Power Smart Snow Blower Review And Best Price Comparison

Power Smart Snow Blower Review And Best Price Comparison
9.3 Total Score


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  • Ease Of Use And Storage
  • Works In Good Snow Depth
  • Low Maintenance

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Power Smart Snow Blower Review

9.3 Total Score
Efficient And Affordable Snow Blowing

This product might not be a powerhouse that is heavy and costly, but from the reviews we read, it seems to do its job very well.

Ease Of Use
  • Price
  • Ease Of Use And Storage
  • Works In Good Snow Depth
  • Low Maintenance
  • Not Available In All Locations
  • Struggles With Deep Or Slushy Snow
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Power Smart DB7005 Snow Blower – Efficient Power At A Great Price

We bring you a Power Smart Snow Blower review about their model DB7005.

If you are either too feeble, too old or just don’t want to shovel your snow, you need a smart snow blower to help you clear your driveway or your yard.  We have heard a lot about the smart snow clearing products of Power Smart.  So we decided to check out the Power Smart DB7005 single stage snow thrower.

Usually, single stage snow throwers are good for snow up to 8 inches in depth.  What intrigued us about the DB7005 is that the manufacturer boasts that it can handle up to 13 inches of snow. The machine is also lightweight and compact, which we liked hearing.

There are so many other factors to consider when deciding which snow blower to purchase.  So, we dug deep and compared the product specifications of this Power Smart product with others.  What we found made us confident in the product, so we think you might be interested too.

Our Power Smart Snow Blower Review

This product might not be a powerhouse that is heavy and costly, but from the reviews we read, it seems to do its job very well.  The specifications are pretty impressive, as well.  We were happy with the cost too, and the news of possible discounts made us happier.

The Power Smart DB7005 may be the ideal machine for your sidewalks, patios or the driveway.   Anyone can use it and they will find it is easily assembled and stored.  For a homeowner who wants to do his own clearing of snow, this could be your ideal product.

We recommend that you assess the snow and ice around your house before deciding.  The reason we say this is that with a single stage snow blower, there is no option of breaking up ice blocks before blowing the snow powder/dust.  So, in case you are planning to throw hard chunks of older ice, then this might not give you the best results.

We were pretty impressed with the user reviews we found for this product.  The price and the ease of use impressed most users.  Some users had issues with the caps of the oil fills and reported that they sometimes come loose with usage.

Overall, we would recommend this product for reasonably light usage.  At the selling price, the performance gives great value for your money.  With so many good reviews from users, you can’t really go wrong.

Bottom Line On The Power Smart Snow Blower

If you are looking for huge power for bigger work, then this might not be the best choice for you.  But at 196 cc, the Power Smart DB7005 is perfect for the kind of snow clearing many of us need outside our homes.  We recommend it without a thought.

The price might give you the impression that you might not be able to get your job done.  But the clearance width, the maneuverability of the chute, the power it provides, all combine to do a great job for you, without picking your pocket clean.

You can read all about the product features in detail if you want to.  You can also find several user reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Power Smart Snow Blower review.

Power Smart Snow Blower Features:

  • Help In Setting Up
  • You will receive two different manuals with this product – a user manual with overall guidance, and an engine manual specifically for the engine.  There are videos to help you assemble the machine and use it, and there is also a quick setup guide in case you are unable to play the video.  You also receive a diagram of the various parts.  So, help is easily available when you purchase it.
  • Gas And Manually Powered
  • No electric connections or batteries are needed for the Power Smart DB7005, it runs on gas, and needs a recoil to get it started.
  • Optimal Power And Correct Weight
  • In line with its weight of around 70 pounds and its smaller dimensions, the engine offers just the right power of 196 cc to allow you to maneuver it easily without losing control of the machine. That said, this beauty’s engine is the largest among comparable single stage snow blowers.
  • Easy Assembly and Storage
  • The size and shape of the Power Smart DB7005 is very compact, so you can easily store it.  You need to check both the oil chutes before storing it away for off season months because they might have loosened with usage.  Most users recommended the ease of assembly as a strong plus point.
  • Impressive Coverage
  • In spite of its smaller dimensions, it can clear a width of approximately 21 inches and can work through snow up to 13 inches deep.  If there is mud/slush in the snow, then the handling will probably be more difficult.
  • Wide Clearance
  • In spite of its compact build, the DB7005 has a throw distance of 30 feet, eliminating any concern for the powder coming back and clogging the machine.
  • Good Chute Rotation
  • The chute is capable of a rotation over 180°, giving the user far better control on the disposal of snow.
  • Low Maintenance
  • The red and black exterior of this machine is resistant to rust, so you are saved the worry and costs of maintenance.
  • Warranty
  • We couldn’t find any warranty details on the website.  Amazon does offer additional (on extra payment) protection plans for 2 or 4-year periods.
  • Price
  • The best thing that most users liked was its price.  At $259, the DB7005 is very reasonably priced.  You may find the website also offers 13-15% off as price discounts.

Pros And Cons Of The Power Smart Snow Blower


  • Ease of storage, assembly, and usage
  • Good snow depth covered, and wide throw
  • Low maintenance costs due to rust free body
  • Good price point for the benefits provided


  • Might give trouble in deeper snow or with ice and slush
  • Isn’t available for shipping at all locations

Frequently Asked Questions About The Power Smart Snow Blower

Looks pretty compact, will it be robust?

Yes, it has a rust-free body.  Additionally, has steel wear bars on front covers and a steel scraper bar in front

Do I need to add anything to the oil?

No, you just use regular oil as it is

About Power Smart

PowerSmart is the brand name for a range of outdoor power equipment distributed and supported by Amerisun.  This company has its headquarters in Itasca, Illinois USA. They produce snow blowers, washers, lawn mowers, portable generators, chip shredders and more.  They offer three kinds of snow throwers.

They carry single stage, double stage, and electric snow throwers.  A range of accessories and spare parts is also offered, depending on your requirements.  Snow blowers are just one part of their product range, and they also have several other types of power equipment.  To learn more about them, visit https://amerisuninc.com/.

Power Smart Snow Blower Price History

Price History for Power Smart DB7005 21 inch 196cc Manual Start Single Stage Gas Snow Blower


Current Price $287.06June 16, 2018
Highest Price$287.56May 7, 2018
Lowest Price$287.06May 14, 2018
Since May 7, 2018

Last price changes

$287.06May 14, 2018
$287.56May 7, 2018

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