How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go? – Young Daredevils Want To Know!

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In my article on electric scooters for kids, many people are concerned about the safety of these scooters for their children. One of the primary concerns is how fast do electric scooters go?

Electric scooters are becoming quite popular. They are great gifts for kids, and now some adults use them as a method of short distance transportation. Because of this, I will differentiate between electric scooters for kids and electric scooters for adults.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters For Kids Go?

The speed of electric scooters for kids is limited. This is done on purpose so that children are not put at risk of harm. The top end scooters for kids can go 15-18 mph. That is 24-29 kph. Fast enough to be exciting but slow enough that they won’t hurt themselves.

Most states and even other countries have limits on how fast an electric scooter can go before it becomes another class of vehicle. That limit is 20 mph or 32 kph.

All the scooters that I recommended for kids go less than 20 mph. The fastest one was 18 mph. I think that is fast enough, don’t you?

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How Fast Do Adult Scooters Go?

Adult scooters will go faster, but they are usually classified as mopeds or motorcycles. Electric mopeds can go as fast as 55 mph or almost 90 kph. These are not designed to be toys. They are real forms of transportation. Many people who live in urban areas use them as commuter vehicles to go to work or for running around the city doing errands.

These vehicles are not cheap. They can cost over 1,000 dollars. Make sure when you use an adult scooter that you wear all the proper safety gear.

Now there are also mobility scooters that are used for disabled or elderly adults. Their speed is much less. They are back down to the speeds that children’s scooters have. They top out at about 20 mph.

Things That Effect How Fast An Electric Scooter Goes.

Just because a scooter can go a certain speed does not mean it will go a certain speed. Many factors will influence the speed of an electric scooter. Things that will affect the speed of an electric scooter are….

  • Weight. The weight of the rider will have a direct effect on the speed of the scooter. The heavier the rider, the slower the scooter will go.
  • Battery Charge. The amount of your charge in the battery will affect how fast a scooter will go. As the power in the battery drains, it’s ability to maintain top speed drops. Many people see a noticeable decrease in strength and speed when the battery gets below a half charge.
  • Tire Pressure. Soft or spongy tire pressure may give you better traction and a smoother ride on flat surfaces, but it will decrease your speed. To get top speed out of a scooter, the tire pressure needs to be at its recommended pressure. This will also extend your battery life since the scooter will not have to work so hard to move.
  • Going Up Hill And Rough Terrain. When the manufacturer lists the top speed of an electric scooter, they are recording the speed in ideal circumstances. Things like hills, ramps, and other inclines along with rock or dirt surfaces will slow a scooter down.

So How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

As you can see, there is no right answer to that question, but there is an answer depending on your use. If it is a kids scooter then up to 20 mph. If it is an adult transportation scooter like a moped, then it is 55 mph. If it is an adult mobility scooter, then it is back down to 20 mph. Moreover, those speeds are dependent upon the conditions you are using the scooter for.

I hope I have helped you answer your question on how fast do electric scooters go. Please feel free to leave a comment about your experiences with the speed of electric scooters.

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