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As children start to enter their teenage years, they develop a love of speed. In this Razor E200 review you will see that it is a great electric scooter to fulfill that love. With a full size deck and steel frame, the E200  is made for ages 13 and up and zips around at speeds up to 12 miles-per-hour. It’s the environmentally-friendly way to give your child their taste of the need for speed.

Safety has always been a primary concern with the Razor Scooter brands. They scooters go fast enough for fun but not so fast that they are dangerous.

It has a powerful 24V battery system installed for great performance. In fact, even adults use this scooter for short work commutes or running errands. It has approximately and 8 mile range.

Razor E200 review

Razor E200 Review

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

  • Ages 13 and Up
  • Speed: 12 MPH
  • Battery Life: 40 Minutes
  • Weight Limit: 154 LBS.
  • Price: $213.62

Razor E200 Specifications


  • The Razor E200s is the second electric scooter I have reviewed that comes with an detachable seat.
  • Its 12 mph speed is not quite as fast as the E300 but is still fast enough for most teenagers.
  • The 8″ pneumatic tires and the caliper style braking system makes it a safe ride for your child.
  • It has convenient squeeze style braking control and hand-twist acceleration​ control.
  • The seat is comfortable ​but if they want to remove it for stand up style scooter operation, it is easily detachable.
  • The Razor e200 comes in a handful of colors, including red, green, lime, and teal.
  • The E200 also has smaller tires than the E300 so is definitely a flat, paved terrain scooter rather than an off-road one.
  • The fully assembled E200 weighs 40 lbs. It has a retractable kickstand to easily “park” the scooter.

Our Review

Your child will love the versatility of the Razor E200 Electric Scooter. When they want to use it for transportation, they can use the seat. When they want to use it for just zipping around the neighborhood, then they can detach the seat and ride it in stand up fashion,

With its top speed at 12 mph it is still relatively fast for scooters of this price range.

Its frame is still the steel frame that Razor is famous for making it durable no matter what the treatment.

At 46 lbs. it is still light enough to maneuver and to pack up and carry around.

The 8: tires will give your child a safe and smooth ride for years to come.

The only drawback, which I have mentioned on numerous models is the battery life and charging time. It only has a 40 minute battery life and takes 12 hours to charge. However you can get around this by purchasing extra batteries. ​


  • Ability To Stand Or Sit
  • Good Speed For All Riders


  • Battery Life May Seem Too Short
  • May Have To Adjust Chain Tension From Time To Time

Bottom Line

The Razor E200s is a great scooter that gives you a lot of options. Its speed is good enough for any rider and the detachable seat makes it versatile in its use. Because of its durable steel frame your child will love this scooter for years to come.

Overall, the Razor E200 is a great gift when looking for an affordable electric scooter for your child. There’s a good reason it has become one of the most popular electric scooters: Razor has proven themselves at creating scooter models for very specific target ages (or experience level) and the E200 fits very nicely in the older kid/younger teenager category.

If after reading this Razor E200 review you are still not sure that the E200 is the right scooter for your child, you might want to read our list of the best scooters for kids available today. Or you can read our individual electric scooter reviews and informative articles below.