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The Rocket Ultra-Light

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Lightweight And Affordable

This vacuum is a lightweight solution to your vacuuming troubles. It even comes with smaller tools that are designed to clean tight spaces like the inside of your car.

Customer Service
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Controls
  • Extra Tools
  • Not Cordless
  • Hard Dirt Cup Removal
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The days of fighting with oversized vacuum cleaners only to find that they make more messes than they clean are long gone. Products like the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum were designed to make cleaning your home ten times easier than in days past.

This vacuum is a lightweight solution to your vacuuming troubles. It even comes with smaller tools that are designed to clean tight spaces like the inside of your car.

As we were gathering information to write our own Shark Rocket review, we noticed just how many people were talking about the fantastic features of this product online. Let’s take a good look at the vacuum and see if they had a point or if they were overhyping an average vacuum.

If you consider yourself a budget conscious consumer, this vacuum cleaner is the right product for you. It costs less than $200 which is an excellent bargain in a market that is often flooded with expensive options.

When it comes to vacuuming, the product’s body feels like a feather in your hand. It is no more than 8lbs and glides smoothly across floors with little effort. To top that off, it can always be folded to create a hand vacuum for cleaning ceilings and hard to reach places.

We appreciate that the manufacturers went a step further and included special tools to go over those places that your hand vacuum might miss. From this point on, you can blame only yourself if there are any specs left over after cleaning.

The controls on the vacuum are easy to use so you can switch from cleaning the carpet to cleaning your tiles in a few seconds. All in all, they add to the vacuum’s versatility and general convenience.

In theory, the vacuum should work well for every customer and in every corner of your house or office. However, there are a few features we think some of our readers might not enjoy.  To keep things fair and balanced, we gathered a few of them and compared them to the things we liked about the product. It’s essential for all our readers to weigh the pros and cons of the Shark Rocket for themselves.

Bottom Line

When we were researching this Shark Rocket review, we were looking for eye-catching features that would make the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum worth spending money on. Although none stood out for us, we do appreciate the manufacturers’ consistent commitment to making decent products that do a good job.

In all honesty, we would have preferred this Shark vacuum to include a unique tool for cleaning pet hair; we can understand why it costs $180. We did appreciate the accessories provided for cleaning cars, and its swivel design for cleaning around furniture.  It does seem to be exceptionally good at cleaning small spaces which redeems the product.

We promised a fair and honest review. With many of the same features as other Shark products, this vacuum might seem ordinary, but we think it is a quality product that doesn’t cost much money. Therefore, we are confident in adding it to our list of vacuums.


  • Very affordable
  • The entire unit, including accessories, costs no more than $180. It’s a good bargain considering how well-equipped the product is.
  • Lightweight
  • The Shark Rocket is less than 8lbs in weight which might explain the low cost. You can pick it up and carry it around even if you’re not the fittest or strongest person on earth.
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Many Shark vacuums are good at cleaning hard floors, and this product is no exception. It has a special dust away attachment that will suck any big particles and debris from the floor without scratching the surface.
  • Microfiber Pad
  • The microfiber pad will pick up particles that the hardwood attachment misses. When you are finished using it, you can wash it with soap and water.
  • Microtools
  • If you plan on using this vacuum to clean your car, then you will love the micro tools included in the box. These pick up dirt in small spaces and tight corners that a regular nozzle might not be able to reach.
  • Simple controls
  • Located on the vacuum’s handle are controls that you can reach with your fingertips. These are for switching the cleaner on and off in addition to adjusting the vacuum’s settings on different surfaces.
  • Easy storage
  • Once you’re done with the vacuum, you can mount it to the wall. It comes with a unique tool to keep it hooked and safe.
  • Manual
  • If vacuum cleaners are not your forte, then you might want to use the manual to help you. It is detailed and contains feature descriptions in addition to set-up instructions.
  • Swivel design
  • A compliment to the light design of the vacuum, its handle is built with swivel technology to make the cleaner more flexible and agile. Now you can clean the furniture and move the vacuum around without any hassle.
  • Hand vacuum
  • The Shark Rocket can quickly transform into a hand vacuum. This is perfect for cleaning ground areas and getting into corners and spaces that a more significant vacuum can’t fit into.

Pros And Cons


  • It is incredibly affordable.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around furniture.
  • It has easy to use controls that switch between different settings in a matter of seconds.
  • Comes with convenient tools for cleaning small and tight spaces.


  • It’s not a cordless vacuum, and the cord is incredibly long which could inconvenience some users.
  • The attached dirt cup is difficult to remove when you want to clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include a wall mount for storing the vacuum?

Yes, the wall mount is included in the box.

If I vacuum my hardwood floor, will the vacuum scratch it?

No. We do recommend you use a slower speed to clean your floors without scratching them.

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