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No matter what you do in life, everyone starts as a beginner. The same is true with fishing and especially when learning how to use a fish finder. There is nothing wrong with that. In this Lowrance Hook-3x review I hope to present to you a great little fish finder for the beginner angler and fish finder user.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or waste a lot of time and effort to enjoy the benefits of having an edge when it comes to finding fish on the water. The Lowrance Hook-3x will get it done.

Image of two people fishing in a canoe in an article about the Lowrance Hook-3x review

Lowrance Hook 3x Quick Specifications Chart

Lowrance Hook-3X Review

The Lowrance Hook 3X is the perfect fish finder for the hobbyist or casual angler. It is the least expensive traditional fish finder made by a quality manufacturer.

If you are looking for a cheap fish finder this may be the one for you! Just check out all the features it has in this video.

Lowrance Hook 3x

Price: Check on Amazon


  • 3″ Backlit Screen
  • Dual Frequency Sonar
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Waterproof

It’s dual band sonar shows fish under and directly around the boat. Its LED backlit screen helps you differentiate between fish and other structures below the water. Its fish ID system and water temperature guage helps you find the fish you have been missing without a fish finder.

It’s quick disconnect plug and size makes this a perfect portable fish finder. You can easily remove it and transfer it between your small boat and kayak.

Helpful Tip #1

With the dual beam its basically like having two different fish finder in one. It is intuitive set up and it does not have a huge draw on the battery.

Helpful Tip #2

The Lowrance Hook-3x has setting for shallow water and deeper water along with settings for fresh water and salt water.


There is nothing fancy about the Hook 3X. However if you want a small fish finder that will help you find some fish then this unit will do the trick. Just remember, at this price point it comes with limitations like no GPS, maps, or side view sonar.

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Written by Duke Taber

Written by Duke Taber

Duke Taber is the owner of 3 successful websites and is now taking his skill as a webmaster and using it to help non-profit organizations and leaders around the world.