Greenworks Snow Thrower Review And Best Price Comparison

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  • Price
  • Compact Size And Storage
  • Throws Snow 25 Feet
  • Work With Snow Up To 10 Inches Deep

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Greenworks Snow Thrower Review

8.5 Total Score
A Great Modern Choice For The Occasional Winter Snow Storm

It is one of the most powerful snow throwers in this price range on the current market because of its 13-amp motor. Additionally, its directional chute aids by throwing the snow up to 25 feet making for easy operation.

Ease Of Use
  • Price
  • Compact Size And Storage
  • Throws Snow 25 Feet
  • Work With Snow Up To 10 Inches Deep
  • Corded Not Cordless
  • Needs Properly Rated Extension Cord
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Greenworks Snow Thrower – The Modern Choice For The Advanced Homeowner

Greenworks snow thrower review – an in-depth review of Greenworks 20-inch 13 amp corded snow thrower 260052

Collected snow can effectively hamper the mobility of the entire house.  With their 20-inch 13- amp corded snow thrower, Greenworks caters to the need for household mobility.

It is one of the most powerful snow throwers on the current market because of its 13-amp motor.  Additionally, its directional chute aids by throwing the snow up to 25 feet making for easy operation.  You can easily store this device by folding the handle making it more compact for small storage spaces.

This Greenworks snow thrower review will clarify more on this topic.  We trust this review will give you a better idea of this product and help you make an informed decision.

Our Greenworks Snow Thrower Review

We found this snow thrower to be more powerful in comparison to other devices of the same range.  Its directional chute and discharge capacity stood out to us as the best qualities.  You will be capable of discharging snow up to 20 feet.

It works incredibly fast, is quiet and has little vibration.  Greenworks made it a quite silent snow thrower.  The 13-amp power motor helps it to complete the work load at a fast pace.

The device saves you an ample amount of time and effort by completing the task at a relatively fast pace.  It is a great alternative to a gas machine for those who are motivated to be environmentally conscience.

The extension cord might cause a bit of a problem for some users.  Please be sure to supply the appropriate cord.  This one thing will save you a lot of problems.

This snow blower has many features that outweigh this single drawback.  We loved its compact size and foldable handle.

Bottom Line On The Greenworks Snow Thrower

You can retrieve it and store it easily because of its small size and the foldable handle.  It is light in weight as well.

Greenworks snow blower discharges snow for up to 20 feet.  It takes on large volumes of snow without any difficulty.

The 180-degree directional chute makes the process much easier and it is user-friendly.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Greenworks Snow Thrower review.

Greenworks Snow Thrower Features:

Powerful motor:

The motor of this snow thrower is powerful capable of throwing the snow a distance of 25 feet.   Its 13-amp power enable you to clear snow faster and with more efficiency.  Additionally, the motor is powerful enough to handle a large capacity work load.

Great discharge capacity:

The discharge capacity of this snow thrower is more than 20 feet of snow.  It may seem that you have mountains of snow to remove.  Never you mind as this snow blower is well able to handle a workload of this size.  This discharge capacity also enables you to save loads of time and effort.

Compact size:

With user-friendly dimensions, this snow thrower operates freely. Rotating and changing direction of movement is a breeze because of the compact size of the device.   When you have completed your job, you can easily store this compact machine.

Foldable handle:

The handle of the device also makes storing this device much simpler.  Greenworks understands this product is used on a seasonal basis.  That is why they have included a foldable handle on the machine making storage during the off season a snap.

Easy operation:

Operating this device is simple, because of the compact size and easy to grip handle. Maneuvering it is not difficult because of its fast speed performance and great discharge capacity.  You will save yourself time, energy, and effort with the simplistic operation of this efficient snow blower.

Throws the snow afar:

It throws the snow a distance of up to 25 feet away.  The directional chute allows you to precisely divert your walkway and driveway snow to a predetermined location.    Therefore, you will be able to clear them quickly converting your work time to pleasurable outdoors activities.


This entire weight of this device is a mere 30 lbs.   This makes this device ideal for more petite persons or women.  It also enhances the easy maneuverability of this machine.

Low noise:

Even though it quickly removes a great amount of snow, it operates at a very low noise level.  Other battery operated, or corded snow throwers create a significant amount of noise.  The vibration level of this snow thrower is low making it far less tiring on your arms and body.

Directional chute:

You can change the direction of the chute up to 180 degrees.  The directional chute enables you to throw the snow a significant distance in the direction you determined.

Works in harsh conditions:

Whether the amount of snow is extreme or not, its performance remains at the peak.  It works well even after harsh blizzards.

Pros And Cons Of The Greenworks Snow Thrower


  • Compact size helps in easy maneuvering of the device
  • Foldable handle helps in storing the snow thrower without any difficulty
  • Discharges up to 10 inches of snow
  • Chute throws the snow up to 25 feet away from the walkway


  • Extended cord causes difficulty in operation
  • One needs to get an appropriate recommended extension cord which is sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions About The Greenworks Snow Thrower

Can it handle 10 inches of snow properly?

Yes, it can handle 10 inches of wet snow without any difficulty.  You just have to make smaller passes to do so.

Is the handle foldable?

Yes, the handle is made foldable to enhance storage.

What is the wheel size of this device?

The wheel size of this snow blower is 20-inch.

Greenworks Company Profile:

Many companies have begun to take initiatives toward environmentally friendly products but Greenworks is dedicated completely to high environmental standards.  Their headquarters are located in Changzhou, China.  Apart from that, they have regional offices for Europe, the Middle East, Asia and in Malmo, Sweden.

They create leaf blowers, snow throwers, and other household products.  If you want to know more about them, visit their official website,

Greenworks Snow Thrower Price History

Price History for GreenWorks 2600502 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower


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