Sony XB950N1 Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Sony XB950N1

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The Bass Lovers Headphones

Hear nothing but the bass with these wireless noise cancelling headphones with EXTRA BASS and Bluetooth technology that deliver powerful clear sound and wireless freedom for up to 22 hours.

Sound Quality
  • Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Extra Bass
  • Battery Life
  • Headphones Connect App
  • Battery Drained Unless Turned Off
  • Wired Audio Quality Is Lacking
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If you want the industry-leading, extra bass, noise-canceling headphones, read our Sony XB950N1 analysis. This review is on the top-quality Sony product that boasts Bluetooth, NFC, LDAC and broad frequency response.

Lovers of music need dependable headphones, and these are technologically advanced and easy to use. Offering the Sony Headphones Connect app for maximizing sound settings, this product is incredibly stylish and modern.

To discover more about the black Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, continue reading this review. You will love this product, just like hundreds of people who have it.

Are these the best headphones from Sony? We would not say they are the absolute best, but we would buy them. The Sony XB950N1 performs better than its predecessors, and this is mainly due to the Active Noise Cancellation and Extra Bass(TM) features.

Although they have a few demerits in specific areas, they outshine headphones from competitors. In their class, these headphones are the best. As they are bass-bulky headphones, they can be a bit loud but harmless—plus you can use their ANC feature.

Their Bluetooth range is superb, according to most users, although it’s not useful when charging. Regarding comfort we are okay, but we think that they could feel comfier if the ear pad opening could have been taller. Perhaps that could have interfered with the quality of the sound, and we would have hated it. Since the pads are soft and thick, we can’t complain.

These are excellent headphones regarding sound quality, comfort when worn, compactness when stored, action button controls, wireless call functions and the big bass music. They do every action convincingly, giving the owner fewer reasons to complain.

In our opinion, Sony XB950N1 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones are a high pick and provide value for your money. Besides, they are black, a color that most people like.

Bottom Line

If you want headphones that produce excellent sound and are good at everything they were made to do, pick Sony XB950N1 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones. While they cost more than their predecessors, these headphones are worth every penny spent on them.

They will outshine your demands, and their high and low frequencies make music deeper. These headphones’ noise canceling feature doesn’t cause an unneeded pressure sensation when you wear them. Moreover, if you don’t like the ANC, you can turn it off. Although we feel that N1 and BT headphones are similar, they have subtle differences.

The N1 has everything that was on BT, plus the ANC feature that makes it superior. We highly recommend this headphone. Even if it has some flaws; the gadget features excellent craftsmanship and offers a little bit of everything.


  • Digital noise canceling: Sony’s headphones have the leading digital noise canceling option that will let you mute the world around you.  This feature reduces background noises and adapts to your surroundings, allowing you to hear every detail in your songs.  The noise canceling feature gives you total freedom to listen to your favorite tracks.  You can turn it off when you please.
  • Wireless listening: Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless headphones’ connectivity is wireless.  You can listen to music over Bluetooth technology with NFC™ One-touch pairing.  The feature works even when Extra Bass™ and Noise Cancelling are running, and you can listen seamlessly for 22 hours.
  • Extra Bass™: This is an excellent component of these headphones.  Extra Bass boosts all your low frequencies, amplifying every song with endless waves of strong beats.  There is a button that you only need to touch to make use of Extra Bass.
  • Receive calls wirelessly: While wearing these headphones, you can receive phone calls without holding your mobile phone.  The integrated microphone and Bluetooth connectivity ensure this.  There is a button on the earpiece, press it to accept all your incoming phone calls.  Then, push it again to stop the call.  Once the call is terminated, music playback will return.
  • Connect app: This app is such a great inclusion, and it is best used when one is controlling the earphones’ settings for sound.  The item’s sound quality is much improved, compared to that of BT headphones.
  • Rotating ear cans: One thing you will love about the XB950N1 headphone is that it has rotating cans.  The cans are a bit bulky, though, due to the soft, thick pads.  They can fold thoroughly, of course, but due to the pads, they don’t become fully compact to fit in the front pocket of your laptop bag.
  • Better connection points: This headphone’s connection points are sturdier and handier than those of Sony’s older models.  Hence, they can tolerate constant use and abuse better than their predecessors.
  • Wired connectivity: Even if the XB950N1 headphone is wireless, the manufacturer went a notch higher by offering wired connectivity too.  This gives you the right to switch to wired or wireless function when you please.
  • Action buttons: Manipulating this headphone gadget is super easy.  You push the action buttons to achieve your desired goal.  If you want to raise or lower volume, use the volume control button.  The same case applies when you want to play, pause, forward or rewind.  These buttons are there.
  • Soft, thick pads: Sony thought about the safety of your ears when producing this headphone.  The pads are soft and thick to keep your ears comfortable and safe from damaging sounds.  Coupled with the ANC (Active Noice Cancellation) feature, these pads are safe and reliable.


  • Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Extra Bass
  • Battery Life
  • Headphones Connect App


  • Battery Drained Unless Turned Off
  • Wired Audio Quality Is Lacking

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why can’t I connect to Bluetooth anymore?

Answer:  Perhaps you didn’t un-pair “forget this device.”  Do it and then repair it and it will work.

Question: Is there a replacement charger for these headphones? I have lost mine.

 Answer:  Yes, there is, the item uses any micro USB cable.  The original charger it came with is not the only one that works.

Company profile

Sony Corporation is known to produce a variety of electronic products, including game consoles, televisions, video cameras, mobile phones, semiconductors and so on. Officially called Sony Kabushiki Kaisha, Sony is a global conglomerate that owns numerous assets in TV and film, music, digital networks and more.

Further, Sony owns financial services companies, particularly, in the area of insurance and banking. Sony’s largest markets are in the US and Japan, and both account for the company’s more than half sales revenue.

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