Itrue X6D Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Itrue X6D

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8.1 Total Score
Innovative Dash Cam Design

You will love the presence of high-quality night vision and high definition recording.  They help you in capturing every little detail with ease.

Ease Of Use
  • Compact
  • Easy To Install
  • Super Wide Angle Hi Def Recording
  • Ready To Use
  • Can Overheat
  • Some Defective Parts
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When you first look at the iTrue X6D, its unique design would be the thing that grabs your attention.  A trendy product with a humongous amount of sales, it boasts a 4 out of 5-star rating on all the commercial websites.

What makes this product so popular?  By the time you get to the end of this iTrue X6D assessment, you will understand the features that make this a high demand product.  In turn, you may find yourself joining their satisfied customer category because you have purchased this innovative dash cam.

That is so because it has numerous qualities, non-existent in other devices of the same category.  You can install it immediately, as it comes ready to use.  It covers a significantly wide angle, so you record everything in your footage.

This product has numerous features and functions for its users.  You will love the presence of high-quality night vision and high definition recording.  They help you in capturing every little detail with ease.

Apart from that, iTrue X6D comes ready to use.  This enables the person to use the product instantly without delay.  You will not have to spend time in assembling this product.

Installation is quick and easy, assuring the customer, simple installation with optimum results.  You will save time and effort altogether.

Regarding security, gravity sensor provides you an assurance that it will effectively record any vehicular collisions.  It stamps the date, time and location on the recording, so you get real proof for any occurrence.

The only drawback related to this product is the overheating issue.  You will have to remove the camera from the front during hot summer days when parked.  This could be a little problematic.

Bottom Line

With high-quality footage recording and super wide angles, iTrue X6D is undoubtedly an excellent choice for one who is looking for these qualities.  It has two cameras, which provide you footage of both the front and rear of the car, giving you all the necessary, vital visuals.

The picture quality is excellent as well.  That is why; we do not hesitate in recommending this product.  This is a wise choice because of its various benefits and features.


  • Fastest installation: The most significant advantage of this product is its quick and easy installation.  You can install this camera with simple 3M adhesive tape.  After that, you are good to go.
  • Wide angle recording: It records angles of 170 degrees capturing views in many directions.  This ensures that you get everything in your footage.  Not many cameras offer this high, wide angle for recording.
  • Comes ready to use: You do not have to assemble it or add anything to the dash cam.  It comes ready to use.  Therefore, you can install it quickly and immediately begin your drive recording experience.
  • Peculiar design: The unique design of this product grabs everyone’s attention even at a glance.  Its incredible design saves room and space.  It does not hinder your view, nor it will occupy space on your dash eliminating any concerns you may have about objects on your dash.
  • Two lens system: Unlike most dash cams, this one does not have a single lens.  In fact, it has two lenses to give you the perfect recording experience.  Its two lenses will record both the front as well as the rear views.  You get two in one with this product.
  • High-quality recording: It records 1080p full High Definition videos.  Such high-quality recording gives you picture clarity, excellent contrast, and better visuals.  You will capture even the smallest details with this high-quality
  • Small size: The small size of this dash cam helps by saving space.  Some cameras cause distractions while driving because of their size.  However, because of its small compact size, this camera does not have that issue.
  • GPS enabled: It also has GPS, so your camera will track your location.  X6D will help you in capturing proof-worthy footage.  You will not have to rely on your memory alone nor will you have to keep reminding yourself of the location you are driving.
  • Nighttime recording: iTrue X6D has night vision to record high-quality footage in low light.  This feature is beneficial, especially in the winter season when darkness comes early.  Some cameras fail to provide this feature.
  • G-sensor: With a gravity sensor, this camera senses sudden impacts and records these occurrences instantly.  Because it records collisions, you will find it remembers the details you are unsure of or do not recall.

Pros And Cons


  • Compact size: Its small size helps in saving space on the dash as well as the windshield.
  • It is easy to install: You can mount it on your windshield with a small amount of adhesive tape.  It does not take much time or effort.
  • It does an exceptional job: Super wide angle, high definition recording, and excellent night vision provide you perfect footage of every incident.
  • Ready to use: You can use the iTrue X6D right away without wasting any time.  It comes ready to use.


  • Heating problem: You should remove the dash cam from the windshield when parking to avoid overheating due to sunlight.
  • Defective pieces: Some customers have complained of poor video quality and other drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the loop timings?

The loop timings are 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 3 minutes.

Do I have to remove it from the windshield every time I park the car?

Yes, especially in the summer heat.  This is to keep the camera from overheating and damaging the cam.

iTrue Company Profile

They are a renowned car products manufacturer.  Apart from dash cams, they also produce other car accessories and home decorations.  iTrue has products and expertise in numerous fields.

You can visit their website,, to see their vast array of products.  Just like this product, they are known for innovations in the field of dash cams and home accessories.

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