Falcon Zero F360 Review And Best Price Comparison

The Falcon Zero F360

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8.5 Total Score
Record Everything With This Dash Cam

The Falcon Zero F360's unlimited angle recording is a unique feature unavailable in any other dash cam.

Ease Of Use
  • Record All Angles
  • Audio Recording
  • Use Recordings For Evidence
  • No Cords
  • Night Vision Lacking
  • Struggles In Cold Weather
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While driving, you might come across instances where you need to provide proof of your innocence.  Maybe an accident occurs, or some people begin to race and police question you, it is essential to have some evidence.

Falcon Zero F360 is a helpful product in this regard.  It is one of a kind.  You cannot get a similar product on the market.  Its unlimited angle recording is a unique feature unavailable in any other dash cam.

This Falcon Zero F360 assessment will help you to discover the qualities of this product.  You will also learn about any disadvantages of this product so that you are not surprised by any issues later.  This way, you will have sufficient knowledge of this device and be able to make an informed decision.

Falcon Zero F360 is one of the best dash cams in the current market.  As you get to record almost every angle, you do not have to worry about visibility or any similar issue.

The other significant quality of this device, which we liked the most, was the cord management system.  Like all other dash cams, it uses cords, but they are not hanging around in your car. Instead, the wires are placed around your dash to avoid hindrances.

You will also like its audio recording feature.  You can turn off the audio recording at will through the dedicated button present on the dash cam.  However, with this feature, you get added proof when necessary.

The recording quality is HD so you can record the minutest details.  You will not miss anything with this cam.

The only thing we did not like about this product was the quality of its night vision videos.  They are poor in comparison to its daytime recordings.  Still, it is an excellent product for its price.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a versatile, performance-oriented dash cam, then this is the best fit for you.

Its high definition recording along with audio and easy installation makes it an outstanding device in the current industry.  You can watch its recordings on its 3.5 LCD screen, and it comes with a 32 GB SD card.


Following are some of the notable qualities of this product:

  • Unlimited angles:  The unique combination of two different cameras assists in capturing almost every aspect possible.  Each of the two cameras has a 180-degree rotation.  Therefore, you get unlimited viewing angles with its camera.
  • Simple installation:  Unlike other dash cams, you will not have to undergo a typical installation method.  It just clamps onto the rear-view mirror with ease.  Other cameras either are affixed to the dash or stick to the windshield.
  • Eases space management:  As it does not take any space on the windshield as well as the dashboard of your car, you do not have to worry about space management.  It’s a small difference, but even this little difference is significant.
  • Audio recording:  It records audio and video recordings.  Therefore, you capture the sights and sounds of the incidences.  We have seen some dash cams that do not offer this small but necessary feature.
  • A permanent witness:  The camera starts as soon as you start your car.  It records video and audio regularly so you always have a permanent witness for yourself.  This will verify what you say about any incident you may have.
  • High-Def recording:  Falcon Zero F360 records in 1080p so you get high definition footage of every incident.  High definition recording also ensures that you view every detail without hassle or difficulty.
  • Invisible cords:  Falcon has implemented a smart cord management system into this product.  The wires will run through your dashboard without hindering you or any other process.  Thus, we call it the ‘invisible cord’ dash cam.
  • Dual camera:  Most dash cams are equipped with a single recording camera.  However, F360 comes with two of them.  It will record both, the interior as well as the front view of the car.  This is a significant advantage for many drivers.
  • No hesitation at night:  Night vision feature is also available in this dash cam so that you can record high-quality videos at nighttime.  The video quality of night vision is not the best in class but still, sufficient.
  • Multiple vehicle compatibilities:  Another remarkable feature of this device is its multi-vehicle compatibility.  It lets you use the dash cam for more than one car or vehicle, and its easy installation makes the process convenient.

Pros And Cons


  • Record all angles:  The most significant benefit of this product is that it records all 360°.  You can place one camera to record the front and the second one to record either the interior or the backside of the car.
  • On/off audio:  This dash cam records audio, and when you want, you can turn that option off.  This helps in maintaining the privacy of the driver.
  • Good for proof:  You can use the recordings to show as a witness if you need to.  This is an excellent advantage for regular drivers as they may encounter issues of some kind anytime, and they may require proof of the incident.
  • No cord issue:  The smart cord management system of Falcon Zero seems like a luxury in space management.   You do not have to see hanging cords.


  • Issues at cold temperature:  It might not operate effectively in freezing temperatures.
  • Night vision quality:  The video quality of the nighttime recording is not as good as the daytime recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to charge it?

No, it will plug into the power of your car.

Will I get an SD card with this product?

Yes, you also get a 32 GB Class 10 UHS1 SD card with this device.

Falcon Zero Profile

Even though they are a relatively new entrant in the market, they have established themselves as one of the leaders.  They are popular because of their numerous innovations in the field of dash cam technology.

Founded in 2012, they have been working hard to provide their customers with the best products possible.  They also supply, government bodies, local councils, fleet companies and more organizations and institution that require the use of their technology. You can learn more about Falcon Zero by visiting their website at https://www.falconzero.com/

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