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Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Review And Best Price Comparison

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The 6i6

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Amazing Audio Is Yours

With little effort you will be able to masterfully produce great mixes and creating sounds through this device as it has four-line inputs along with eight ADAT inputs.

Ease Of Use
  • Portable
  • Great For Live Recording
  • Multiple Headphone Jacks
  • Easy To Use
  • Intermittent Line Spikes
  • Uses Small Cables
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Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 review imageIn this Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 assessment, you will get to know all the benefits and drawbacks of owning one of these products.  We want to give you a complete understanding of this product helping you to avoid any confusion searching for these products can generate.  Plus, we want to help you understand the functionality of this 6i6 audio interface.

Apart from that, we do not want you to remain in the dark regarding any aspect of this device as well.  Therefore, we have provided you an in-depth list of all the features of this product. They will enable you to understand every tiny bit about this device.

You will also be able to determine, through this review, whether 6i6 2nd Gen is worth your money or not.

6i6 is an excellent product regarding audio recording and professional use.

With little effort, you will be able to masterfully produce mixing and creating sounds through this device as it has four-line inputs along with eight ADAT inputs.  Moreover, don’t forget, the two headphone outputs.

We like the software that comes with this product.  They are easy to use, yet effective in performance.

Another great thing about this product is its design.  It is one of the most beautiful audio interfaces in the current market, and you will recognize this aspect.

The only issue seems to be with the USB cables that are included with it.  Their size is tiny for normal usage, which could cause some inconvenience.

Bottom Line

Now comes the conclusion of this article.  It is our opinion that the 6i6 is worth every penny because of its pristine sound quality and high-end software.  Plugging options are worth noting as well.

You also get some exclusive features such as multiple headphones as well as minimum latency.  We adore all of those qualities, and that is why we highly recommend this product to professional audio recorders.


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Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

Last update was on: June 24, 2021 6:19 pm
  • Fantastic sample rates: Sample rates for this product are exceptionally high in comparison to the ones present on the market.  You can obtain 192kHz/24 bit sample rates through this audio interface.
  • Pro Tools: The device also comes with excellent software.  You will receive 2GB of Loopmasters samples, Ableton Live Lite, Softube Time, Focusrite Creative Pack and much more with this audio interface.
  • iOS Control app: The thing that sets 6i6 apart from other Focusrite models is the iOS Control app.  It lets you operate on your iPad, iPhone as well as your iPod touch.  Cuing mixes become effortless with this feature.
  • Low noise and distortion: Noise will not disturb your recording sessions as this product excels in noise and distortion removal.  Many recording professionals face problems with the sound and distortions, and it solves them effectively.
  • Experience: Focusrite is one of the most experienced audio product makers in the industry.  They have more than 30-years of experience in this field, therefore; easing all concerns you may have about their knowledge.
  • Two headphone outputs: Another great feature of this product is the availability of two headphone outputs.  This enables two different individuals to plug in and listen to the audio through headphones.
  • Four balanced outputs: Apart from the headphone outputs, this device also has four balanced outputs.  They will let you overcome any other issues related to the audio listening and hearing.
  • Minimal latency: Latency is one of the most significant issues of audio recording, and that is why people look for those interfaces, which have low latency.  In this case, Focusrite succeeds because this product has minimal lag.
  • Solidity: The rigid and sturdy build of this device is another significant advantage that one cannot overlook.  You will be able to use it for long periods of time without facing issues of durability.
  • Great to carry: Even though this product is sturdy and robust, it is very lightweight.  You can move it easily.

Pros And Cons


  • You enjoy easy traveling: Its small size and light weight are perfect for traveling with this product.  The transportation of this device is hassle-free.
  • Live recording: The super low latency of this device is a dream assist in live recording sessions. It is a significant advantage, which we miss in other audio interfaces.
  • Multiple headphones: With multiple headphone outputs, two people can listen to the audio at the same time.  It could be two artists, engineers or both.
  • Easier usage: The dials and buttons are easy to spot and conveniently placed, so you will not find it difficult to operate.


  • Audio line spike issue: Sometimes, while plugging in the cables, one may experience a line spike issue.  If you face this problem, you can contact their customer support department for assistance.
  • Small cables: The short cables are problematic in every aspect.  You will face difficulties connecting monitors to other big devices, which are not as lightweight to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it support Phantom Power?

Yes, the 6i6 also supports phantom power in selective inputs and outputs.

Does this product come with an XLR cable?

No, it does not come with any XLR cables.

Focusrite Company Profile

Focusrite is one of the leading names in the audio and music products market. You may have heard their name already, as they are a famous brand worldwide. They maintain an excellent reputation by providing high-quality products to their customers.

In addition to their reputation, they operate globally as well. They are in 160 different countries, spanning from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. This manufacturer has established itself as a reputable and experienced international producer or musical recording accessories and equipment.

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