OUTDAD Automatic Pet Feeder Review And Best Price Comparison

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The OUTDAD Automatic Pet Feeder

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High Capacity Feeding!

Create a homey atmosphere for your pet by using the automatic pet feeders recordable voice recall to call your pet when it is meal time. Feed them on time when you are away, and then you can track and manage your pet's meal every day.

  • Transparent Hopper
  • Easy To Clean
  • Compatible With All Dry Dog Food
  • Heat Resistant
  • Only Battery Operated
  • Only 3 Meals Per Day
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If you’re looking for an electronic pet feeder that boasts voice recording capabilities but weren’t exactly sold on the previous model from GemPet, this feeder from ICOCO may be just the product for you.

The voice recording feature on this feeder allows you to record a message for your pet to be played every mealtime, reassuring your dear cat and dog that you will be back shortly.

This feeder’s large 5.5-liter capacity makes it possible to schedule your pet’s meals for days on end should you be going away on a business trip or mini-vacation. This, of course, means you don’t have to drop any of your hard-earned cash on a dog sitter or a holiday kennel. This capacity also makes it perfect for a larger breed dog.

Owing to the hopper’s ability to keep food fresh for close to a week, many owners use this feeder to store their pet’s dry food even when they’re at home.

Bottom Line

Although it boasts a wide array of seriously impressive features, the OUTAD Automatic Pet Feeder is pretty easy to understand and requires only minimal effort to master.

With its easy-to-read LCD panel and more than comprehensible instruction manual, it is arguably the best automatic pet feeder for any older pet owner who struggles to wrap their head around the often intimidating and needlessly complicated technology of today.

It is also an excellent choice for large pet owners who don’t have the time to sit down and learn all the ins and outs of a more complex electronic pet feeder.


  • The transparent hopper is composed of sturdy ABS plastic materials, making it resistant to knocks, drops, and certain degrees of heat.
  • This feeder was designed with the pet owner in mind and is therefore incredibly easy to clean.
  • While some feeders are compatible with only specific brands of food, this feeder can store almost any brand of dry food on the market.


  • This feeder does not feature an electric cord and can only be powered by size D batteries.
  • Despite its high capacity, this feeder only allows pet owners to schedule a maximum of three meals per day.

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