SmartOmi Earbuds Review And Best Price Comparison

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The SmartOmi Earbuds

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Wireless Earbuds For Any Situation

True wireless earbuds for you and any type of music or podcast you might want to listen to.

Sound Quality
  • Secure Ear Fit
  • Clearer Calls
  • Superior Connectivity
  • Easy Pairing
  • Not Noise Cancelling Earbuds
  • Tight Fit In Ears For Some
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I spent 23 years driving a truck for a living while being a pastor to small churches. One of the things I loved doing while driving was listening to audio books. When cellular technology hit and we had cell phones available to us while driving, the need for hands-free headphones became even more critical.

Now in today’s world, those headphones have become wireless, and the opportunity to listen to music while driving, working out, or doing any number of other activities has become abundant. That is why I started looking into genuinely wireless earbuds like the SmartOmi Q5.

I am quite impressed with the Q5, and I believe that after reading our SmartOmi Earbuds review you will see why.

SmartOmi was established just a few years ago and has become a leading seller of wireless headphones on Amazon because of their quality and design.

SmartOmi’s products are a great blend of fashion, intelligence, and technology making great wireless earbuds for the price. They provide a pleasingly pleasant surprise in the earbud category.

Just take a look at the SmartOmi Earbuds review that this guy did.

The SmartOmi mini wireless earbuds could be one of the smallest models available on the market, and they are so lightweight (0.2 ounces each) that they will not bother you at all throughout your activities during the day.

These wireless earphones have eliminated the need for a charging case and replaced it with a little carrying pouch allowing you to carry it in your pocket without noticing it! The left earbud has a built-in mic and takes incoming phone calls from the paired up device. The SmartOmi offers up to 3 hours of play time when fully charged, and it comes with three extra ear tips that can help them fit your ear correctly.

Lastly, the earphones connectivity system is good enough to pair up with most devices that have a version of Bluetooth 4.1 or higher, and the wireless range is also excellent.

Bottom Line

SmartOmi has a great pair of wireless earbuds for the price they ask: they are lightweight, last up to 3 hours and are pretty small when it comes to this type of product. They are so little you might forget they are on your ears!

Although the sound leaves a little to be desired and the earbud does not have noise canceling technology, it still allows you to take incoming hand-free calls and listen to music without having any cables around. The quality for the price cannot be beaten.


  • Extra mini and lightweight: less than 0.2 ounces each
  • Ergonomic design that won’t hurt your ears
  • One Key Design to enjoy music and handle hands-free calls
  • Genuinely wireless system allows you to share music with others
  • No Charging Case Needed
  • Up to 3 hours of music and phone calls
  • Universal 2 in 1 combo USB cable
  • Compact pouch enable the case to fit in any pocket
  • Three pairs of interchangeably ear tips (S, M, and L)
  • Microphone included on the left earbud


  • They have One Key Design that allows you to listen to music and handle incoming calls with just one click.
  • They weigh less than 0.2 ounces, and their design makes them extra soft to not hurt your ears.
  • They have eliminated the need to carry around a charging case that seemed always to get broken after a while.


  • They are not noise canceling earphones, but they do fit snugly canceling out much background noise.
  • People have reported trouble getting them to fit in their ears because of the snug fit.

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