Squier Jaguar Bass Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Squier Jaguar Bass

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You don’t need to drain your bank account to acquire a pro-level guitar.

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Squier Jaguar Bass review imageYou don’t need to drain your bank account to acquire a pro-level bass guitar.  The popularity of the guitar does not determine whether it is the right guitar for you.

Many professional guitarist purchase products with a price tag ranging from $1,200 to $2,500.  Famous guitarists like Slash, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Brian May opt for them.  However, it is possible to get a fantastic bass guitar with pro-level features and not have your pocketbook challenged.

Squier Jaguar’ is one of the best examples. That is why we decided to do this Jaguar assessment.

It not only looks impressive, but it also has all the outstanding required features.  It is suitable for all playing styles and qualifies for your budget as well. Just purchase it then begin playing!

First Impression:  Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio.

If you understand guitar dynamics, you will know why we are highlighting this feature.  The strength-to-weight ratio of a guitar determines the value of it.  If it is average, it means it is for testing and practicing; its designed only for beginners.  However, if this ratio is excellent, it shows it has been developed for big stage appearances, the professional guitarist’s platform.

The strength-to-weight ratio in guitar expresses how strong it is, per unit of mass.  It is significant to understand the relationship between these two.  Since, some brands try to increase the strength of their guitar through wood quality, strings, and other features.  However, these things also increase the weight.

It then limits the length of time a player can comfortably hold and perform with it.

On the other hand, some guitars have a low strength-to-weight ratio.  However, when it comes to their sound quality, it’s not perfect.  They don’t produce high-definition tones, and they can’t deliver the versatility in sound either.

They aren’t ideal for studio recordings or big stage performances.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with Jaguar.  The strength-to-weight ratio is exceptional.  It sounds great and stays in tune.  Plus, it is perfect for all levels of players.


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Vintage SS Modified Special Jaguar Bass - Candy Apple Red

Last update was on: June 24, 2021 2:12 am

Vintage Modified

First, it is imperative we understand what the “vintage modified feature” means in this guitar is, as it may confuse novice players.

It is a simple term that describes it as a vintage-looking guitar giving you the classic style of vintage strat, which was first introduced in 1954 by Leo Fender and Bill Carson.

Apart from this, the company employs some new and different features in it to give it a unique personalized look and feel.  We like that Fender added some recent modifications with new twists on its familiar design and performance.

Furthermore, SS Special refers to ‘Short Scale.’  The SS guitars are more comfortable to play; they are specifically designed for those guitarists who have smaller hands or shorter fingers.

They are often recommended for beginners because they are in the learning process and are less adept than professionals in the use of their hands and fingers on the strings.

When a guitar has SS Special feature, it also indicates that it produces warm and full-bodied tones, which are crisp and clear.  These kinds of sound facilitate when playing jazz and soft music.  They have remarkable resonance, and their versatility is unmatched.

Build Quality

Agathis has been used as the body wood for this guitar.  It is not as hard as Alder and Mahogany, making this guitar of medium weight with the overall wood texture being smooth and supple.  Some people summarize that Fender Company used it because it is an inexpensive wood option.  While this may be true, it still supports the other features of this model keeping the strength-to-weight ratio ideal.

The Agathis body tone is like the Alder tone with an airier high end and mid range.  That’s why, according to professionals, it is a decent tonewood.

Also, it has a maple C shape neck with a 9.5 radius.  It is easy on your hands and gives the entire instrument a sleek playability and feel.  Unlike the rosewood material, it doesn’t have a spongy feel under your fingers.  It appears hard, yet it feels very smooth.

The overall setup of the maple neck is excellent, and the fret ends are not sharp either.  It supports bright, snappy tones.  That’s why guitar industry experts recommend this guitar for rock players, who are more desirous of producing bright, aggressive sounds.

Sounds & Playability

Overall the sound of the Jaguar is full and quite balanced. The strings can feel a little tight, but it is still comfortable.  They produce the warm tones and assist in cutting out the background hum and noise.  Once you start playing this instrument, especially some rock tones, you immediately notice this feature.

This guitar is equipped with both J-Bass pickup and P-Bass pickup, both of which are straight coils.  The general tone of both pickups is robust and usable; you can feel them on all four strings.  In particular, the P-Bass pickup is noted to be exceptional.  It has the classic Fender tone, which works well, even if you are innovative with your sounds.

However, when using the J pickup, it is not as impressive as the P pickup.  We believe it should sound thinner because of where it is positioned, but its tone quality is weak, and it doesn’t sound great especially when you are trying to produce some deep tones.

If you are a professional, and you want to make some minor adjustments, it will sound great on almost all notes and remain in tune as well.

In the long run, this guitar will serve you well!

Bottom Line

Overall, this guitar is more than a student-model.

If Troy Sanders, Troy Van Leeuwen, and Mick Jones trust the Fender Company, it means you can count on their guitars as well.  The Jaguar has a ton of tones that you can tweak to perfection.  Moreover, because of its price and strength-to-weight ratio, it won’t break your budget nor your back.

You can play it all day, day-to-day, without any trouble.

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