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In the past few years, the audio recording industry has seen many new developments. Technological advancements have a big role to play in that regard.  Thanks to them, the market is more competitive than ever before.

You do not have to put much effort into finding high-quality audio recording interfaces anymore.  However, the number of options is significantly high.  You could find yourself overwhelmed and it could lead to confusion.

Still, the reviews like this Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 review, will help you in overcoming all kinds of confusion and difficulties.  We will help you understand everything related to Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 through the following review.

Native instruments komplete audio 6 review

Our Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Review

Native Instruments Profile

Founded in 1996, Native Instruments has been providing high-quality audio products and implementing new methods into the products they provide.  They have established an uncompromising attention to detail.

Apart from that, they are a global enterprise, which functions in different continents.  They are present in Europe and Asia as well as North America.  They have 20 years of experience behind them, so you are assured of their level of expertise in this field.

Let’s now take a look at the Komplete Audio 6.

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

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  • Direct Monitoring: This product enables you to reduce wasted time during audio recording through direct monitoring.  This feature is perfect for live performances as a few seconds can make huge differences.
  • Compatible for condenser mics: Komplete Audio 6 makes use of 48V phantom power in order to provide you a comfortable yet powerful recording experience.  Thanks to the phantom power, it is compatible for condenser mics as well.
  • Low-latency performance: With its low-latency performance, you will be able to make use of virtual effects and virtual instruments with ease beyond compare.
  • Input options: This product provides numerous input options.  They include 4 analog inputs, which have 2 balanced lines.  It also has a digital stereo input along with a MIDI in/out.
  • Output options: Similar to the input options, this product boasts of having 4 balanced analog outputs with a digital stereo output.  This option allows you utilize numerous instruments.
  • Cirrus Logic converters: With the help of its Cirrus Logic converters, it delivers supreme quality audio with significant ease.  Few options on the market have this attractive sound feature.
  • Affordable: The Komplete Audio 6 is capable of producing studio quality sounds.  For its price tag, it can be said that it is an affordable product especially when comparing its quality of performance features to other models.
  • Software: Almost every audio interface comes with software.  However, this one comes with three Komplete Elements, Cubase Le 8 and Traktor Le 2.
  • Simple: You can view and locate the buttons on this interface without difficulty.  The simplicity of this product is another major advantage over others.
  • Studio compatible: The numerous input and output options enable the user to operate it for studio purposes.

Our Review

When we examined Native Instruments’ products, we exerted more effort than usual, because their products are popular.  They have taken the time to develop a product that pays great attention to detail.

The same thing applies to Komplete Audio 6.  The operation experience is wonderful.  The design is simple as well as efficient, making smart use of the little space available.

There are not many products that provide the features this one does for the same price this model sells for.  Another big thing about this product is the software that comes with it.

We adore the number of input and output options present in this product.  With their help, you will be capable of utilizing a complete studio setup.  The sound quality is beyond comparison as well.

The only thing that troubles us is its intricacy.  This product is not for beginners or people who are unfamiliar with audio recording interfaces.

Pros and cons

Pros And Cons


  • Pristine sounds: The Cirrus Logic converters work well with the pre-amps of this product to produce pristine quality sound.  The pre-amps have individual gain controls for précise operation.
  • Music production software: Three software programs are included with Komplete Audio 6.  They give you all the necessary tools to create magical audio.  Each of them is different and has its own set of qualities.
  • It ticks all boxes: It fulfills the criteria of a great audio recording interface.  You will get all the quality you expect in this package.  Durability, versatility, and connectivity are some of the qualities that it has in abundance.
  • The DJ interface: Another major advantage of this product is its DJ interface.  With its software, you can use it for DJ purposes as well.


  • It is not for beginners: As stated earlier, this product is not for those who have no experience with audio recording devices.
  • It comes with no additional stuff: Unlike its competitors, this product does not include any additional cables or devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with TRAKTOR LE 2?

Yes, you will get TRAKTOR LE 2 software with this device.  You also receive two more software programs with this product to help you make an exceptional sound.

Will I get an e-voucher with it as well?

You will get an e-voucher worth of $25 with Komplete Audio 6.  This is applicable to Komplete effects and instruments in the online store of Native instruments only.

Bottom Line

We can say that Komplete Audio 6 has all the necessary qualities of being an exceptional product.  It carries three professional software programs that can be used in a studio as well as for hobby purposes.  Latency-free recording lets you record the best quality sound.

We also love the fact that it supports studio performance.  Many audio recording interfaces fail in this regard; they do not provide a full studio experience.  That is why we highly recommend this product to professionals.

If you are happy with the features of this Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 review, then it is highly probable that you are ready to purchase it as well.  You can click the link present below and it will direct you immediately.

If after reading this Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 review you are still not sure if this is the audio interface you want, then you might want to check out our list of the best interfaces for home studios. Or you can read our individual audio interface reviews and informative buying guide below.