Polk Audio RM705 Review And Best Price Comparison

Polk Audio RM705 Review And Best Price Comparison
8.8 Total Score

$449.00 $599.95

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  • Unique Reuleaux design
  • High Quality Cabinets
  • Compact Speaker Size
  • Powerful Sub-Woofers

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 Polk Audio RM705 Review

8.8 Total Score
Huge Surround Sound Home Theater System

Polk Audio RM705 has a powerful set of qualities and it has satisfied a huge number of its users.

Sound Quality
Customer Service
  • Unique Reuleaux design
  • High Quality Cabinets
  • Compact Speaker Size
  • Powerful Sub-Woofers
  • Factory Speaker Wires Are Too Fragile
  • No Installation Manual
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Polk Audio RM705 – A Durable And Herculean Home Theater System

Polk Audio RM705 review – a detailed review of Polk Audio RM705 5.1 home theater system (set of six, black)

Home theater systems can transform your entire entertainment experience. With the various products present in the market, it could be difficult to find the perfect one for yourself with all the features you desire. However, Polk Audio RM705 is a product, which you can easily choose.

They connect with HD televisions and all kinds of viewing devices, such as your PC, to give you a versatile viewing experience. After that, you can install them easily because of the flexible wall-mount brackets. You do not have to worry about the durability of these speakers, as they will last for a significant amount of time, providing an amazing sound experience.

Polk Audio RM705 has a powerful set of qualities and it has satisfied a huge number of its users. This Polk Audio RM705 review will help you understand more of its features and whether these speakers should be your choice or not.

Our Polk Audio RM705 Review

We found the appearance of the speakers to be very modern and performance oriented. You will find yourself listening to great audio whether you place them on the wall or on the TV stand shelf.

We caution you to avoid jerking or tugging on the wires because they can break with a simple yet sudden jerk. We think that this might be an issue when the speakers are placed on the shelf.

These speakers deliver enhanced sound through the 8” sub-woofer. Unique aesthetics deliver every minute detail included on the audio of the media you are watching.

Installing them is not difficult but the lack of instructions does not help with this issue. You will have to rely on online resources for the same.

Still, we admire the powerful sound performance of this speaker system and the durable material they are made of. Their versatility of placement makes them perfect for small to average-sized rooms.

Bottom Line On The Polk Audio RM705

If you want an amazing sound delivery and bass blending sub-woofer, you should select this option for yourself. It is compact and yet, its sound quality competes with speakers double its size.

Polk Audio has done a remarkable job of producing top quality speakers with awesome audio delivery. Mounting them on the wall or placing them near the TV was a breeze.

We liked the unique appearance of the speakers and the entire system. Thank you for taking the time to read our Polk Audio RM705 review.

Polk Audio RM705 Features

Durable material:

The cabinet material of these speakers is extremely durable. Polk Audio has made these in such a way that the cabinet enhances durability and the sound delivery of the speakers. These speakers are made to be long lasting.

Magnetic shielding:

You can place these speakers close to your television or PC monitor without worrying about magnetic rays. Magnetic shielding helps reduce magnetic hindrances. Sound quality remains top notch even when the speakers are adjacent to a screen.

High-quality sound:

Low resonance and 5.1 surround sound give you an extremely sophisticated listening experience. You will hear all the details of the content you are watching through the combined performance of the sub-woofer and the speakers.

Low visual impact:

Though these speakers give you an amazing listening experience, they do not hinder your viewing experience because of their innovative design. The three-sided cabinet design helps in keeping the size of the speakers small while maintaining their top-notch performance. You can place the speakers on a shelf or mount them on the wall.

Strong sub-woofer:

With a Dynamic Balance poly composite driver, the sub-woofer succeeds in enhancing the sound delivery of the system. It produces powerful musical bass that is necessary for a rewarding sound experience. The power amp along with an active crossover is another strong component of the sub-woofer.

Anti-diffraction baffle:

No edge distortion or diffraction is another significant feature of their unique design. The anti-diffraction baffle components work to make all the sounds distinct, so the listener misses nothing. This feature allows these compact speakers to produce a sound quality far superior to their size.

Bass blending:

You can distance the placement of the subwoofer from the sight system without hampering the sound delivery because of the amazing bass blending of the 8-inch sub-woofer.

Reuleaux design:

The wonderful signature Reuleaux Triangular Polygon design of the speakers keeps the resonance to a minimum. Additionally, it keeps the size of the speakers significantly smaller without diminishing their sound delivery.


You can easily connect this system to your television or your computer. This versatility enables you to use these speakers with a number of different devices whenever the need arises.

Flexible wall mounting:

These speakers have flexible articulating brackets which enable you to place them strategically on the wall. You can wall mount them or choose to place them on the TV shelf near the television.

Pros And Cons Of The Polk Audio RM705


  • High-quality cabinet material enhances the durability of the system
  • Unique Reuleaux design increases sound quality by reducing resonance
  • The compact size of the speakers will not interfere with your visual experience
  • Sub-woofer delivers powerful sounds and effects


  • Connecting cables are too delicate and prone to damage
  • No instructions are present for operating and installing the speakers

Frequently Asked Questions About The Polk Audio RM705

Are the satellite speakers wireless?

No, the satellite speakers are not wireless.

Is the sub-woofer of 8-inches or 10-inches?

The sub-woofer is about 8-inches.

Polk Audio Company Profile

Polk Audio manufactures automobile speakers and audio products for the home. Since 1972, this company has been producing pristine quality audio products that remain at the peak of technological innovation. They also produce FM tuners and amplifiers, which continues as some of their bestsellers.

Sandy Gross, Matthew Polk, and George Klopfer founded this company with a view to enhancing the sound experience of their consumers. They have a plethora of high-quality products and if you want to find out more about them, you can visit their official website, www.polkaudio.com.

Polk Audio RM705 Price History

Price History for Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)


Current Price $449.00June 18, 2018
Highest Price$575.00April 11, 2018
Lowest Price$399.00June 5, 2018
Since April 11, 2018

Last price changes

$449.00June 6, 2018
$399.00June 5, 2018
$449.00May 30, 2018
$475.00May 28, 2018
$449.00May 17, 2018

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