Ibanez GRS200 vs SR300 Head To Head Comparison – Which Is Best?

Ibanez GRS200 vs SR300

Buying a bass guitar can be a lot of fun, no matter if you’re a beginner looking for their first bass and has never played before or someone already in a band and are looking for another instrument to take your music to the next level.

Finding the right instrument for your needs is essential, as it will allow you to play music that is unique to you and your ability, impress everyone who hears you, and bring your skills to the world.

By taking the time to find the right bass guitar for your needs, you can be sure that you will play to the best of your ability each time you pick it up.

That is why we decided to compare the Ibanez GRS200 vs. SR300 in a head to head comparison.

First let’s take a look at them side by side by the data provided by Amazon and then we will go into a few particulars that we feel are important.

Compare Specs

Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar

Ibanez SR300E Electric Bass Guitar Seashore Metallic Burst

Ibanez SR300E Electric Bass Guitar Seashore Metallic Burst


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  • GIO Series
  • Medium Frets
  • Dynamic P Neck Pickup
  • Neck Shape: Info not available Wood: Maple with rosewood Neck joint: Bolt-on Scale length: Info...
  • For 25 years the SR has given bass players a modern alternative
  • Embraced by bassists over the decades, the iconic series continues to excite with its smooth,...
  • The SR300E 4-string electric bass is priced like a beginner's instrument, but it has features...
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A guitar doesn't have to cost a bundle to sound good. The GIO series was developed for players who want Ibanez quality in a more affordable package. Not only do they look and play better than everything else in their price range, but their...

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Compare The Ibanez GRS200 And The SR300

Specification Comparison and Reviews

It doesn’t have to be terribly difficult to find the best instrument for your needs when you take time to compare three different features and rank them on a point system. By using a scale from 1 to 100, it’s very easy to quickly determine which of the bass guitars you are considering as the best one for you.

Number of Frets

The number of frets that your bass guitar has is a matter of personal preference. Most will have 21, 22, or 24, but since you will do the majority of your playing in the lower notes, these higher notes are entirely optional.

However, if you want a unique sound and the ability to play higher notes easily, you will want to opt for a bass guitar that has more frets.

Ibanez GRS200

This bass guitar from Ibanez comes with 22 different frets. For most musicians, this will be plenty, and it will allow you to play a wide range of notes, it will also let you create exciting and fascinating music.

Ibanez SR300

If you want an Ibanez bass guitar that will give you a little more playing ability and the ability to perform additional high notes, then you will want to opt for this option that has 24 frets. As long as you are comfortable playing more top notes, this fretboard will be able to meet your needs.

Point Totals

Ibanez GRS200 – 60

Ibanez SR300 – 80

The Ibanez SR300 wins because it has 24 individual frets. While not all musicians will need this many different frets to choose from, if you want to have a broad scale that you can play and want to be able to make sure that you can hit every single high note that you desire, you will want to opt for a bass guitar that has 24 frets. This is the highest number that you can buy, and will significantly increase your range.

Neck Construction

The neck of your bass guitar needs to be made of quality materials and consist of quality construction so that you don’t have to worry about it failing you while you are playing. Different companies all have different ways of making the necks on their bass guitars, and while one is not necessarily better than the other, each one does have its own set of pros and cons. Comparing neck material in construction will allow you to decide which bass guitar is right for you.

Ibanez GRS200

While a neck that is only made of one piece of what may be incredibly strong, you do not have the balance of other types of wood and tones they can produce in this type of construction. That means that this bass guitar from Ibanez may not have the same deep rich tones as other instruments.

Ibanez SR300

Most musicians love the fact that this bass guitar has a neck made up of five different pieces of wood.  This means that you will enjoy a superior tone and sound when playing this instrument. Fewer pieces of wood in the neck will not create the same rich tone.

Point Totals

Ibanez GRS200 – 60

Ibanez SR300 – 85

The Ibanez SR300 is the obvious choice when comparing this feature for your new bass guitar. That’s because the inclusion of five different pieces of wood in the neck ensure that it will allow you to create a sound and tone that is rich and resonant, unlike anything that you can create with the other bass guitar in this comparison.

No matter what kind of music you are going to be playing, you are sure to see an improvement in your skills and your ability when you use this bass guitar.

Body Shape

The shape of the body of the bass guitar that you are considering buying will have a massive impact on how quickly you can reach higher notes, how easy it is to hold the instrument, and whether or not you are comfortable when playing.

It’s imperative to make sure that you can comfortably hold or manipulate the bass guitar that you are considering so that you don’t struggle with the handling of the body of your instrument during a performance.

Ibanez GRS200

This bass guitar has a thick “C” shape that makes it very easy to grip the guitar while playing higher notes and then hanging on to it during riffs. Most musicians appreciate the form of this kind of body, as it allows them to have complete control over the instrument when playing.

Ibanez SR300

While this Ibanez guitar also has a “C” shape to the body, it is not as pronounced as other bass guitars. This means that it can be a little more difficult to reach high notes, and it can also be more difficult for a beginner to wrap their hands around the body of the instrument comfortably.

Point Totals

Ibanez GRS200 – 85

Ibanez SR300 – 75

The pronounced and deep shape of the Ibanez GRS200 makes this an excellent choice for beginners and experts who are looking for a new bass guitar to use for their practice and performance. The shape of the body of this bass guitar is incredibly easy to hold onto, offers enough room for your hand to move around freely without being cramped, and will allow you much control over the sound that you can make.


Ibanez GRS200 – 205

Ibanez SR300 – 240

When you’re in the market for a great new bass guitar, you will want to choose the Ibanez SR300. While this bass guitar may not have the deepest cut in the body shape for its users to manipulate and hold the instrument, the tone and sound that you can create using this gray bass guitar will more than compensate for that small design flaw.

You’ll love that you have 24 different frets to choose from, and the high-quality construction of the neck itself will ensure that you get tones and deep, resonant sounds that are unlike anything you have ever heard before from a bass guitar.

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Our Choice

When comparing the Ibanez GSR200 and the Ibanez SR300, we feel the choice is pretty easy. You can’t go wrong with the Ibanez SR300.

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