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Great Bass Guitar For All Bassists

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, when you wish to acquire a top-notch guitar like professional musicians, you can’t go wrong with Epiphone Toby Standard-IV Electric Bass Guitar.

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Epiphone Toby review imageAn electric bass guitar fires inspiration!

However, with so many options, how do you choose your first bass?

In this review, we will discuss the ‘Epiphone Toby Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar’ and show you what amenities it offers which will help you determine if this is the guitar for you.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, when you wish to acquire a top-notch guitar like professional musicians, you can’t go wrong with Epiphone Toby Standard-IV Electric Bass Guitar.

It provides freedom and so many features for trying new things.

Before we reveal its critical features in this Epiphone Toby review, it’s important to understand one thing. We decided to review this guitar after considering three essential elements.

1 – The “Wow” Factor

Does it have a ‘wow’ factor?

Yes, it has! We understand professionals, and particularly beginners, want something that can make a difference and increase their level of play.

Epiphone Toby Standard-IV Electric Bass Guitar is the instrument iconic players play. It won’t just make a difference but will inspire you to excel at the level of the player you most admire.

Tonally, it is beautiful and warm, while sporting a mysterious black touch. The Epiphone manufacturers worked to hone its precise design making it look super attractive. The curves, the shiny strings, and elegant body astound people and compel them to ask you about it.

One of the greatest things we loved about it is its sound complemented by body style. At first glance, you realize what kind of music it can produce. Finding another model with this attribute is difficult. They may look outstanding, but too often their sound is off, and they have some fade-in and fade-out issues.

This specific model complements a modern playing style. This guitar is specially developed for those who are hungry for modern, innovative tones. Its strings deliver incredibly versatile tones to suit your specific musical style.

Therefore, if you love playing more classical music, this model may not be for you.

From Terry Lee Bolton to Joe Bonamassa, Rick Borgia to Naty Botero, all have used Epiphone guitars to wow their fans.

This confirms its credibility & popularity!

2 – Style of Music

Image of the Epiphone Toby Electric Bass GuitarSome guitars are favored by musicians of specific genres.

However, this isn’t the case with Epiphone Toby Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar.

It plays rock, jazz, blues, metal, and punk quite efficiently. If you are into these kinds of music, this is the best value for the money.

Perhaps, it is one of the primary choices for young players, as they have 21st century, innovative taste in their music. We often see them playing rock n’ roll and heavy rock on it.

Interestingly, even professional heavy rock players opt for it, and it’s not only because of its high-definition tones. According to them, it is light and slim, which is ideal for playing heavy rock music. Furthermore, because of its versatility in tones, you can play Beatles tunes expertly. It produces semi-acoustic sounds remarkably.

To check the versatility of tones it provides, we have tested some songs on it. For example, ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ by Bob Dylan and ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles.

It performed quite well.

The tones were bright and painted the picture of the song.

Don’t limit it to memorable tracks only. If a song comes on the radio and grabs your attention, you can practice it on this guitar. The vibration energy of Epiphone Toby Standard-IV strings creates a significant influence on the tone and gives the player a sensational experience.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you are planning to buy it as a gift for a teenager or child, you can’t get anything better than this one. Since, first, it has a comfortable size that makes it easy to handle, as some children or teenagers can’t handle a full-size guitar. It becomes tough for them to play the strings with smaller hands.

Second, teenagers are more into rock music! Moreover, this guitar is especially suited for rock and heavy metal.

3 – Price Range Of The Epiphone Toby

How much does it cost to buy an electric guitar?

This question often baffles beginners. They don’t want to choose cheap nor do they want super-expensive. They require something that can assist them in quick learning and have all the most excellent features.

Expensive electric guitars can cost up to several thousand dollars.

Having a different focus, professional musicians opt for expensive electric guitars. Each tone and specification is a factor to them. They want to wow people on a grand scale by turning their passion into beautiful musical art. As a result, spending thousands of dollars on a single instrument is not an issue for them.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a professional sounding guitar with all the red-hot features for an economical price. Many outstanding electric guitars aren’t out of your price range. If you only have $500 to spend, the Epiphone Toby Standard-IV is an excellent purchase. It costs less than $250. However, be prepared, it sells out quick which may lengthen your delivery time.

From its body to neck, pickups to hardware and electronics, it is packed with exceptional features.

You can’t get a better deal anywhere else on the planet.


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Epiphone "Toby" Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar, Walnut Satin

Epiphone reintroduces the classsic Tobias bass guitar, with the new Toby Deluxe IV now with active electronics.
Last update was on: May 16, 2021 7:17 pm

The Epiphone Company has brought real innovation in Toby Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar.  Whether you’re in a garage or on stage; these key features produce rich sound and offer great playability.

  • Body & Neck… The body is inspired by the work of Michael Tobias. It features a solid ergonomic shape with an adjustable bridge.  It supplies excellent support to your arm reducing fatigue even after playing for hours.  Also, you won’t find any need to use a footstool.  Its body design keeps it at an appropriate height.  This guitar also has a comfortable asymmetrical neck design.  It is 34-inches in length and provides maximum hand comfort too.  Users state that its body feels less bulky compared to other electric guitars.  Furthermore, the neck assists in providing enhanced clarity to the sound and produces deep, rich tones.
  • Hardware… The hardware of a guitar matters! Moreover, the Epiphone manufacturers understand this.  That’s why they worked on it with efficacy.  The premium feature of its equipment is die-cast 17:1 ratio machine heads.  For beginners, this may not be important, but professional musicians who require tuning stability need this kind of ratio machine heads.  Additionally, there is an adjustable bridge.  This makes a huge difference in this guitar’s performance.  You can adjust it to accommodate your sound requirement.  For example, if you require buzzing sound in tune, it can facilitate you by reducing the distance of the strings… You can adjust intonation settings comfortably.
  • Single Coil Pickup… To understand the single-coil pickup feature, first, you need to know about pickups. Pickups capture the mechanical vibrations of the guitar strings and turn them into an electrical single.  There are generally two types of pickups – single coil pickup and dual coil pickup.  The single coil pickup is better in producing thinner and brighter sounds.  Musicians who need greater note definition between the strings opt for single coil pickup.  It has only one coil of wire wrapped around a magnet. On the other hand, dual coil pickup is entirely different.  It senses strings in two locations.  It doesn’t pick up hum and noise and provides darker, heavier, and louder sound as well.  This guitar sports the single coil pickup

These key features show how this guitar can bring so much class and performance.

In the best electric bass guitar list, Epiphone Toby Standard-IV deserves a mention.  Once you hold it, it is tough to put it down.

Before you buy this instrument, it is imperative to know that it requires a 9-volt battery to use the active function.  That doesn’t mean that it can’t operate without the battery.  A fresh battery produces a warm tone and improves the quality of it.

Bottom Line

All in all, Epiphone Toby Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar, Ebony, is an excellent choice, especially if you are on a budget.

Of all the names in the electric guitar market, Epiphone Toby Standard-IV remains the most prominent.  Other major guitar companies like Ibanez and Dean also offer great electric guitars. However, they are a tad more expensive than this model.

Remember that this item isn’t eligible for international shipping.  If you reside outside the U.S., you are a tad unfortunate.  This is perhaps the only con in this product.

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