SPT SD-2213S Countertop Dishwasher Review And Best Price Comparison

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The SPT SD-2213S

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6.8 Total Score
Quality Washing And Style

Simplify after-meal cleanups with this dishwasher that offers an easy-to-use control panel and a quiet design. Load up to 6 place settings and choose from the 6 wash cycles to thoroughly clean your dishware.

Ease Of Use
  • 7 Wash Cycles
  • Water Supply Indicator
  • Rinse Aid Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Difficult Settings
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It is a testament to the expertise of the folks on the SPT design team that this is the second SPT countertop dishwasher to be featured on this countertop dishwasher list. In many ways, the SPT SD-2213S is similar to the first SPT countertop dishwasher we looked at, but it has a few extra features which have established it as one of the brand’s top sellers.

It’s a little bit more expensive than the previous SPT model, so you may have to make a little bit of extra room in your budget for it.

For the extra money, the SPT SD-2213S Countertop Dishwasher promises a performance superior to nearly all other countertop dishwashers in its price range. In fact, it even surpasses the vast majority of full-size dishwashers when it comes to power and efficiency.

Much like its predecessor, the SPT SD-2213S can be connected to the typical kitchen faucet with ease.

Bottom Line

If you’re an SPT devotee and are ready to upgrade from whatever SPT countertop dishwasher you have been using for the past couple of years, there is no better replacement for your current model than the SPT SD-2213S.

This dishwasher boasts all of the features of less expensive SPT models as well as some innovative new additions. With its stainless steel interior and easy-to-clean components, it is almost sure to last you just as long as your previous model.

For those who have never tried an SPT countertop dishwasher before, the SPT SD-2213S is a great place to start!


  • Easy-to-read LED display.
  • Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser.
  • Water supply indicator.
  • Rinse aid warning indicator.
  • Seven wash cycles.
  • Stainless steel interior.
  • Delay Start function.
  • Universal faucet adapter for secure connection.
  • 17.2 inches in height and 21.6 inches in width.
  • The capacity of six standard place settings.


  • This dishwasher’s water supply indicator will inform you if the device has not been correctly connected to your chosen faucet.
  • This dishwasher boasts a total of seven wash cycles, which is well above the average selection seen on countertop models.
  • The rinse aid warning indicator eliminates guesswork by letting you know when your rinse agent needs to be refilled.


  • Customers who have required repairs or refunds have rarely had a positive experience with SPT’s customer support department.
  • Although the actual installation of this device is relatively easy, mastering its many settings can be a bit of a challenge.

The fine folks at SPT reached out to us about our review and we agreed to add this response to the issue of customer service.

I would like to dispute your review stating “Customers who have required repairs or refunds have rarely had a positive experience with SPT’s customer support department.”
If your research was done properly you would see this is completely false. Our representatives are available, easy to contact and work with. We work with customers to try and get their machines up and running again as fast as possible either by sending parts or by repair.
If you read the bad reviews it is typical complaints about having to ship machines in for repair if it cannot be fixed with a simple part. This is a very common warranty term offered by the industry. These complaints are usually from people that expect brand new replacements no matter the issue nor how long they have had it.

The company has thrived since 1985 (Worldwide) and 1993 (USA) due to its low defective rate and strong customer service. It is what has kept us going while many old and new competitors have folded through the years.

Patrick S.

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