How A Dash Cam Works

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While some people believe that they can only use a regular camera in the car or a particular app on their smartphone as a dash cam instead of buying a piece of equipment for this use, this is not the best way to remain safe on the road. Some factors make your dash cam different from other types of recording devices, ensuring that you have a convenient and powerful piece of recording equipment in your car. Many people think that the way dash cams work is a mystery, but understanding how this piece of equipment functions is relatively easy and will ensure that you are prepared to correctly use your new dash cam so that you will get the most out of it.

How does it function?

What sets dash cams apart from another recording device is how they function. They generally do not have on/off buttons or a lot of different settings to choose from, making them a no-frills option that is explicitly designed to record what is going on around your car when your car is being operated. Dash cams usually consist of a video camera, media storage, and power inputs that will be hard-wired into your vehicle.

It is normal for dash cams to be hard-wired into the vehicle so that when the car is turned on the dash cam will immediately turn on as well and begin recording. This means that the driver does not have to remember to turn on the camera as it will automatically switch on with the vehicle. Unlike other types of portable devices which need to be manually turned on to record. A dash cam is a great option because it is ready to record as soon as you are ready to drive.

What to do when storage is full?

One concern that people have when buying a dash cam is what they will do when the storage is full. Unlike other types of recording devices that will no longer record once media storage has filled up, dash cams will automatically overwrite prior recordings once the storage media is full. While this would be a horrible idea for a home recorder or phone, as you do not want to lose any prior pictures or videos you have taken, it’s a great plan for dash cams.

It’s normal to be concerned that you will lose the footage of an accident because of the way that dash cams will record over old footage, but most models have a feature that will actually prevent this from occurring. It’s important to check a buyer’s guide before buying a dash cam, but, typically, this equipment will protect any footage leading up to and immediately following an accident.

How can you see the footage?

Different dash cams will have varying ways for users to view the footage that was taken while they were on the road. Some dash cams have media that can be inserted into your home computer so that you can view footage, while others will sync via WiFi so that you can view the footage. How you are going to use your new dash cam will determine how you want to view the footage. If you are going to rely on your dash cam in case of an accident to provide you with proof that you are not in the wrong, then you may not require one that has WiFi capabilities. On the other hand, if you have a new driver in your home and want to make sure that they’re safe on the road, then being able to view footage without having to remove media storage from your dash cam and bring it into your home is a better option.


Understanding how dash cams work will allow you to choose the right one for your needs and to ensure that it will work with other types of handheld devices. When hard wired into your vehicle and used correctly, a dash cam is a wonderful way to help protect you while you’re on the road and to keep an eye on other drivers in your family. These powerful pieces of equipment are relatively easy to use once you have them installed correctly in your car, and they are likely to provide you with peace of mind while you are on the road.

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