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The Otium Wireless Headphones

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Noise Cancelling Beats Bass Wireless Earphones!

Get your bass on with these superior sounding noise cancelling wireless earbuds. The Otium True Wireless Earbuds will rock your socks off.

Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Enabled
  • Beats Style Bass Audio Sound
  • Dual Ear Earphones
  • Intelligent Recharge Stand
  • Short Battery Life
  • Long Charge Time
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Nothing bugs me more than the feel of sticky wires on my neck while I am working out or doing strenuous labor. Now I no longer have to deal with that feeling thanks to the Otium True Wireless Earbuds.

In this Otium Wireless Headphones analysis, we will look at this set of wireless earbuds and give you all the facts you need to know to make a quality decision whether or not these buds are the right ones for you.

Otium was founded in 2012 as the brainchild of a group of friends working in the tech industry. They specialize in small electronics and accessories especially wireless products like headphones and earbuds.

In just a few years they now have become a leading manufacturering brand of consumer electronics. Otium has enjoyed five years of continuous growth thanks to the millions of their satisfied customers around the world.

Because of their satisfied customer base and the inroads that they have made in the consumer electronics marketplace, we decided to review the Otium True Wireless Earbuds

These Otium earbuds use Bluetooth technology version 4.2 and come in a package with a charging box and three extra ear tips with different sizes (S, M, and L) that can best fit your ears. They are designed to be extra small and can be used either in a pair or separately.

This means that you can connect each earbud to a different device, or use one to listen to music while the other earphone is taking a hands-free phone call! They also come with noise canceling technology and High Definition audio that allows you to listen to music in the best possible way.

The battery life is of about 2 hours, and the charging box lasts for three extra re-charges before having to connect it.

Bottom Line

The Otium earbuds would be a better option if their batteries lasted longer. With just about 2 hours of total phone call/music time, that has to be the lowest bet on the market. However, the earbuds’ design is excellent and so is the audio quality.

With noise reduction technology included and a built-in mic, they are also quite useful for taking phone calls without using your hands. As long as you don’t plan on going on a long trip with them, the Otium wireless earbuds are just beautiful!


  • Mini-earbud design
  • Headset contains two pieces, which can be used separately
  • Uses Bluetooth V4.2
  • Charging case offers three times charge for earbuds
  • Connectivity range: 33 feet
  • Detachable secure fit air wings and ear tips included
  • Sweat-proof feature
  • CVC 6.0 noise canceling system
  • Play/Call time: 2 hours
  • Time to recharge the earbuds: 2 hours


  • Noise canceling technology eliminates outside sounds to help you have a better experience.
  • They can be used separately! Either Dual Ear Mode or Stereo Mode.
  • They are sweat proof.


  • The play time is too low: only 2 hours of using before asking to be recharged.
  • Charging time is as long as the time you can use the earbuds which means you will spend as much time charging them for listening to music.

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