Razer Seiren Review And Best Price Comparison

8.8 Total Score


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  • Pop Filter Included
  • Good For A Variety Of Sounds
  • Easy Setup
  • Informative Manual

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Razer Seiren Review

8.8 Total Score
High Definition Audio

Stylish yet powerful, this product combines high technology features with a simple, secure design to produce amazing results that have many customers hooked.

  • Pop Filter Included
  • Good For A Variety Of Sounds
  • Easy Setup
  • Informative Manual
  • PC Only
  • Intermittent Connection Issues
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Razer Seiren Digital Microphone- High Definition Audio Production With A Professional Touch

Razer Seiren review- an in-depth review of the Razer Seiren Pro Digital Microphone.

From podcasters to musicians, quality sound production is one of the most important aspects of your creative work. The Razer Seiren Pro Digital Microphone is designed to ensure that you never have to compromise on quality.

Stylish yet powerful, this USB microphone combines high technology features with a simple, secure design to produce amazing results that have many customers hooked. It has earned all of the positive reviews it gets on online retail sites.

We’ve decided to put the microphone to the test and see if it lives up to its reputation as a quality product. Take a look at our review and let us know what you think of the product..

Our Razer Seiren Review

This microphone is the perfect combination of quality and simplicity. It is well-equipped with state of the art features that make sound production more professional than ever before.  We also believe that the asking price of $215, is definitely worth it.

To start things off, it has a solid base that is made of durable aluminum. This microphone is designed to do the job of the typical mic stand but to ensure that your sound production is not interrupted by pesky noises that are produced from random vibrations.

We love that this microphone caters to a wide range of artists and users. So, whether you are a podcaster looking to entertain your listeners or an instrumentalist looking to capture the raw sound of your instruments, this important product caters to your every need.

Because your sound preferences differ, the manufacturers added four separate patterns that allow you to capture various types of audio. They also added a pop filter to control extra noises like hissing sounds which we believe is a step above other brands who often neglect this important feature.

So far, the Seiren scores high marks with us for quality, simplicity, and efficiency. We did find a few cons concerning owning this product.  So, we decided to do a comparison to see if the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages.

Bottom Line On The Razer Seiren

When you consider general functionality, the Razer microphone is worth the investment. We were a bit disappointed that it only supports PC but that did not take away from all of its incredible features.

All in all, the microphone is versatile and can cater to various artists looking to create a quality sound. It is also easy to set up and comes with a manual that is designed to help with any problems.

Thank you for investing your time and reading our Razer Seiren review.

Razer Seiren Features

  • Reasonably priced
  • The Seiren is not the most affordable microphone on the market. That being said, it is still attractively priced and offers better features than many of its lessor priced competitors.
  • Secure design
  • It’s obvious the manufacturers wanted to provide a sturdy microphone when they created this one. It comes with an aluminum base for a secure set up eliminating the need to purchase another stand.
  • Versatile
  • This microphone was designed to cater to the needs of various artists. It captures voice recordings, instruments and much more making it an extremely versatile product.
  • Enhanced recording
  • This feature truly adds to the microphone’s versatility. The Razer’s 4 recording patterns are designed to precisely capture different types of audio from podcasts to songs.
  • Greater monitoring
  • The manufacturers added an output which tracks zero latency when it is connected to the microphone. This allows users to keep tabs on all of their recordings more efficiently.
  • Added control
  • The Seiren ensures that the results you get are precisely what you are looking to produce. It comes with controls that you can use to adjust the volume and microphone gain for the best quality sound possible.
  • Easy setup
  • This product works very efficiently thanks to USB connectivity. This makes general setup much easier and more convenient.
  • Cool headphone amplifier
  • When paired with the 0 latency output, this feature helps users to keep accurate tabs on each of their recordings. It provides enhanced control for quality sound capturing.
  • Pop filter
  • When it comes to capturing sound, it is possible for excess noise to interrupt the quality of your sound. The manufacturers designed a cool pop filter for the microphone to remove any unnecessary noises and hissing.  The produces a clearer sound.
  • Manual
  • For beginners in need of some help, the manual as a convenient guide to help you better understand the product. It also includes instructions for set up.

Pros And Cons Of The Razer Seiren


  • Includes a cool pop filter to control annoying hissing noises.
  • Versatile enough to capture sound for various creative needs.
  • Comes with a helpful manual to aid you in getting started and for better understanding of the product.
  • Fairly simple to set up.


  • Can sometimes disconnect automatically during recording sessions which is inconvenient.
  • Only works with PC.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Razer Seiren

Is this microphone compatible with PlayStation 3?

No, it is only compatible with PC.

Can it work with my Apple MacBook?

Yes, but you might need advanced software to help you with the setup. Call customer service for assistance.

Razer Inc. Company Profile

Razer Inc. was created by Robert Krakoff and his partner, Min-Liang Tan in 2005. The company was initially based in San Diego but relocated to San Francisco and Singapore. They recently opened an office in Hong Kong.

Razer is well-respected in the gaming industry and has made a name for itself producing products especially for e-sport competitions. For more information about the company and all, it has to offer, visit their website at https://www.razerzone.com/.

Razer Seiren Price History

Price History for Razer Seirēn X - Microphone - USB by Razer


Current Price $89.31June 16, 2018
Highest Price$90.54May 11, 2018
Lowest Price$89.31May 18, 2018
Since May 11, 2018

Last price changes

$89.31May 18, 2018
$90.54May 11, 2018

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