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This super-affordable guitar comes with a great combination of quality and performance. Its major appeal comes from its design borrowed from Fender’s classic models. This classic look is a real heart throb for its owners. It continues to be in high demand today and astounds its players with its fabulous feel.

If music is your passion, and if you want to discover your actual love for music, get this guitar. This Squier Jazz Electric Bass Guitar will inspire you as it offers a wide range of options. And it won’t break the bank either!

It is an economical electric bass guitar that provides budding bassists the best chance to successfully learn and practice new tones. That is why we wanted to do this Squier Jazz Bass review. We want to provide helpful advice for budding new musicians. We remember first starting out in our musical journey.

Beginners love it too, as it sounds good, looks good, and it is enjoyable to play.

Squier Jazz Bass review image

Even professional bassists believe that it is impressive that Fender manufacturers can produce something as good as this. When you consider the price, and assess the quality of its electronics and sound, you understand why this guitar exists.

We have tested a few simple songs on this model, such as ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ by Bob Dylan, ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond, and ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles.

Its pickups gave us the sounds we needed. The overall tone was excellent and showed a lot of versatility as well.

Even though these songs do not have a huge variety in tones, playing these songs on this guitar proved that it produces plenty of intonation making it comparable to basses that are much pricier.

Take a look at what Frank Bello had to say about the Squier Jazz Bass.

Our Squier Jazz Bass Review

Squier Jazz Bass

Price: $199.99

Before opting for this guitar, we asked a few questions…

squire jazz bass pickups imageQuestion #1 – Is It A Single-Coil Or Dual-Coil?

Yes, this guitar has two single coil pickups.

If you don’t understand these terms, allow us to explain them with some detail.

In a single-coil pick up guitar, one coil of wire is wrapped around a magnet. The sound is brighter and thinner than a dual-coil pickup guitar. Next, it also picks up hum quite well. It even hums louder at times.

Because of this bright, crisp voice, mostly rock and hard metal players opt for it.

On the other hand, in the dual-coil pickup, the sound is fatter and warmer compared to a single coil. In addition, dual-coil pickups have more output and more tonal options. Famous guitarists like Slash, Joe Perry, and Carlos Santana usually opt for dual-coil pickup.

However, it doesn’t mean that the type of pickup is for a specific genre. It is simply a matter of choice. Some players like to have brighter sound, while others prefer louder, darker, and heavier tones.

Most novice players don’t think about these things since they have limited experience. However, professional guitarists have a preference when it comes to sound and the choice of pickups. They prefer a certain style that demands either single-coil pickup or dual-coil pickup.

Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Beginner Electric Bass Guitar has two single-coil pickups. When we say this is an advanced and upgraded version over a single-coil pick up, we would be correct. This offers versatility in the tone with a contemporary touch.

Squire Jazz Bass being playedQuestion #2 – What Is The Quality of Sound?

In order to answer this question, it is pertinent for us to assess the hardware and electronics of the Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Beginner Electric Bass Guitar. Since, these two factors determine the sound and price of the bass.

Honestly, a wise student always begins by understanding the hardware and equipment of their desired guitar, as every sound depends on these two things, hardware and electronics.

In terms of hardware, it has an average setup. For example, there is a standard die-cast tuning machine on the headstock. Next, it has a fixed style bridge, which requires minimal attention. This keeps the guitar in tune and needs little to no intervention from the player.

In other words, beginners, with little hardware knowledge, are free to play to their hearts content while the guitar maintains a consistent sound.

When it comes to electronics, there are passive pups with good amount of output and clarity. Also, there are two volume knobs and a master tone knob. You can shape tone according to your choice and relish good definition in treble oriented sound.

On the whole, the overall system isn’t complicated, and it produces quality sound under normal conditions.

Image of the Squire Jazz Bass neckQuestion #3 – What Is The Build Quality of This Guitar?

These days, guitar companies are highly focused on the build quality of their guitars, because it is the first thing that appeals to people and compels them to purchase it.

First, let’s start with the body shape of this electric guitar.

It is made of Alder wood. Though, this wood type is more affordable than Ash, but it is still an excellent choice. It is a lightweight closed-pore wood, which means it is easy on your hands. You can play for long periods of time without exhaustion. Apart from this, it produces a brighter and more resonant tone than other boards.

If you are into Rock and Death Metal kinds of music, this wood type will complement you. The overall tone will be well balanced and resonate emphasis in the upper midrange frequencies. Moreover, its colors of brown sunburst in a gloss finish, makes it exceedingly beautiful.

In reality, this is the classic sunburst finish that Fender is known for.

You can get the Squier Jazz Bass in these colors as well.

The Neck of this guitar is maple wood designed in the standard C shape for necks. It is of quality construction, and feels comfortable. It also blends perfectly with any musical style.

Bottom Line

Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Beginner Electric Bass Guitar is definitely something you can trust. It doesn’t perform like a cheap guitar, but at the same time it not super expensive either.

It is an excellent instrument for those who are on a tight budget. We are confident in recommending it to anyone wanting to get a jumpstart in music. The best thing is it isn’t only for learning level stages. You can use it even after you have developed some professional skills.

If after reading this Squier Jazz Bass review you are still not sure that this is the right bass guitar for you, then you might want to check out our list of great bass guitars for beginners. Or you can read our individual bass guitar reviews below.

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Written by Duke Taber

Written by Duke Taber

Duke Taber is the owner of 3 successful websites and is now taking his skill as a webmaster and using it to help non-profit organizations and leaders around the world.