4 Awesome Examples Of Kids Playing With Electric Scooters

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After reading my list of electric scooters for kids, many people have asked for examples of kids playing with electric scooters. So I went out and searched YouTube for some videos that were not advertisements per se, but real life examples of kids playing with electric scooters.

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I hope you enjoy this short but fun list of videos.

Videos Showing Examples Of Kids Playing With Electric Scooters

Example Of A Pre-Teen Child Playing With An Electric Scooter

The first video shows a young boy testing out a new Razor electric scooter and rides with his siblings around the neighborhood.

Video Of An Adolescent Child Goofing Around On Their Electric Scooter

Next, we have a video of a 13-year-old boy goofing around and making a video of riding an electric scooter. What kids will do right?

Young Kids Playing With An Electric Powered Tricycle

This video shows an adaptation of the electric scooter model by making one that looks like the old style Big Wheel tricycles. This video is so cool that I am envious of kids today and what types of electric scooters they can play with. Take a look!

Teenagers Playing With An Electric Scooter

Finally, we have a couple of goofball teenagers trying to be daredevils with their electric scooter. It looks like they are having much fun goofing off.

Well, there you have it. 4 examples of kids playing with electric scooters. Watching these videos makes me want to be a kid again. What about you?

Do you know of any more example videos of kids with scooters? If you do, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Who knows, this might become a resource for people looking for funny videos of kids playing, or a place where parents share their videos. I am open to ideas.

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