Rode Podcaster Review And Best Price Comparison

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  • Works With Mac And Windows
  • Enhanced Volume Control
  • Versatile Recording Capability
  • 10 Year Warranty

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Rode Podcaster Review

9.3 Total Score
High Tech Podcasting And More

The Rode Podcaster USB Microphone is the perfect combination of quality and simplicity. Perfect for use with your Mac or Windows PC, this microphone is a step above its competition and worth every bit of its $229 price tag.

Sound Quality
Customer Service
  • Works With Mac And Windows
  • Enhanced Volume Control
  • Versatile Recording Capability
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Windows 10 Issues
  • Too Heavy For Some Mic Stands
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Rode Podcaster USB Microphone- Dynamic Sound Capturing For Tech-Savvy Customers

Rode Podcaster review- an in-depth review of the Rode Podcaster USB Microphone.

The Rode Podcaster USB Microphone is the perfect combination of quality and simplicity. Perfect for use with your Mac or Windows PC, this microphone is a step above its competition and worth every bit of its $229 price tag.

Many users love the sheer simplicity of the microphone. Several have spoken on the internet leaving positive reviews.  Very few had genuine complaints about the Rode microphone’s functionality.

We have done thorough research on this product and we’ve decided to write our own Rode Podcaster review. We believe our review will help you have better insight into all the microphone has to offer.

Our Rode Podcaster Review

Our first impression of the Rode Podcaster; it offered a sleek, modern design and an incredibly sturdy looking frame. It is a bit heavy and the stand included in the box might be a tad flimsy. It’s probable, you will need to purchase a separate, sturdier stand.

Its design aside, the Rode Podcaster offers a lot of features that are similar to the Rode NT microphone. Given the leaner price of the NT model, some have suggested purchasing it instead.

Before you give up on the Podcaster, it is worth noting that it offers a few enhanced features that make it better than other models. One such feature is its 10-year warranty. If you register your microphone, you are eligible for an extended 10-year warranty which we have stated is a good sign that the product is of great quality and will last long enough to give you good value for your money. (At $229, with a 10-year warranty the cost equals $29.00 per year.  What a deal!)

We love the simplicity of being able to connect the microphone directly to your computer via a USB cable. It eliminates the hassle of extra setup and when coupled with the general versatility of the microphone, it makes this product worth every penny.

We understand the temptation to jump on cheaper offers, but we encourage you to take a closer look at this microphone before wasting your money on cheaper alternatives that offer limited features. Have a look at our list of the pros and cons for owning this microphone and decide for yourself if it is worth investing in.

Bottom Line On The Rode Podcaster

All in all, we recommend considering the Rode Podcaster USB Microphone before jumping for lessor dollar alternatives. Given that you can apply for a 10-year warranty when you register your product, it is worth paying a little extra for it.  Especially when you consider the yearly cost for the life of 10 years of operation.

Aside from a few minor issues, this microphone delivers on its promise of quality sound production. It is easy to set up and even easier to use for everything from recording a song to recording YouTube videos.

We trust our Rode Podcaster review gave you better insights into the microphone. Thank you for taking the time to read our review.

Rode Podcaster Features

  • Price
  • Straight off the bat, you will notice that the Rode Podcaster does not come in as the least expensive option available. At a cost of around $229 it is advisable to consider all the features it comes with. Then you can decide if it’s worth spending the extra money.
  • Compatibility
  • The Rode Podcaster comes with software that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It also supports a few other models that include Linux.
  • Simpler connectivity
  • Unlike most microphones that require separate adapters and special kits for connection, the Rode Podcaster is designed to be as simple as possible to set up. It has a feature that supports USB connectivity thus allowing you to directly connect the microphone to your chosen device.
  • Enhanced monitoring
  • The manufacturers added an output that allows you to plug your headphones into the monitor efficiently adapting your recordings to be echo-free and accurately recorded.
  • Built-in pop filter
  • It’s very common for unprotected recordings to include excess noises and hissing sounds, tainting the quality of your audio. The Rode Podcaster is built with a pop filter inside its frame to ensure these noises do not happen.
  • Versatility
  • Overall, this microphone is perfect for a wide variety of recordings. It is equipped to capture sounds for YouTube videos and can even track subtle sounds such as different vocal ranges.
  • Perfect for iPad
  • Owners of iPads will love this cool feature. The Rode Podcaster is versatile enough to connect directly to an iPad and to transfer audio to selected iPad applications that include Garageband.
  • Sturdy setup
  • On its own, the microphone has a sturdy durable build. The included ring mount adds greater stability to the microphone’s frame in addition to giving it a more professional look.
  • 10-year warranty
  • To assure customers just how confident they are in their product, the manufacturers include a one-year warranty standard with every Rode microphone purchased. They went a step further with this one and included the option of registeing for an impressive ten-year warranty. Thus, you are assured of the long-lasting quality of this product.
  • Manual
  • As is the case with any product, some customers find certain features on the Rode Podcaster difficult to understand. The informative manual included with your purchase, explains each feature in detail and is a helpful guide for setting up.

Pros And Cons Of The Rode Podcaster


  • It works well with both Mac and Windows.
  • Has enhanced volume control that is built into its frame.
  • It is versatile and can record different types of sound from vocals to musical instruments.
  • Can also work well with an iPad.


  • Users working with windows 10 have reported several connectivity problems.
  • People report the provided mic stand does not adequately support the weight of the microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Rode Podcaster

Can I plug my camera into the microphone?

It does come with a jack for plugging headphones in, so that might work for a camera as well.

Do I get a 10-year warranty automatically when I buy the microphone?

No, you have to register your microphone with Rode in order to apply for the 10-year warranty.

Rode Microphones Company Profile

In 1967, Henry and Peter Freedman teamed up and created Rode Microphones. The company specializes in the production of microphones and their appropriate accessories.

Rode operates mainly from Australia and has close to 200 employees working fulltime to create high-quality products. For more information about the company and all, they have to offer, visit their website at

Rode Podcaster Price History

Price History for Rode Podcaster USB Broadcast Microphone


Current Price $229.00June 16, 2018
Highest Price$229.00May 11, 2018
Lowest Price$229.00May 11, 2018
Since May 11, 2018

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$229.00May 11, 2018

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