Syllable Wireless Earbuds Review And Best Price Comparison

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The Syllable Wireless Earbuds

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8.5 Total Score
Great Hands Free Wireless Earbuds!

Effortlessly pair with your favorite wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet with the Mini wireless earbuds. The zero wires on the SYLLABLE enables you to get rid of the struggles of tangled cords and freely enjoy music.

Sound Quality
  • TWS Technology
  • Portable Charger
  • Better Bass Sound
  • Supports 2 Simultaneous Devices
  • String Connecting The Buds
  • Charging Station Problems
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Have you ever been listening to music and you move your arm to reach out and grab something only to inadvertently snag the wire on your hand’s free headset and send your earbud or earphones flying? I have, and it is quite annoying.

Well, that problem has been solved! Now you can indeed cut all the wires and have a great set of wireless earbuds like the D900 Mini’s without it costing you an arm and a leg.

In this Syllable Wireless Earbuds analysis, you will see how the world of genuinely wireless earbuds is not just for those that have $200.00 to throw away, but anyone can afford a set of good earbuds for the price.

Syllable Company was founded in Shenzhen China in 2007. In 2015 the Syllable revolutionary D900 wireless headphone set debuted, the True Wireless concept hit the market by storm. In July 2015 the Syllable D900 True Wireless Bluetooth headset became available in online malls and as they say, “the rest is history.”

Today Syllable is continuing to lead the way in low priced wireless headphones as you can see in this review video below.

The Syllable earphones are not only great-looking but also high-quality products. The pair comes attached to each other by a string that you can wear around your necklace after you are finished with your routines: the earbuds will stay in place thanks to the built-in magnet.

Audio quality is essential to the brand, as well. The Syllable earbuds use AAC Codec technology to help you listen to music fantastically. They also use Bluetooth V4.2, which is the latest version on the market.

They come in a box where you can recharge them and can last up to 4 straight hours of music and podcasts. Lastly, they are sweat resistant, and they have a lock design that prevents earbuds from falling off so you won’t have a thing to worry about while you jog or run!

Bottom Line

The Syllable earbuds are quite impressive. They offer various benefits that similar products don’t provide, and the audio quality is high compared to those on the market.

The lock-in system also keeps them in place, and the necklace string is a nice feature to keep them from getting lost.

The microphone works well and creates a precise sound, the design is clean and has study materials, and the Bluetooth technology is the latest so they will not be falling behind any time soon!


  • It uses Bluetooth V4.2 technology
  • Supports two devices simultaneously
  • Noise canceling earbuds
  • Includes three different sized earbuds (S, M, L)
  • Unique hook design to secure it in place
  • The built-in magnet that attaches both earbuds together
  • Can be worn like a necklace not to lose them
  • IPX4-Rated sweat resistant
  • HD Stereo, AAC Coded technology
  • Connectivity range covers 10 meters (33 feet)


  • Noise canceling technology and high-quality audio helps you have a great musical experience.
  • Built-in magnet and string allow them to be worn as a necklace when you are not using them.
  • The Syllable is sweat resistant and has a lock-in system that keeps them on your ears even when you are running.


  • Although they are wireless, some might not like the string that attaches both earbuds and hangs behind your neck while you walk.
  • Users have reported malfunctioning of the charging station, which will not charge unless connected.

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