the company and all the products they offer, visit their website at https://www.dyson.com/.

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