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Do you remember the days when you would zip around the neighborhood with the wind blowing in your hair and life seemed to be filled with joy? I do! Which is why I wanted to write these Maxtra Electric Scooter reviews,.

Give your child the same gift by providing them the same experience with an electric scooter. The Maxtra E100 and E200 will provide your child with years of fun and more hours of riding time per day because their batteries last longer.

Just take a look.

Maxtra electric scooter reviews

Maxtra Electric Scooter Reviews – The E100 And E120

Maxtra E100 Electric Scooter

  • Ages 6 to 14
  • Speed” 12 – 14 MPH
  • Battery Life: 60 Minutes
  • Weight Limit: 177 LBS.
  • Price: $139.99


  • Your mid-aged child will love the Maxtra Electric Scooter. With its aluminum construction and top speed of 12-14 mph they will think they are king of the road.
  • It has an adjustable handlebar and se​at so that the scooter will still fit your child as he grows.
  • ​It has a kid sized deck and frame that is designed for kids ages 6-14 making it a perfect first scooter for kids that age.
  • ​With its 60 minutes battery life and its lower charge times, the Maxtra Electric Scooter makes a great gift for your boy or girl.

Our Review

The Maxtra Electric Scooter is a great idea for your pre-teen kid. They will love how the handle bars and seat adjusts or if they don’t want the seat it is easily removed.

It is almost as fast as a full speed scooter that work well for teenagers yet it is not quite as fast making it safer for younger less experienced scooter riders.

This scooter folds up and is easy to store weighing less than 30 lbs.

Although it says it is rated up to 177 lbs, I would not go that high. It is probably best for kids under 5 feet tall and no more than 120 lbs.

​It comes mostly assembled but you will have to do a little bit yourself. Make sure you tighten everything very tightly. If you don’t your handlebars and seat will slip.


  • Longer Battery Life
  • Adjustable Handlebars And Seat


  • Small Foot Deck Might Be Outgrown
  • Extra Care Needed When Tightening Seat

Bottom Line

The Maxtra Electric Scooter is perfect for your pre-teen child that wants to start scooting around the neighborhood. With it’s slightly less speed capacity than scooters designed for teens and its lightweight design and aluminum construction, it is perfect for that young hero that wants to be like their older siblings.

Maxtra E120 Electric Scooter 

  • Ages 6 – 14
  • Speed” 12 MPH
  • Battery Life: 60 Minutes
  • Weight Limit: 160 LBS.
  • Price: $109.99


  • The Maxtra E120 Electric Motorized Scooter is built with high quality materials and the latest technology giving it qualities that are hard to find in a scooter.
  • It has a 60 minute battery life and only a 5-8 hour charge time which will give your kid more time on the sidewalks than sitting waiting for the battery to charge.
  • It comes with Polyurethane tires which gives the scooter a smooth and stable ride.
  • You can fold up this scooter and carry it wherever you want because it only weighs a little over 21 lbs.
  • With a 12 mph top speed it is fast enough for any child. Your kid will love zipping around the neighborhood while you are confident that they are operating at safe speeds.

Our Review

The Maxtra E120 is a durable yet affordable scooter that will give your child loads of fun.

Its combination of steel and aluminum construction gives ample sturdiness and durability. It can handle riders of up to 160 lbs.

​Your kid will beg you to let them take their scooter wherever you go because it folds up and is so light.

It is easy to use with the accelerator on the right handlebar and the brake on the left.

​The Maxtra E120 is a certified scooter that has CE Certification and RoHS. This means that it met EU consumer safety and all its legal requirements. This may not mean a lot in the U.S. but Maxtra’s customer base is international.

​The Maxtra E-120 comes in two colors, pink and blue. That makes it a perfect gift for any child.

The drawbacks to this scooter is where you can use it. Because of its Polyurethane wheels, you cannot use this scooter on rough terrain. It can only be used on smooth surfaces.​


  • Affordability
  • Charging Time


  • Limited To Smooth Surfaces
  • Older Kids Will Want More Speed

Bottom Line

The Maxtra E120 is a great scooter for pre-teen kids. However because it can only be used on smooth surfaces limits its ability for use. However if you are looking for an affordable scooter, then this would make a good gift for your son or daughter.

Maxtra Electric Scooter Assembly

The Maxtra electric scooters are easy to assemble as you can see in this video.

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