Garmin Striker 5CV Review And Best Price Comparison

Our Garmin Striker 5CV Review

7.5 Total Score
A Great Mid Range Fish Finder

Finding fish is easier than ever with STRIKER 5cv fishfinder. Mark and return to your hot spots, boat ramps and docks. You also can share your favorite waypoints and routes with other STRIKER and echoMAP™ combos.

Ease Of Installation
Screen Size
  • 5" Display
  • Mark Hot Spots
  • Includes Transducer
  • GPS
  • Requires Installation
  • Screed Size Might Be Too Small
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One of the greatest joys in my life is to pass on my love of fishing to kids. No matter if they are my grandkids, or they are the neighbor kids, or kids from church, I love to show them how much fun it is to get out and go fishing.

Fish finders like the Garmin Striker 5CV makes this job easier. Most kids are not patient enough to wait for the fish to come to them. They need some action. So using a fish finder is a great way to keep them engaged and involved.

I believe that after you read this Garmin Striker 5CV review you will see how much of a help it will be in both catching fish and more importantly, catching the attention of those kids you may take out on the water as well.

Garmin Striker 5cv Review

Not to be outdone by Hummingbird, Garmin has put out a great entry level fish finder to compete. The Striker 5cv (clear view) is a strong competitor. With 800 pixels in a 5″ screen, you will be able to distinguish where the fish are.

Take a moment to watch this video on all the features of the Garmin Striker 5CV.

I cannot go into it enough how the 800 pixel 5″ screen helps you define what is fish and what is structure. Combine that with the 3 frequency (260kHz, 455kHz, and 800kHz) sonar and you have a powerful little fish finder in a small package. It is almost picture like quality of images.

The G20-TM transducer gives you great depth range and the trolling motor mount makes it a complete package for the entry level fish finder buyer. If you are on a tight budget then this fish finder is for you.​

Bottom Line On The Garmin Striker 5CV

The only drawback to the Striker 5cv is the lack of mapping. It has GPS but no way to record where you have been or what you saw previously. However if you are just looking for an entry level fish finder, the image quality of what you see below and to the side of you can’t be beat.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Garmin Striker 5CV review.

Features Of The Garmin Striker 5CV

  • 3 Frequency Sonar
  • ClearVu And SideVu Technology
  • GPS
  • 5″ Screen
  • Mid And High Range Chirp
  • Trolling Motor Mount

Helpful Tip #1

The GPS seems to be a little more sensitive than the Lowrance units. This is super important especially for a newbie sonar user. I think the toughest thing to do is *stay* on a certain structure or a school of fish.

Helpful Tip #2

The Garmin has one feature that is super useful. It has a compass tape on top. You can use the compass tape to navigate to, or stay on, a spot, while devoting 90% of your screen to the sonar function.

What Is The Best Price For The Garmin Striker 5CV Online?

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Garmin Striker 5CV Price History

Price History for Garmin STRIKER 5cv Fishfinder w/ ClearVu Sonar Transducer 010-01807-00 BRAND NEW


Current Price $240.99May 17, 2018
Highest Price$259.99April 19, 2018
Lowest Price$240.99May 17, 2018
Since April 19, 2018

Last price changes

$240.99May 17, 2018
$244.99May 10, 2018
$258.99April 26, 2018
$259.99April 19, 2018

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