Picture of an angler who has caught a rainbow trout in an article on how much does a fish finder help.

How Much Does A Fish Finder Help You Catch Fish?

Many people ask me after reading my fish finder buyers guide how much does a fish finder help. The short answer to that is that unless you really like to get skunked, they help immensely.

Think about it. You are out on a large body of water like Lake Tahoe or Lake Mead. You look across miles and miles of open water. How do you know where the fish are? Where are the deep sections of the lake? Where are the shallows and points?

You cannot tell any of this with your naked eye. You need help.

Picture of Lake Tahoe

If you guess where some fish may be, how do you know where the sunken logs and debris are? How do you know if there is any fish near those objects? It is not possible.

That is why a fish finder is an invaluable asset to any anglers arsenal.

My First Experience Using A Fish Finder For Help Fishing

I first fell in love with fish finders when I broke down and actually paid the money for a charter fishing trip on Lake Tahoe. ​We went out there, they turned on the fish finder and told us exactly where the fish were and how deep. They were hovering about 200 feet down.

Now tell me how I would have known that with my naked eye and my trusty fishing rod? It just doesn't happen.

How Much Does A Fish Finder Help In Shallow Water?

graphic of a fish finder sonar systemNow some people say that fish finders are only effective in deep water. This is not true. With side angle fish finders and wider angle transducer cones, you can detect fish in water as shallow as ten feet.

Many people find their fish finders quite effective in fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, Kokanee, Lake and other varieties of Trout, Walleye, Bass, and even Carp although I cannot for the life of me figure out why someone would want to fish for Carp.

So if you want to catch bigger fish. If you want to catch more fish. You really should invest in a quality fish finder.​

If you are ready to start catching fish then I recommend that you start with our list of terrific fish finders on the market. Or you can continue reading our informative articles and complete reviews of today's fish finders.