HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW Review And Best Price Comparison

HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW Review And Best Price Comparison
8.9 Total Score


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  • Superior Print Quality
  • Handles Heavy Jobs
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • NFC Technology

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HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW Review

8.9 Total Score
Printing And Practicality

LaserJet Pro provides you high-quality performance with reliability and fast-paced delivery.  

Customer Service
  • Superior Print Quality
  • Handles Heavy Jobs
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • NFC Technology
  • Large Size
  • No Color
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HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW: Impressive Printing Matched With Practicality

HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW review: An in-depth review of the HP LaserJet Pro M227fdw All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer

HP has made this product mainly for small offices and enterprises. We did a whole lot of research to find out everything about this product and prepare this review. We checked the product and read a variety of reviews for this purpose.

LaserJet Pro provides you high-quality performance with reliability and fast-paced delivery.  You will enjoy working with this device, as it is perfect for small volume printing.  This HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW review will tell you much more about this product.  You will get to know about its drawbacks, qualities and our opinion on this product as well.

Our HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW Review

This printer is not the one for casual printers; it is much more than that.  The market is already filled with AIO printers of different brands, but HP maintains that the LaserJet Pro is the best one.  We tested the printer to see if HP’s claim is correct or not.

From first glance, the M227FDW looks like a printer for current times.  The black-borders on the touch screen add a modern feel to it.  The printer is very fast printing pages faster than most other printers.  It does not make a lot of noise.

This AIO printer went through all our tests like a breeze.  The M227FDW prints sharp and precise.  The black and white prints do not have any distortion.  The cartridges are a little expensive to buy but the quality of the prints is worth the price.

The touchscreen control panel is comfortable to use and there are no noticeable lags during normal usage.  HP’s trump card is the companion app (HP ePrint), which massively boosts the printer’s usability.  This feature of printing your phone’s picture directly from the gallery is just awesome to use.

The HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW is a good AIO printer for small organizations (1-5 users). However, the printer itself is bulky and the cartridges are costly.  Still not sure if this is the right printer for you?   Read on.  We have compiled all the pros and cons of the printer.

Bottom Line On The HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW

HP has made a fine product.  The LaserJet Pro M227FDW is a great choice for those, looking for fast-paced delivery and high productivity.  Printing from anywhere will make your process quick and easy to do as well.  Small offices will benefit the most from its printing efficiency.

It succeeds in giving 28 pages per minute, which is an exceptionally high number.  The small footprint makes it perfect for desks where you would like to place other devices along with it.

Overall, it is a great product for small offices, which require small volumes of printing.

Thank you for taking the time to read our HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW review.

HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW Features

  • Sharp printing:
  • The print quality of this device is surprisingly good.  Black text looks perfectly aligned and each word is clear and crisp.  This does not fail to provide you high-quality prints even at its fast speed of 28 pages per minute.
  • Fantastic speed:
  • It gives you a great number, of pages, around 28, per minute lessening your overall print time.  The processor of this device keeps it fast in other works as well, such as scanning and faxing.  The smooth touchscreen interface is quick and responsive.
  • Multiple functions:
  • As stated earlier, M227FDW not only prints but also scans copies and faxes your documents.  Therefore, you do not have to get a separate device for each of these operations.  It will help you in saving time, money, effort and space.
  • Good capacity:
  • It stores up to 250 pages in its document tray.  This is a significant amount and helps you in working and printing freely.  Small offices will love this feature because many never need to print more pages than this in a one-month period.
  • Multi-user connectivity:
  • This device enables you to connect five users at once.  Multiple users can work on this device at the same time, helping you save time.  You will not have to connect another user from time to time with this printer.
  • Less footprint:
  • It may have a bulky design, but it has a relatively small footprint.  This allows you to put this device on the desk leaving space for your documents, computer and other kinds of necessary office tools.
  • Great companion app:
  • HP ePrint is a free app, which you can easily use with the LaserJet Pro.  Once downloaded, you can print photos (black and white print only), PDFs, word documents in just a touch.  You just have to go to the sharing menu and voila, the HP ePrint icon will appear and from there you can print your files.
  • Ethernet and USB:
    USB has become a very important part of our lives. USBs are everywhere, and HP has kept that in mind that’s why they provide a USB port on the front of the printer so you can use your thumb drive with it too.
  • Smooth set up:
    Just follow the provided instruction manual and you will not believe how easy it is to set up this printer. With the touchscreen, things become much easier to setup and start. The manual is not complicated.
  • Convenient compatibility:
    Compatibility is the strength of this printer. You can operate it from Wi-Fi, the HP ePrint app, the touch screen or your PC.  The compatibility with every day-to-day device makes it a pleasure to use.

Pros And Cons Of The HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW


  • The M227FDW has one of the sharpest print qualities in the market.
  • Handles heavy workload without a problem and does not drop the print quality.
  • With the help of the HP ePrint app, you can operate it from your smartphone.
  • Has NFC technology.


  • The bulky design makes it difficult to move around.
  • Does not print color.
  • Costly toner cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions About The HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW

How many users can connect to this device at once?
It can connect up to five users at a time.

How many pages can it print monthly?
It can print from 250 to 2,500 pages per month.

HP Company Profile:

With a vision to create devises that improve their customer’s lives through new technology, Hewlett – Packard is working hard in the current market.  They are one of the biggest global names in the technology sector.

You can find their appliances and products in your everyday life.  You can visit their website, www.hp.com to find out more about their various products and services.

HP LaserJet Pro M227FDW Price History

Price History for HP LaserJet Pro M227fdw All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer New In Box


Current Price $152.00June 9, 2018
Highest Price$152.00June 1, 2018
Lowest Price$152.00June 1, 2018
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$152.00June 1, 2018

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