PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL Review And Best Price Comparison

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The PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

8.3 Total Score
Record Anything You Love

Its four-in and four-out channels fit into almost anyone’s needs.  The sturdy but small design makes it perfect to port along with you wherever you go.

Ease Of Use
  • Compact Design
  • Studio One Software
  • Zero Latency
  • 4 Inputs And Outputs
  • Slight Noise Problems
  • Software Update Issues
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PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL review imageWith thousands of companies competing against each other, glorifying themselves as the best, it can often become an overwhelming task to find a company which suits all your needs and requirements.  For those who believe in honest product reviews, this PreSonus AudioBox 44vsl review should help you form an accurate opinion about the product.

Whether you consider yourself a professional musician, DJ or just an ordinary human being with an extraordinary love for music, having the right instrument for recording is an inevitably integral part of your passion.  Many audio interfaces are too small for your needs or are just too big to fit into your requirements.

This is where the PreSonus AudioBox comes into your life.  Its four-in and four-out channels fit into almost anyone’s needs.  The sturdy but small design makes it perfect to port along with you wherever you go.

It can be exhausting reading through the product features, specifications and reviews of several Audio interfaces in hopes of finding the perfect one for you.  This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to go through the reviews of this product minutely, bringing to you the most genuine and honest review of the PreSonus Audio Box 44VSL that you can find.

A small, sturdy and well-designed machine, the PreSonus AudioBox is perfect for professional use as well as personal use.  It comes with the ideal pre-loaded software which allows you to connect to Mac, Windows and other systems without hassle.

The detailed manual provided with the Audio interface is simple enough for everyone to follow; however, the website also offers some helpful videos and tutorials to help make your musical journey easier.  Even though the system is small in size, it performs better than any big sized professional audio interface that you can buy.

The price structure of PreSonus is reasonable and affordable, making it the perfect choice for beginners as well as professionals.

Every product is tested personally by the PreSonus team, ensuring that they meet with the standards of professional musicians and music connoisseurs like themselves.

Bottom Line

Whether you need an excellent quality audio interface for your professional recording at a studio, or you are just trying to play around with your recordings, the PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL is the perfect machine for you.

With a license to download the Studio One 3 software, you can install it for free and upgrade it several times to take advantage of all the fantastic and unique sound features.  You can control the effects easily with your DAW and connect it easily to your Linux, Mac or even your Windows without any hassle.

The perfect Audio interface for all, PreSonus is a must buy product that you won’t regret!


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PreSonous Advanced Recording AudioBox 44VSL System

Last update was on: April 19, 2021 10:14 pm
  • Superior mic preamp
  • It is the mic preamp which is the heart and soul of a good audio interface.  The PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL comes with a custom-designed XMAX class mic; the best one that money can buy.
  • Great sound, no disturbance
  • Whether you are recording in a professional studio or at home, the 44VSL ensures that you deliver excellent quality sound with almost no noise.
  • Sleek design
  • The AudioBox 44VSL is not just brains and no pretty looks.  The sleek design and lightweight interface are aesthetically pleasing, functional and very easy to carry around with you on all your rides.  It is built with a robust, sturdy design that doesn’t make it too heavy, yet is rugged enough to withstand a tough journey.
  • Class A circuit
  • Why is a Class A circuit so important?  They deliver a pure, distortion-free, magical music experience which other circuits would fail to provide.
  • Versatility at its best
  • The four-in, four-out channels make it easy for you to plug in your mic, keyboards, guitars, DJ gear and much more!  This makes it the perfect audio interface for everyone to use, at the most affordable rate.
  • Listen to music anywhere, anytime
  • The excellent quality headphone output ensures that you can hear all of your favorite music on the go; whether you are on a train journey or in the midst of a parade!  Don’t miss out on even a single lyric from your favorite song anymore.
  • Works with all recording software
  • The interface works seamlessly with all the Mac and Windows audio recording software without any hassle.  You do not need to ruin your recordings by playing around with the different tools; the pre-integrated Studio One 3 allows you to record all your masterpieces easily.  You can turn to the online Studio One three community for any help and advise you need!
  • Magic Plug-In Suite
  • Studio One now comes with a fresh set of sound effects that will help you create a masterpiece sitting at home or in a studio.  You do not need to scour the internet in search of favorite and unique plug-ins to bring a different flavor to your songs.   The Studio One Magic Plug-In Suite helps you create countless, timeless beauties!
  • All your solutions in one box
  • The AudioBox 44VSL is entirely internally equipped to deal with all your recording problems.  Get on the road and start your recording journey with the 44VSL.
  • Ready to travel
  • Don’t let its neat, sleek appearances fool you.  The AudioBox is sturdy and rugged enough to take a beating when you are on your road trips! Just take her along with you and start recording your most excellent classics.

Pros And Cons


  • Small and sleek, but sturdy and rugged at the same time, perfect travel companion
  • Pre-installed Studio One three software with unique sounds and effects
  • Zero latency effects, ideal for professional recording
  • The 4×4 unit makes it a versatile unit, allowing you to connect all your instruments at the same time


  • Current control software might not work, you need to install the legacy application
  • Can experience slight noise when recording with low latency

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this audio interface be used to do crossovers?

The VSL software is advanced and adaptable to DAW, thus can be easily used to route outputs and apply different effects

Is it possible to turn off the echo?

The echo is produced only as a reference for when you are recording and does not get recorded into your audio.  However, it is possible for you to turn off this echo by adjusting the Main and Mixer knobs.

About PreSonus:

For a company which says that Music is their Life, PreSonus has lived up to its passion by converting it into a profitable enterprise.  The entire team of PreSonus is filled with music enthusiasts who are ready to spread joy to the world in the form of delivering a medium for great music.

PreSonus strives to deliver the best quality products to make your music journey as acoustically pleasing as possible.  PreSonus reflects its love for music and overall passion for the world by building top-quality audio products while at the same time practicing greener, more sustainable ways of doing so.  The best part about PreSonus is that every member is a music connoisseur, spending most of their free time playing gigs and recording music, and spending the rest of their working hours developing some of the most excellent audio products for fellow musicians!  Check out to find out more about them.

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