How Much Electricity Does An Electric Fireplace Use?

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How Much Electricity Does An Electric Fireplace Use?

Lots of people put electric fireplaces in their homes because of the ambiance that they bring and the practicality of not having to use wood to keep the fire going. They don’t have time to go out and cut firewood and don’t want to clean up the mess that happens with real wood fireplaces.

However, how energy efficient are these fireplaces? How much electricity do they use? Are they a smart move? Hopefully, after reading this article, you will see what a wise decision it is to get the best electric fireplaces for your home.

What Is The Typical Electric Usage Of An Electric Fireplace?

On average, electric fireplaces only use about 1500 watts of power. When used just for ambiance, the cost ranges between .003 (3/10ths of a cent) to .03 (3 cents) per hour. This is the cost for just running the flames without the heat.

If you use the heating unit as well, then the costs go up. The typical electric fireplace when placed on the medium heating setting utilizing some thermostat that turns them on and off just keeping the room at the medium temperature, then the cost goes up to .09 cents per hour.

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If you want to keep the room warm and cozy and put the heating unit on its maximum setting, then the cost will double with about .18 cents per hour when used.

Depending on how much you use your fireplace, this will mean your average cost per year will be between $50.00 and $80.00 per year. Of course, this assumes that you are not going to use it full time or every season of the year. Your cost will vary by use and the price of electricity in your region.

How Much Heat Does An Electric Fireplace Produce?

Heat is measured in BTU’s. That is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit. The average electric fireplace puts out 5,000 BTU’s which is enough to heat a small to medium sized room. Somewhere around 400 square feet.

Some electric fireplace manufacturers produce fireplaces and inserts that will provide more heat. They can go as high as 10,000 BTU’s but at a higher electrical consumption rate. Your cost will go up with these more powerful units.

Advantages In Using An Electric Fireplace

  • Electric fireplaces do not require chimneys, vents, or ducts.
  • Electric fireplaces keep all the heat inside the house rather than up the chimney.
  • Electric fireplaces do not require gas lines to be installed in the house, propane tanks to be filled, or an extra utility bill.
  • Most electric fireplaces plug into an electrical receptacle. Only large ones need hardwired.
  • Electric fireplaces do not get hot enough to burn people or objects. There is no real flame.

As you can see, electric fireplaces are the most energy efficient type of fireplace on the market making them a wise choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

If you are looking to purchase an electric fireplace you might want to check out our list of the top electric fireplaces on the market today. Or you can read our individual electric fireplace reviews and informative articles on electric fireplaces like our buying guide.

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