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The Logitech Z906

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Powerful Surround Sound Speakers

You will get a variety of benefits through this system such as room-shaking audio and DTS soundtracks. Apart from that, you also get digital coaxial input or optical inputs in this surround sound speaker system.

Sound Quality
Customer Service
  • Easy Sound Control
  • Dolby Enabled
  • THX Certified
  • Connects Multiple Devices
  • Remote Reach Distance
  • No Bass Or Treble Controls
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Surround sound speaker systems can give you a mesmerizing entertaining experience without much effort. Enjoying a great movie or video game on a large screen with surround sound speakers is a pleasure of its own. To cater to such needs, Logitech has made its Z906 speaker system.

You will get a variety of benefits through this system such as room-shaking audio and DTS soundtracks. Apart from that, you also get digital coaxial input or optical inputs in this surround sound speaker system. The control console of the system is of exceptional quality to give the user a fantastic experience.

In this Logitech Z906 review, you will discover whether this product is an excellent choice for you or not. We have made every effort to eliminate any doubts in considering this product.

We checked numerous customer reviews and discovered it is a great product overall. It delivers cinematic sounds with the help of its 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound.

THX certification is another assurance of its pristine quality sounds. Very few speakers on the current market have THX certification. You can wall-mount the speakers for a better experience.

We found the console to be user-friendly. Connecting it to other devices was simple, thanks to numerous inputs. You can connect this speaker system with up to six different devices.

Even though you get a remote with these speakers, it has a small range. Consequently, you might experience a little difficulty operating it during a party or get-together.

Apart from that, it is a remarkable product, which boasts of delivering the best audio quality on the market. You will love the detailed sounds of your movies, TV shows and games through it.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cinematic experience at home, then this is the best fit for you. This product delivers a compelling package of features and sound quality.

You can use its console for easy navigation. Connect it to your phone, player, television or PC for an enhanced experience.

The wireless remote lets you operate from a distance.


Wireless remote:

Along with this surround sound speaker system, you will receive a wireless remote. Your remote accessibility allows you to control the volume no matter if the speakers are connected to the television or your PC. The remote has a limited reach, but it is sufficient for household use.

Great compatibility:

You can use it with your PC or television. You can employ this device with your video games consoles to get great sound effects from your games. Apart from that, you can connect these speakers to any device that supports a headphone jack (3.5mm).

Both kinds of inputs:

Logitech puts a significant amount of effort into making sure the customer experience is of top-notch quality. Therefore, it provides both digital and analog inputs to the users, which can connect up to six devices at a time. You can wall-mount the speakers or place them on the floor or shelves. They offer complete flexibility.

3D stereo:

You will be able to enjoy your old movies and television shows with pristine quality sound through its 3D stereo feature. It converts the 2D stereo sound quality of old content into 3D. It works well with all kinds of media such as movies, television shows, videos, and games.

Amazing console:

To provide you with a smooth and relaxing experience, Logitech has installed an excellent and easy to read display on the console. You can read the current playing track on the screen of the console from your couch without getting up. It also helps you perform some other tasks through its various functions.

THX certification:

THX certification shows that you get a cinematic sound experience through this speaker system. It is tough for a speaker system to achieve this status of quality.

Peak power:

For great delivery of sound, this system can reach up to 1000-watts of power. The satellite and center channel speakers provide you with a rich listening experience with rich, big and deep bass. The subwoofer alone takes 165-watts of power for operation.

1 Dolby Digital:

It uses the most advanced version of Dolby Digital, that is, 5.1 Dolby Digital. Moreover, it also has DTS encoding to give you perfect sounds of every detail.

Enjoy movies fully:

You can connect these speakers to your mobile phone to play music or watch movies as well. The only requirement is your phone should have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. You can also connect this entire system to a Blu-ray or DVD player.

No power clipping:

Even if you maximize the volume, the speakers will not power clip. This saves you energy as well as keeps the speakers safe from damage.

Pros And Cons


  • Sound control is smooth and functional
  • Exceptional sound quality through Dolby Digital
  • Great flexibility as you can connect up to six devices at once.
  • THX-certified home theater performance


  • No control for either treble or bass
  • Short reach of remote forces the user to get close for remote operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a remote?

Yes, you will get a wireless remote with this speaker system for smooth operation.

How many speakers arrive in the package?

You get five satellite speakers.

Logitech Company Profile

Logitech is a great leader in the field of technological products. They have an extensive range of computer accessories and computers such as mice, remotes, keyboards, and speakers. Their headquarters is situated in two locations namely, Newark (America) and Lausanne (Switzerland).

This grand company was founded in 1981 in Apples, Switzerland. Their products are currently available in almost every country on the globe. If you are interested in finding out more about Logitech, feel free to visit their official website, www.logitech.com.

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