Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

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8.5 Total Score
Headphones With Style And Quality

Momentum 2.0 Wireless is part of the all new, second generation family. Bluetooth frees you from wires and NoiseGard hybrid active noise cancellation virtually eliminates unwanted ambient sound.

Sound Quality
  • NoiseGard Cancellation Technology
  • Stylish And Comfortable
  • Long Battery Life
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Price
  • May Be Difficult To Pair
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When you want to listen to music, it is nice to be able to decide where you will be listening to it.  With wireless headphones, external noise is eliminated, and you hear only your favorite tracks.  Most headphones have standard features while some sets come with more features than you can imagine.

To find out what is available with the better sets, you should read this Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 study.  We will help you discover all you need to know from someone who has used them and approved of them.  We will explain all the benefits of these headphones to you.

When you see what is involved with Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation Headphones, you will understand the value of their cost.  Care has been taken to make sure they look good and work well.  They are a purchase you will be glad you made.

Our sincere opinion is that these headphones are well worth owning. The ear pads are comfortable, and it doesn’t matter how long they are used, they won’t hurt your ears. A great deal of attention has been paid to design and manufacture of these, and it shows.

There is a choice of colors, but we were happy with black. When we used them for an extended period, we experienced no problems with the battery as it lasts over 20 hours before recharge. The case provided fits the headphones and all the accessories that come with it.

We were impressed when we used them, but we are slightly disappointed with their price as they are more expensive than a lot of the competition. However, they are long-lasting, and we felt they are well worth the investment.

Reading the detailed instructions made it easy to get the best out of them. The hinge in the headband is ideal as it allows them to fit precisely on any size head. All the features were designed to make them a joy to use.

When using them the songs played clearly, but we did experience times when the volume was not as high as we would have liked. All in all, they are the headphones for real music lovers.

Bottom Line

It is easy to see why these are headphones are so popular. Some retailers are selling out as soon as they come into stock. They have a look that is attractive and a quality of sound that makes listening to music a pleasure. They are long lasting, and when maintained with proper treatment they will serve you well.

As a multinational company, Sennheiser knows what is wanted globally. They have produced their product for over half a century, and they show no signs of slowing down.


  • Ear-cups
  • The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 are larger than the ones that are fitted to other models.  The memory foam ear cushions are incredibly comfortable, and you will appreciate this when you are having a marathon music session.
  • Varied
  • You don’t have to worry that you have the right equipment to go alongside these headphones.  They work well with all computers, tablets or phones that are Bluetooth enabled.
  • Wireless
  • You will have wireless headphones that incorporate touch control along with voice prompts.  There is 3-way calling as well as multi-connectivity.
  • Materials
  • You will find that the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is made of the best materials available.  The headband is formed from stainless steel, and the ear cushions are covered in leather.  This guarantees these look good and will be a long-lasting product.
  • Pairing
  • Being able to link to an NFC enabled device is ideal.  Thanks to the near field communication, Bluetooth pairing is effortless.
  • Headband
  • These headphones are designed for secure storage.  They collapse to a reasonable size which enables you to carry them with you wherever you go.  An attractive case is supplied with the purchase.
  • NoiseGard
  • There is no way you will be distracted while listening to your music.  All ambient sound will be eliminated, and all you will hear are the tracks you have chosen that day.
  • VoiceMax Technology
  • There is dual microphones built-in which minimizes external noises meaning that you will be able to hear and understand all speech.
  • Connectivity across Devices
  • When using the headphones, you can connect to a couple of devices simultaneously.  This includes both phones and computers.  All in all, eight devices appear in the pairing list.
  • Long Lasting
  • The battery will last for 22 hours when you are using Bluetooth and active noise cancellation.


  • NoiseGard Cancellation Technology
  • Stylish And Comfortable
  • Long Battery Life
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Price
  • May Be Difficult To Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the headphones be worn in the gym while working out?
Answer: Yes – this has been tried, and there is nothing to stop this from happening.

Question: Can Active Noise Cancellation be deactivated?
Answer: No, you are not able to do this, but it should not be a problem as the quality does not dip when it is on.

Company Profile

Sennheiser is a German company that produces hi-fi equipment for individuals and organizations.  They were established in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser and colleagues from the University of Hannover.  They not only create products to let us enjoy music but headsets for Lufthansa.

Although their main base is in Germany, they now have bases across the globe, including a USA HQ in Connecticut.  In addition to their German factory, there is one in Tullamore, Ireland and one in New Mexico USA.  There are also links with China as several of their products are made there.  If you want to find out more about the company and their products, then you can visit

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